The Closing Ceremony

We continue from last week with Tamara being tormented by her sister sub Sofia

Tamara continued her wriggling as Sofia continued to torment her. Sofia slowed the tempo down for a minute as she allowed Tamara to relax before picking up 2 feathers that she brushed along Tamara’s sides that produced an instantaneous reaction of wriggling and laughter. The feathers were brushed back and forth across her swollen buds of nipples creating moans of pleasure mixed in with her laughter.

After about 25 minutes of tickling and gentle brushing of feathers, Sofia picked up a long dildo and inserted in Tamara’s by now wet pussy and left it there. Sofia used the feathers to tease and tickle Tamara’s by now engorged clit. Both were concentrating hard, Tamara resisting the urge to come and Sofia desperately trying to make her sister sub come. I saw Patrice make a gesture and Sofia immediately dropped the feathers and started use her mouth on Tamara’s clit while pumping the dildo in and out until she tensed the muscles of her arms and legs raising herself off the swing and let out an enormous howl of pleasure as she came, squirting her nectar all over Sofia’s face.

Tamara slumped back on to the swing drained. Patrice and Sofia quickly released the ankles and arms allowing Tamara to relax unrestrained and recover from her ordeal.

When she recovered sufficiently, Tamara mumbled something like “Sorry sir, I was unable to hold back. But I thought my sister was not allowed to use her mouth.”

“Don’t worry my pet, who was I to deny you when the time was up.”

Tamara’s face immediately showed the emotion of relief that she did not have a month of denial.

Patrice turned to Sofia, “You did not make her come in the time allowed. However I do feel that you did your best, so you will not be denied pleasure for the next month.”

Sofia’s face lit up as she said “thank you sir.”

Corrine then suggested that it was time for the personal contests to be settled. The first to settle their contest was Eva and Maria. Maria had won that contest that was based on the third game with the snow shoes.

Eva looked worried as Maria collected up some small coins. They went to one of the mirror glass walls and Eva was told, this is very simple, you have to stand here for half an hour. Each finger, thumb and your nose will hold these coins against the mirror. For each that falls, you will spend half an hour tied in a single position with the butterfly clit vibe at your most hated position of tease.*

Eva trembled a little and once she had settled in position, Maria tapped her ass saying “Time starts now.”

It was about 10 minutes in to this that it was clear that Eva was struggling to hold position obviously determined not to be tied up and teased unmercifully. Later, I noticed that Eva was still holding all the coins in place, but was now kneeling until Maria slapped her bum hard and said “Time is up.”

Eva relaxed and immediately there was a tinkling sound as the coins hit the floor.

While Eva was occupied holding up the coins, William had respectfully requested Corrine’s help as Celia was secured to the spanking bench. Initially Celia was extremely reluctant, protesting that she was not into spanking or flogging. She also added “I hope there aren’t any marks as you know I am being photographed in lingerie on Monday.”

Corrine reassured her saying “Don’t worry, as you are not used to this, we will be gentle. If there are any resulting marks, then they will only be visible on Monday if you are wearing a thong.”

Celia delivered a gentle warm up that Celia seemed to enjoy as she was purring as it finished. Corrine was handed a flogger by William and produced more pleasurable squeals from Celia as she got used to the rhythm and gentle falls of the tails. A little later Corrine got William to find her favourite quirt and landed a series of light, but effective strokes that produced little red weals that would be hidden by lingerie.

Corrine stopped when Celia’s breathing was erratic as she stoically accepted what was given to her. As she got up, Celia said, “Thank you, except that last thing, it was nice. Maybe I will need to try it again.”

William grinned, saying, “Since you learnt how to set that machine up, my ass takes a lot more. I hope now you understand when I say it can be very sensual and is not all about the pain.”

“Yes, the gentle caresses were great, but those stings were not.”

“Ahhh, but when you learn how to process them, you will find that they can become sexy.” William replied.

“Umm I’m not sure. But maybe I will get Maria to try it with me some time.”

The evening progressed as Tom had Suzy bound tight to a pole with a vibrator set on random that was making Suzy beg for relief as it was doing nothing more than tease her unmercifully.

John was laid out on the top of a cage and Kathy was using the cane to get him really sore when she spied that the bench had become free. She released him from the top of the cage and ordered him to get into position on the bench where she dutifully went about the task of providing him with the same pattern on each ass cheek that she had given to me a few weeks ago.

Sofia and Patrice looked at the resultant pattern and she said, “Sir, I hope you will try making that pattern on me some time.”

He laughed, “One day I might.”

