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The Games end

We carry on from Last week Now that we had been put through five different, but fun, disciplines, Corrine announced the final game. “This will be a fun game with you and your partner playing against each other. The way … Continue reading

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More Winter Games

See last week’s episode for the start of our winter games. After Corrine had recorded the scores, she said “after this next game we will have a break for coffee. This game is simple, but will be interesting as it … Continue reading

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Our Winter Games

We all made it to Corrine’s home on the Friday evening for the start of our weekend of games. There was an additional male guest who Corrine introduced as Patrice. I noticed all the women looking at the handsome man … Continue reading

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Corrine visits

Diane and I are locked into special chastity devices sent by Corrine for just over 2 weeks. see here for the the reasons behind it. Corrine rang asking “have you booked your flights for your visit in a couple of … Continue reading

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