Our Winter Games

We all made it to Corrine’s home on the Friday evening for the start of our weekend of games. There was an additional male guest who Corrine introduced as Patrice. I noticed all the women looking at the handsome man sat next to Corrine.

When we sat down to dinner, Corrine announced “Welcome to my home for our special type of ‘Winter Olympics’ I consider this dinner to be our opening ceremony. Tomorrow during the day we will play six games. The first game starts at 9.00 am. These games have been devised by me and tested out on some slaves. They will be played in the woods surrounding the house, four in the morning and two after lunch. You will not be allowed any clothing except for a pair of shoes whilst you are actually playing most of these games, as your safety is an extremely important factor. There is also a nice warm area for you to relax in between your participation in these games.

The final placing of each couple will be worked out from your position for each game and they will added together and the couple with the lowest total will be the winners. Any ties for in the final table will be determined by the number of wins, second places etc.

“Patrice is a qualified doctor and will be with us to ensure your safety as well to help me in the judging. He is also is well informed about our lifestyle. Our waitresses tonight are his two full time subs, Tamara and Sofia. When told about the weekend, they asked to demonstrate these games to you and have their own competition between them. Between these two young ladies, they decided with Patrice’s input, that the loser will suffer their most hated torture tomorrow evening that will be administered by the winner. This will provide the entertainment for the ‘closing ceremony’ and you will have plenty of time to play in the ‘office’. I am sure you will devise your own competitions between yourselves to add a little spice to your weekend. To that end, Patrice and I have agreed to join in the games and have our own little competition. We have agreed the stakes between us, and I assure you that I am not going to lose.”

Patrice laughed good humouredly as Corrine paused for a while and then continued “To make this a little more entertaining, I will not give any full results of the games until we have been entertained by Tamara and Sofia tomorrow evening and you have settled any individual contests, for which I will provide individual results privately.

“As Zack will not be able to take part in any of the games, I have decided that he will suffer the same length of confinement as Susan and Dee.”

Zack started to splutter a protest before being told by Corrine “Surely, you didn’t think I would leave you out of the fun now.”

He gulped back his protests and with a forced smile he said “OK” then turning to Dee “You better not slack on any of the games.”

Dee laughed, “of course I won’t, I dread being in chastity as you well know.”

Corrine then added, “There are six teams, so the worst outcome is five weeks of being locked up.”

The service that Tamara and Sofia provided during the meal was exemplary and Suzy commented “Patrice, They are doing an excellent job; you have them trained so well.”

He smiled and in his light accent said “Thank you; it is not me that has trained them in this area. They both worked in top restaurants and that is where they got their training. I have since trained them to be excellent submissives in other areas.

I noticed that the girls did not react at all when the compliments were being made other than to say “Thank you Madame and Sir.”

The dinner finished and as we were served with the post dinner drinks, the girls went to kneel by Patrice. He said to them “there is no need for that, relax and enjoy yourselves and this company.”

As Diane and I cuddled up together in bed, we agreed that we would have our own little competition between ourselves over the six games.

The next morning we were all ready at 9.00 to start playing the games devised by Corrine. As instructed, we were all wearing cuffs on our wrists and ankles. I was a little nervous as I was not particularly looking forward to being naked in the snow for extended lengths of time.

We were all well wrapped up as we made our way to the relaxation area which was a large greenhouse type of building which was warmed by some very effective heaters. Corrine drew out the order in which we would be taking part in the first race.

Now for the first game, this is what I have called “The speed run”. You will notice that there is a little twisty downhill run marked out by poles. It is a total of 200 metres long. You are required to make your way down the run on the wooden sledge as fast as you can. To make it more interesting, you will each have your wrists cuffed behind your back and sledge_davos90ankles cuffed to the eyebolts at the front of the sledge. The fastest down wins the race. If you fall off or leave the course, the distance covered is your score.”

Tamara and Sofia will now show you how it is done. Tamara made her way up to the start and sat on the sled and her ankles were cuffed to it. The sledge was held back by a hook that when released allowed it to start making its way down the course. It was as she went round the first corner I noticed how she adjusted her balance slightly to take it. It was then that we all realised that there was some light banking that helped her around the curves and she made it down in about a minute.

Sofia approached the starting point and was quickly cuffed. As soon as he was ready the hook was released and although she made it around the first corner, she did not adjust her weight properly and fell off at the next corner. Corrine quickly released her ankle cuffs. As she got back to the warm area she looked a little downcast and apologised to Patrice saying “Sorry Sir that was a poor effort.”

He replied, “It was a little unfortunate that you did not adjust your weight properly, but you did your best on that event.”

Corrine came in to the area and as I was the first to go, I was had my wrists quickly cuffed and was helped up to the start. I could feel the cold, although the sun was up, it did not make a lot of difference. I sat on the sled, had my ankles cuffed and as I approached the first bend leant over slightly to balance and this worked. Somehow I made it all the way down without falling off or leaving the course.

The rest took their turns with mixed results. Diane managed the third bend before she left the course as she had not corrected her balance properly for the steering. John and Kathy both came off the course at the first corner, although Kathy was a little further around the corner than him. Tom and Suzy both came off, Tom on the second bend and Suzy just before the finish line. William fell off on the first bend and Celia managed it all the way down. Both Maria and Eva managed to come off the course at what appeared to be the same place. Susan went before Dee and she fell off just before the first corner, however Dee managed to complete the course.

The final pair to run the course was Patrice and Corrine. They both managed to finish the course and their timings were close with Patrice winning by a very small margin. Corrine was not happy about losing that race saying “Still 5 more events to go.”

Corrine quickly recorded the scores on a tablet. She then said, “For the next event, you will be bare foot and start at this end of the 2 beams and make your way along them.” She pointed at the beams that were about 18 inches apart at the far end and after about 5 yards, closest to the rest area, were nearly 4 feet apart. They were about 6 inches above the ground.

She then continued “Your feet must be on the beams at all times, the distance travelled will be recorded and will be divided by your inside leg measurement to determine your overall position. This adjustment will allow a level playing field between people of different heights. If more than one of you makes it all the way to the end, then the fastest to do it wins.”

Sofia went first and as she made her way along the beams her legs started to get wider and I saw her grimace as the effect of the widening of the beams took effect. I must admit that the sight of a good looking well-proportioned female making her way along a beam with her legs wide apart was a very enticing picture. A quick glance showed that all of us watching her.

Diane whispered in my ear “God, it is such an erotic sight, it is making me moist.”

She managed to make it about half way along before her left foot slipped off.  Corrine quickly took the measurement and then Tamara had her turn and somehow only managed about a yard before a foot slipped off the beam. She shook her head in shame as she realised her mistake.

We all took our turns. Susan being the shortest went first, made it look easy as she managed to record a respectable distance. However afterwards she commented that her thighs ached as she used muscles that she did not know she had. Celia being very tall with her trim long legs managed the furthest distance, making it almost to the very end. However we did not know the results as the maths had yet to be done.

After Corrine had recorded the scores, she said “after this next game we will have a break for coffee.”

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4 Responses to Our Winter Games

  1. Fun that you incorporated the winter Olympics into this 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Always fun and games, and clever with relating to the Olympics.

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