Corrine then, in a quiet voice, asked Diane, “Did you bring that special soft flogger, and if you did can we borrow it?”

Diane replied quietly, “Yes and of course you can use it.”

She then said “Patrice, I think Tamara should reward Sofia for the entertainment earlier.”

Patrice said, “What did you have in mind?”

Sofia blushed as Corrine replied “A nice flogging which I promise she will enjoy.”

“Why not.”

Corrine asked Sofia to stand between the two posts and secured her so that her legs were apart and arms outstretched to the side. She then blindfolded Sofia whispering something in her ear. Corrine then said, “Tamara, try this flogger. Use all your strength when landing the strokes anywhere on her body, I promise it will not break her skin.”

Sofia flinched as much as she could as she listened to what was said.

Tamara picked up the flogger and tentatively started to lay down some strokes on Sofia’s posterior. Both Tamara and Patrice were amazed that there were no visible signs of the flogging. She ramped up the severity of the strokes and apart from the sighs; there was no effect on Sofia.

Sofia started to pant a little and I noticed that her nipples had started to harden. Patrice noticed this and decided to take over from Tamara and give Sofia’s generous, but firm, breasts some attention. Again he started at less than full strength before realising that there was no visible effect when the strokes landed.

Sofia by this time was beginning to make lots of noise that sounded that she was fighting the arousal that this flogger produced.

Patrice stopped for a moment as Corrine whispered something in his ear. He then started landing strokes all over the front of her body and after a stroke to her pussy at full strength, Sofia moaned in pleasure. He leaned into her and as he gently teased her pussy he whispered something.

Patrice stepped back and landed a series of hard blows to the pussy area and Sofia’s moans of pleasure got louder. Patrice then paused for a couple of seconds and landed a stroke saying “last one.”

Sofia tensed all her muscles, screamed in pleasure as she rode through the waves of her orgasm. After it had finished, she slumped in her bindings and we helped Patrice release her and take to the relaxation area.

Sofia had a dreamy look on her face as she recovered from her flogging and orgasm.

Patrice then turned to Tamara saying, “Sorry , I did not realise you were giving it all until there was no effect when I used all my strength in delivering the strokes.”

Tamara brightened on hearing that and then smiled even more broadly when he added “I will let you come again later too.”

All through the play with Sofia, Dee had been quietly sitting with Zack and Susan had been watching with interest. Zack then said “now it is time for one of you ladies to suffer. Whilst you did not have a personal contest, I have decided that the one who overall did better of you two gets to punish the other for not trying hard enough. And this means Corrine needs to tell us which of you two did better.”

Corrine laughed as she heard this. “Well after Susan’s remark this morning about Dee not trying, it is Susan that was the loser between the two of them.”

Dee looked delighted and Susan a little downhearted. Dee ushered Susan over to the spanking bench. Once Susan was secured in the bench and blindfolded, she picked up six implements, laid them out near Susan’s head. Dee started to spank Susan gently and increased the speed and severity of the spanks until Susan’s ass was a bright pink. “Now for a little game. I have six implements. After a stroke you will tell me what it is. If you are right, we will go to the next one. If you are wrong you get another 11 with it. If you get three wrong, I will ask Kathy to produce one of her pretty patterns on each cheek.”

As the first stroke landed, Susan correctly identified the paddle. Susan also correctly identified the cane and the naughty stick. However she suffered the full set of strokes from the dressage whip and tawse leaving the last implement. Dee picked up the last implement and Susan correctly identified it as a quirt much to Dee’s disappointment.

Corrine then announced it was time to announce the positions of each couple in our competition. She started off with the couple that came in last which was Dee and Susan. The belts were produced and secured with the plastic tags. Dee glared at Susan who winced as the belt was put on because of her tender ass. Next came Maria and Eva who had four weeks of no pleasure to endure. John and Cathy had managed to get one week less than them because although the scores were tied, one of them had come first in one of the games. Next up was William and Celia. Celia was really worried until Corrine said “I will give you an extra tag. On Monday morning I will Skype you so you can remove the belt, but I expect it back when you get home and Skype me again to prove it is back on. I hope for your own sake that you have no other shots in the next two weeks that could be affected.

This just left Tom and Suzy and Diane and me who had not been locked up. Corrine dragged out the tension before announcing that Tom and Suzy had come in second and had to spend a week in the belt.

Now that everyone had been locked up, it was time for us to find out what Patrice and Corrine had in store for their contest.

Next week find out the result of Corrine and Patrice’s contest.

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* This scenario was borrowed from A slut’s memoirs

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