The Games end

We carry on from Last week

Now that we had been put through five different, but fun, disciplines, Corrine announced the final game. “This will be a fun game with you and your partner playing against each other. The way the scoring works, means that you cannot go easy on your partner. The first part is that you will be given 2 minutes to prepare yourself for the game. Then the game will last for three minutes.”

She continued “The game is a snow ball fight. There are 2 rings four metres apart. You will each be in one of the rings. You are not allowed to step outside the ring whilst the game is in progress. If you do, then I have the very nice 4 strand cane available and there will be six strokes for each time you leave the ring delivered before the closing ceremony.”

Sofia smiled saying “ooohhh, I love the cane.”

Kathy said “That one is plain nasty, and although I like the cane, it is the worst implement I have ever come across.”

Corrine added “I agree with Kathy, it is a fearsome weapon, which is why I have chosen it to ensure you stay inside the circle.”

Patrice then interjected “Maybe we should give her a demonstration before the event.”

Corrine with her twisted smile said “No, let her decide whether to incur a penalty. Getting back to the game, the scoring is based on the number of snowballs you throw, the number that land and where they land. For each snowball thrown you get one point, if it hits your partner you get a bonus point. Further bonus points will be gained by those that land close to a nipple getting an extra 2 points and landing on a nipple gets 3. Any that hit genital areas will gain four points and the ass just one bonus point. So throwing one ball and it lands on the ass gets three points.”

Susan smiled saying to Dee, “great I get to play in the snow with you.”VIII-3-snowball-fight

Sofia and Tamara made their way outside and prepared a pile of snowballs before the stood in their circles and when told they started throwing the balls. The first to land was on Tamara’s upturned ass as she bent down to pick up a ball. The sight of 2 women in a snowball fight with balls landing all over their bodies made for great entertainment.VIII-3-snowball-2

John and Kathy were next up and whilst they started out gingerly, when John landed a ball right on Kathy’s nipple she targeted his groin and she managed a couple of direct hits on his cock.

When they had finished, they made their way in and they had a laugh with John saying “God those lower hits made it interesting.”

We all took turns and finally it was Diane and my turn. I managed to hit Diane with regular shots, and she even managed to hit my ass a lot, but not on the precious family jewels, although she targeted that area.

When we had finished, Corrine turned to us all and said “Patrice and I have a personal contest on this game. Would you all please help us and do the judging.”

Zack asked “and what is the penalty?”

“You will find out later, we ask that you do not reveal the winner until after we have announced the overall results and dealt with all those who need to be locked up.”

They went out to the play area and when they started there was a flurry of snowballs between them. Many of the shots hit their targets and they both were in full flow when Corrine unintentionally let a foot leave the area just before their time was up.

Corrine returned to the rest area a little out of breath and said “That is the games over. I have arranged for Dinner to be served in the office at 8, so I propose that we meet up at 7.30 in the living room. I expect it will be an intense night, so I recommend we all have a rest and relax before the evening.”

After we had met up and were on to our way to the ‘office’ I asked Corrine “Can I borrow 2 spreader bars?”

“Of course, I will get them for you.”

When she returned with them I attached one end of a bar to Diane’s right ankle and then attached the other end to her wrist. I did the same with the left hand side. She looked at her restraints in despair realising she would be having difficulty eating and drinking that night.

Corrine looked at me saying “That is different to normal.”

“Yes, but the agreement was to be restrained during the night and I thought whilst she could move about, she would have to ask for help whenever she wanted to eat or have a drink.”

Most of us stayed on soft drinks as we were going to be able to play and have fun that night. A magnificent dining table had been laid and we were all sat down when Zack asked Corrine “Will we being seeing your cane in action before dinner?”

“No, everyone stayed in their circles during the final event.”

Zack then said “That is not quite right.”


Zack continued “although may not have realised it, you managed to step outside just before the end of the fight. Therefore you have six strokes to receive. I think you should bend over your chair and Patrice can deliver them.”

