A Game of Chess

I was sitting very uncomfortably as we drove home after our New Year’s Eve celebrations at Tom and Suzy’s home. The attention my ass got and Kathy’s caning pattern meant that there were two very tender spots that made themselves felt.

We discussed what we wanted to this year following the success of our game each month last year. Diane confirmed that enjoyed being a sub more than she had expected and I confirmed that I had got the hang of being a top more often. Of the many things we decided to do during the coming few months, one was that we would continue with our monthly games. We agreed to the games jar being instituted again, however the loser would automatically be put in their chastity device immediately for two weeks after the game and would have absolutely no chance of any pleasure. Further, we agreed that if either of us lost three games in a row the penalty was to have additional genital piercings. For her it would be an additional 6 piercings on her pussy lips (2 on the inner lips) and for me a Prince Albert and a frenum so that when healed a single padlock could be used to provide a different form of chastity.

I then jokingly said “and I suppose you might have deliberately lost a game or two.”

She had a guilty look as she replied “Yes, on one occasion.”

The following weekend we decided on the games that we would play and the additional penalties specific to that game.

The following Sunday after a very sexy morning in bed where we just pleasured each other and were both fully sated, Diane suggested we played the first game of the year. She got the jar and I drew ‘Chess’ out. We had lunch and Diane then set up the chessboard in the dining room. We sat opposite each other and Diane managed to win the right to play first.

The distraction of my beautiful wife with no clothes on meant that after a few tentative opening moves, I was the first to lose a pawn. The penalty for losing a piece meant that I had to kneel in front of her and use all my oral talents for five minutes. The more I could distract her from the game the better, so I carefully played with her clit and pussy lips orally, taking her to near the brink before the five minutes were up.

She was the next to lose a piece, this time a knight, and she had to user her mouth on my cock for five minutes. Her expert tongue managed to take me to the brink before she backed off a little and left me really hard.

We continued playing for nearly four hours where I had to give her oral pleasure ten times and she returned the favour nine times.

Finally we had to end the game as a draw we were both disappointed at this. At that moment the phone rang. I answered to find out it was Corrine. I asked if we could call back on Skype in a few minutes to which she agreed.

I turned to Diane, “It was Corrine, why don’t we ask her to decide what we do?”

“That sounds devious, what the hell, let’s ask her.”

We did not bother to dress when we went to the office and called Corrine.

As soon as she saw us she said “I hope you did not interrupt anything.”

“No you didn’t. It just we had just finished playing a game of chess (with added sexy fun) and it ended in a draw. We just have a bit of a dilemma and hope you can help.”

“I’ll try, what is the dilemma?”

After we had told her about the actual game, Diane finished off with “If one of us won it was easy, the other would be in chastity for 2 weeks, but we had not thought about a draw.”

“Umm I see your dilemma. Let me think about it and call you tomorrow in the evening.”

We carried on with the real purpose behind her call which was to invite us for a long weekend in the Alps and a play night in her “office” on the first weekend of February.

Late on the following evening we received the call from Corrine.

“I’ve thought about your penalty for the draw. I have sent an email with a link to a shop checkout. There is no links or indication of what you are buying. Included is express shipping to Diane’s office and I want you to call again on Wednesday when the package has arrived. Whatever happens do not open it until we talk again.”

I went to the email, clicked on the link to find I needed to pay £175 for the shopping basket. I paid by Debit card to receive the message. “Thank you for your payment. Corrine will get confirmation of your order and the package will be at the shipping address on Wednesday morning.”

I showed Diane to get the reply “Wow that is secretive, what the hell have we done?”

“I don’t know, but if Corrine is involved I am sure it will be interesting and somehow will be pleasurable.”

For the rest of the evening we cuddled up watching TV before Diane turned to me “I need you now, I’m horny just thinking about what is in store for us.”

I reached for her, and as we came together I could smell her arousal which started to make me hard. We finished up on the living room floor with Diane on top riding me hard until we both came hard and she collapsed on top of me.

On Tuesday time seemed to pass very slowly at work and at home with Diane we both got aroused when we discussed what Corrine had in store for us. This time we managed to get to bed before I brought Diane to a series of shattering orgasms that had her totally spent and me totally fulfilled at the end.

Finally on Wednesday the agreed time for our call to Corrine came. We greeted her as friends and had an enjoyable banter before she decided it was time to get serious. “Now for the reason for this call. There are three packages in the box. The smallest can be put to one side for the moment. The Largest is for Diane and the middle sized one is for you Charles. Before you open them you both need to strip.”

We did as we were told.

We could see the smile on Corrine’s face as she said “Now open your respective packages.”

I opened mine to find a plastic chastity device that appeared to be perfectly normal. I watched as Diane opened hers to reveal another chastity belt that again looked normal.

“I know you both know how to put them on, so go ahead.”

I was slightly aroused and therefore it was not easy to insert my cock into the restricted space. Corrine saw this and told me to wait and help Diane with hers. I did as cbI was instructed and just before I was about to close up the front plate Corrine said “Stop.”

I stopped what I was doing.

“Look in the box it came in. You should find a small plate there.”

I looked and found what she was referring to, raised it up to show her. “Good” she said “Now place it on the front plate so that it will cover Diane’s clit.”

After a getting the position right Corrine said “Now bring the front plate up and let it click into place.”

There was a satisfying click as the front plate was secured.

“Corrine then said “Diane, go and get a bowl with some water and a lot of Ice as we know Charles needs some help into his device.”cd

When Diane returned, she bathed me with the very cold water and it did not take long for me to have my cock inserted in the device. As we finished inserting my member into the sleeve and securing it we were told to open the smaller package.

“There should be four plastic tags there. Two of them are for Diane’s belt. Charles, just at the top of the front plate you will find two discreet holes. Run a tag through each and then pull tight.”

Her instructions were precise and in no time I had inserted the tags and pulled them tight.

“Diane the other two are for the posts on Charles’ device. Insert them and pull tplastic tagight.”

Diane quickly complied and there we were standing in our new chastity devices.

Corrine smiled at us on the screen before saying “These will stay on until you visit me in just over 2 weeks. They will not set of any alarms as you go through airport security. I expect you will both be in a nice state of frustration by that time. Oh by the way, don’t remove them and try to replace them as they are individually numbered and I have the numbers.”

Diane and I both sighed together and Corrine then said “Also, Diane that front plate will be teasing you every time you walk as it has a series of small ridges designed purely for that purpose. Every time you walk about it will arouse you. Charles will also be suffering because of the internal design of his. Enjoy and see you in just over 2 weeks. Bye.”

Diane looked at me and said now to make you suffer “She kissed me and started playing with my nipples. Her ministrations had the usual effect and as I hardened I felt a series of pressure points built into the device that made it more uncomfortable as I got aroused. I was squirming as she continued she said with an evil grin “Well if I have to suffer, you can too when I feel like it.”

As Diane walked to the living room, I felt her tense a little as she felt the full impact of the devious little plate that teased her.

Diane then said “God, two and a bit weeks of this, I’ll be climbing the walls.”

I just replied, “I hope you enjoy it. Just think what it will be like when I finally make you come after we are released.”

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