More Winter Games

See last week’s episode for the start of our winter games.

After Corrine had recorded the scores, she said “after this next game we will have a break for coffee. This game is simple, but will be interesting as it requires a bit of stamina as well as some balance. You will be wearing these snow shoes,” showing them to us, “but you will also have an 18 inch spreader bar attached at your ankles. We will use the same course as the sledging earlier, but in reverse. You will go uphill and the fastest time wins. However, if you fall over, you will get a penalty of 10 seconds each time. The maximum time allowed on the course is 2 minutes. If you have not finishewooden-snowshoed it then the distance covered is measured. The distance is reduced by 5 metres for each time you fall over.”

Tamara and Sofia had their feet strapped into the snow shoes and when the bar was added had only a few inches of movement available. Tamara shuffled her way to the bottom of the slope and on the command go she started moving up the slope. After just a few steps, she fell over having trapped one of the snow shoes under the other effectively tripping herself over. She fell 4 times in all before she was told that she had run out of time. Sofia was next and whilst she fell 5 times, she managed to finish the course.

We all took our turns going up the slope. When it was my turn I managed to get about half way up the course before I tripped over and fell headfirst into the bank of snow. Although it was a soft landing, the feeling of snow all over my chest had a very salutary effect in reminding me how cold it actually was. I managed to finish the course in what I thought was a reasonably fast time.

When Diane returned from her turn on the slope there was still snow on one of her breasts with her nipples being even more prominent than usual. I held her tight with her back to my chest and warmed her nipples with my snowangel17 crophand by tweaking them. She looked back and up at me with a face that whilst showing she enjoyed the attention also told me to stop.

We all enjoyed the fresh coffee that as brewed for us before Corrine said, “now for the final game of the morning. This one will take a little while to complete. It will also give us girls a chance to give our pussy muscles a work out, whilst the men will have their ball sacks stretched. For the men, they will be wearing parachutes and the women will be using this.”

She held up a one foot long stainless steel shaft with an egg shaped bulge at one end and a BigPodPlungerShiny300bar across the other.

Corrine continued “We have two of these and they will be cleaned between each go. There are 2 trays, one for the men with 40 kilos of rocks and the other with 15 which will be used by the ladies. You will drag the tray from the start point to the finish line 20 meters away so that the tray completely passes over the line. The course is on the lawn area where the show has been flattened and rolled so it is as if you are on an ice rink. The fastest time wins. If you stop part way along the course or the shaft falls out, the distance covered is your score.”

There were some minor protests from the ladies before Corrine added “This one took the longest to test because I wanted it so that we all took part on a level playing field. My slaves who tested this out showed that the difference in weights on the trays equalised it out to make it a fair contest.”

We watched as Tamara was out on the flattened area first. The dildo was inserted and as she moved her way around the course we could see that there was no effect on the surface.  She struggled to keep the dildo inside her as she made her way towards the finish line. After she had completed about fifteen meters the dildo fell out.

She commented to Patrice “sorry sir, I think I need to do some work on those muscles.” Sophia giggled at this when Patrice said sternly “That is so unbecoming of you. We will see how well you do.”

Sophia took her turn and managed to complete the course in about a minute. When she let the dildo slide out there was a visible sign of relief from the exertion. She returned and immediately said “Sorry Tamara, I did not realise how difficult it would be.”

The rest of us, except Patrice, had some experience of this type of contest from our previous games so we thought it would be relatively easy; however it was clear that for us men, the weight that we had to pull was more than enough to equalise the competition.

William was up first and he only managed to get about a third of the way along before he stopped. For Suzy the contest appeared to be very simple and she was very fast and crossed the line in less than 45 seconds. Diane noticed this and said to her “I presume you have been doing plenty of exercises.”

“Yes, Tom has challenged me to be able to lift 20 kilos and hold it for 30 seconds using just my pussy muscles. I am currently able to manage 15.”

“Wow, that is some challenge. I hope the reward is appropriate.”

“Oh yes, the reward is very simple, I am relieved of my regime of restricted orgasms.”

Diane smiled, “sounds like a worthwhile goal.”

“Oh yes, and it also means that he gets a more intense sensation when he comes too.”

Diane took her turn after that conversation and somehow let the dildo fall out just before the end of the course. As she sat down she said to me “Umm, I better work on my pussy muscles a little.”

I replied with a grin “sounds like a good idea, especially as I plan to win this little contest between us.”

Corrine’s ears had picked this up and said “oh and what is this about?”

I replied “Well it is quite simple; we decided that the fourth game would be our personal contest. The loser will have an uncomfortable evening and night.”

“And what might that be?”

“Just wait and see. I can assure you that Diane will be the one suffering.”

It was not long before my turn. I got out to the course and when I started I realised quite what a torture this was. Whilst I am used to wearing a parachute with weights, the fact that I had to drag something made the pain on my scrotum that more intense. As I dragged the tray, I really felt the stretching sensation from the weight and it was with a great sense of relief that I managed to pass over the finish line in what I thought was a reasonable time.

Diane looked at me with dread but a slight sparkle in her eyes saying “OK, you won. I will suffer the agreed penalty.”

Most of us completed the course however William found the experience too much and only managed about 5 metres before he stopped.

The interesting contest was between Patrice and Corrine. She showed a lot of strain in her face as she approached the finishing line and the dildo plopped out just as she crossed the line. Patrice on the other had whilst feeling the strain of the parachute finished just one second ahead of her.

When we had finished the game it was approaching time for lunch so we all made our way back into the house where we were able to enjoy a good healthy meal before we started the afternoon’s entertainment.

Once we had gathered in the rest area Corrine said “now for the fifth game. This will be a fun one. In fairness to our guests, some of whom I know have had experience in skiing, I have decided that we will not include that discipline in the games. So instead we have one that involves balance. There is a three inch wide beam with slightly rounded top edge. You will also have your nipples clamped with clothes pegs and connected by a chain that is looped over the rope above it. If you fall off the beam, the pegs will be pulled off and you will drop into the nice bank of snow. The exercise is to walk backwards along the beam without falling off. The time taken or distance covered determines the order of finishing.”

Sophia with great agility climbed onto the beam and once the pegs were attached was given a pat on her pert bum and started to make her way along the beam with her arms outstretched to help her balance. However this did not help as she missed her footing and fell off just a metre along the bar and there was a squeal as the pegs were ripped off her nipples.

Tamara when it was her turn took great care to ensure that each time she stepped back that she had a firm footing and although it took her a couple of minutes to finish, she did so without falling off.

We all took our turns and I realised just how devious this game was as the beam was only just wide enough to get a firm footing, but any error was immediately punished by a tug on the pegs as you tried to keep your balance. Celia who has a love of nipple play with a grin on her face deliberately fell off just before the finish line.

Corrine, being a tall slim lady, found it difficult to keep her balance and fell off with a loud squeal just about half way along, whereas Patrice being rather squatter in stature made it to the end.

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  1. Brrrrr naked in the snow. That definitely is something I want to try one day, but the idea of the cold on my skin… brrrrrr

    Rebel xox

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