Corrine visits

Diane and I are locked into special chastity devices sent by Corrine for just over 2 weeks. see here for the the reasons behind it.

Corrine rang asking “have you booked your flights for your visit in a couple of weeks?”

I replied “No, I was just about to.”

“Good, Don’t for the moment. Give me about an hour and I will call you back.”

I mentioned this to Diane who said “I hope that this does not interfere with the length of time we are locked up. This bloody front plate is very distracting.”

“Sounds like you are horny.”

“Too right, Dee noticed a slight blush during our regular meeting today, so I told her all about it. She just laughed. I am tempted to find a way to make her pay for that.”

“Ring Zack, and talk to him.” I said.

She laughed as she started to ring Zack and Dee’s home. Fortunately it was Zack who picked up the phone. She told him all about it and then asked “How would you feel if I got Corrine to send one for Dee?”

I could hear his amusement as he said “well, it would be good for her to be locked up for a while. I think that I could get to enjoy some attention from her mouth.”

“Great, I will talk to Corrine about it.”

It was a bit more than an hour when Corrine rang back “Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but there is a reason.

“I know you were due to visit me for a long weekend, however I now have to be in London on the Sunday night.”

“Why don’t you come and stay with us on the Friday and Saturday?”

“That would be great; however I have one little condition attached to that.”

“And what is that condition?”

“I want to try something out on Saturday night for the two of you involving some rope.”

I looked at Diane and she nodded as be both love rope bondage.

“That is fine with us.”

“Great, I assume you are free the following weekend to come over here. The others are, Zack has agreed to fly every one down and we can have our own version of the Winter Olympics. I will devise a series of our special sports. However before you agree, you need to know that the penalty for not winning will be a period of time locked up, just as the two of you are now.”

“Give us a moment” I said as I pressed the Mute button.

I said to Diane,”why don’t you agree if she is able to send you a belt for Dee to arrive Wednesday.”

Diane giggled “OK.”

I pressed the button again so Corrine could hear us and Diane said “Corrine, can you have another of these evil belts delivered by Wednesday Morning?”

“Before I answer, why?”

Diane told her about what Dee had done earlier, finishing with “Zack agrees and thinks Dee needs some oral practice.”

Corrine laughed, saying “No problem, I will send you a link this evening so you can pay for it and it will be with you on time. I think I will suggest to Zack that it stays on until the games.”

We finished the call agreeing to join in the games.

On Wednesday Diane told me “The belt arrived as promised and Zack called me to Dee’s office where he announced that because she had been naughty about my belt, she was going to get the same treatment until they got to Corrine’s. He also said she would be required to service him whenever he asked, or she would be locked up for a whole three months. I can tell you Dee was not very amused, but there was little she could do and is now in a belt like mine.”

It was a long two weeks before Corrine joined us late on Friday evening. She arrived really worn out after the delay saying “Maybe the people responsible for the delay should visit my ‘office’.”

We were kept in our belts all day Saturday and we took Corrine to see some of the local sights and we had a pleasant early supper in a local pub.

When we got home it was still fairly early when Corrine said, “Now let’s play with some rope.”

I fetched all the rope as requested and before Corrine started to make a rope corset onCeltic_Corset Diane she released us from the chastity devices. It took nearly 30 minutes to complete Diane’s corset as great care was taken to ensure that the ropes were exactly in the right place and were evenly tightened. When she was finished she asked “How is that?”

“Very comfortable and not too tight.”

“Great, just what I wanted to hear.” She then turned to me “Your turn.”

Again Corrine took great care to ensure that every rope was exactly in the right place and everything was evenly tightened to make the corset snug but comfortable.

When my corset was finished, she turned to Diane, “now for some rope gauntlets on both the fore and upper arms.” Great care was taken again and made sure Diane wRope_arm_gauntlets_by_Moose225as comfortable when she had finished before doing the same to me.

When she had finished my arm gauntlets, she looked at the pile of rope still available and said, “Umm still plenty of rope, I know what I will do.” She picked up the first length of rope, started just below my knee and proceeded to wrap my leg down to the ankle in rope, all still very carefully placed and comfortable she did the same between my groin and knee on the same leg before doing the same to my other leg. Effectively I was now wrapped in rope from my shoulders to ankles with a gap around my groin, knees and elbows. I walked around a little, fetched some wine and glasses while she encased Diane’s legs in rope.

We were relaxed and able to enjoy a glass of wine. Diane commented that we would not normally do any form of bondage if we drank alcohol, but as this was so comfortable we felt able to enjoy a glass of wine. The conversation was wide ranging. When Corrine went to the bathroom Diane said “do you think she would join us together tonight?”

“Ask and see what she says” I replied.

After Corrine had sat down again, Diane asked “You remember the night you secured us together with cling film?”


“Well, I wonder whether it is possible to do it again tonight using the corsets you have put on us.”

Corrine giggled, “That is what I hoped you would ask. I have a couple who have asked for exactly the same sort of experience except they want to be secured together for 24 hours.”

When we went to bed, we both did the necessary and in our room were 8 lengths of rope laid out on the dressing table. Corrine announced “I will give you 10 minutes to get all nice and warm and more importantly Charles needs to be nice and aroused.”

The next ten minutes was spent on some serious foreplay so I was nice and hard for when Corrine came back in. She made sure I was on my back and my cock inside Diane when she used a rope on each side of the corsets to bind us tightly together chest to chest. She did the same with all the rope coverings of our arms and legs so that effectively we were tightly secured to each other. She then added a blindfold to each of us and said, “I will leave you to enjoy the night.”

Being bound together so tight meant that we could not move. However the tiny amount of slack and Diane’s use of her pussy muscles meant that we were able to both enjoy the closeness. It took some time with Diane managing to provide enough stimulation so that I was able to come, which triggered a massive screaming orgasm and I felt Diane squirt her juices all over me as she came.

Although we were tightly bound together we did manage to fall into a deep sleep and when we woke it was to find Corrine was removing the ropes that connected us together.

She removed our blindfolds and said, “I assumed you enjoyed yourselves as you certainly made enough noise and the room stinks of sex. Diane, I also apologise as I could not help myself and left a damp patch on the sheets in my room.

Diane laughed “No problem, I hope it was a good one, as I certainly enjoyed mine.”

“Oh yes, it was really good.”

We had a good laugh over this as Corrine added, “I better find myself a good man so I do not have to play with myself all the time. Although I must admit both Maria and Eva do a pretty good job of keeping me satisfied.”

This was the first inkling she had given us of her sexuality.

As Corrine left she said “see you next Friday. Saturday we will be busy playing games and Saturday night the ‘office’ is available for everyone to have fun.”

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Rope corset-18seiben
gauntlet –moose225 both on deviant art

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