Corrine realised she had to face the cane and Patrice got up, felt it and tested how it swung and asked “Ready?”DSC_0015a_1024x1024

“As much as I ever will be.”

He delivered a relatively mild stroke that had Corrine bawling as the impact was felt. The following five produced loud ows as the four canes hit each time. When she had received all six, she gingerly touched her ass and her eyes were filled with tears.

Sofia looked at the damage and said to Kathy, “I am glad I heeded your warning as I am not sure that I would like to be on the receiving end of that one.”

The dinner progressed smoothly although Diane was required to ask for help on some occasions which she found difficult.

After dessert, Fruit and cheese was produced and Patrice said “Corrine, May I suggest a slightly different serving platter?”

Corrine raised an eyebrow “What do you have in mind?”

“Simple, Sofia made an unbecoming remark to her fellow sub, and although she apologised, I cannot let her off without some penalty. So I would like her to be the serving dish for the fruit.”

“Sounds good” replied Corrine and we all made space on the dining table for Sofia to become the serving plate.

As she got on the table Patrice said, “You will lie there and be totally still. There will be bits of fruit in various places. They will remain where they were. If any fall off you will get three strokes for each one of the cane so were so interested in earlier.”

Sofia stoically said nothing although her eyes showed fear of the implement. Once she had settled down, Patrice placed a cherry on each nipple, an orange in her belly button and a strawberry just above her clit. The rest of the fruit was placed in other areas and finally a small apple was placed in her mouth like a gag.

Patrice then invited us to help ourselves to the fruit and suggested that we may want to pick up the smaller items with our mouths, just to make the experience more intense for her.

Sofia bravely resisted moving, especially when Tamara leant over letting her long hair brush over Sofia’s breasts as she picked up some grapes from Sofia’s cleavage. Tamara seemed to spend a little longer than normal picking up the grapes; I assume hoping that some fruit would fall.

Sofia managed to keep the fruit in place for a full fifteen minutes when he picked up the cherries, strawberry and orange and let Sofia rise from the table saying “Well done. That is all you will suffer for the comment.”

Corrine then said, “Lets us be entertained by Sofia and Tamara before we get to sorting out the side contests that some of you had. Now Patrice has agreed that the winner between Tamara and Sofia will administer the others most hated torture. I can assure you all it went down to the last game, and although they were tied, the number of points scored in that game was the deciding factor. I declare that of two girls, Sofia was the winner.”

Tamara shivered a little, and nervously waited for instructions.

Sofia said quietly, Tamara will you please go to the swing and make yourself comfortable.”

Tamara went to the swing and made herself comfortable. Sofia applied a blindfold and secured wrists and ankles to the chains hanging down.

Patrice said “Here is the deal, Sofia has half an hour in which she has to make Tamara orgasm without directly touching any tits or the groin. However there is a little twist in that Tamara will be resisting as the penalty for cuming is a month in chastity. To encourage Sofia, she knows that if I feel that she has gone easy on Tamara, then she faces a month in chastity.”

Sofia then asked “Please may I have a couple of minutes to gather together some items before we start.”

Patrice replied, “no, the time includes the gathering of implements. Your half hour starts now.”

Sofia started by lowering her head and stroking Tamara’s forearms with the ends of her long hair. The reaction from Tamara was instantaneous and she started wriggling about. After a little torment there, Sofia went for the feet and started tickling the soles. Tamara lifted herself off the seat of the swing whilst she tried to escape the attention. For what seemed like a whole five minutes Tamara was wriggling and jerking around so much that we could not help but join Tamara in her laughter which was also interspersed with cries of anguish.

Next week we find out how it finished…..

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7 Responses to The Games end

  1. You spin a lovely story!

  2. I am not fond of the cane and think this 4 strand one might just make me faint!

    Rebel xox

  3. Lovely write up. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Heaven says:

    I am new to canes but a 4 strand one I am not sure I would want that either. I would try to stay put to avoid it too.

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