Corrine pays the price

Corrine nervously asked us for the result of her personal contest with Patrice.

Zack had been entrusted with the scores so he started “Well after 2 games you were tied.” He paused before continuing, “After 4 game you were still tied, having both won 2 games. However after the fifth game, Patrice had got a one point lead. This meant it could either be a tie or Corrine lost overall.”

Corrine gulped, saying “so it all depends on whether I won the last game?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Go on then” urged Patrice.

“Well it was not easy and we had to check everything very carefully as you both were throwing so many snowballs.”

Corrine huffed with impatience before saying “Well what was the result, because if I won that last game, Patrice is the loser.”

“True” replied Zack. “And there is no need to be so huffy with me.”

Zack paused for what seemed like five minutes before saying “Well that last game was so close that after much checking we found that everyone was in agreement that it was a draw. So Patrice is the overall winner.”

Corrine, whilst disappointed, was not too upset.

Tamara quickly went to Patrice’s toy bag, picked it up and passed it to him. He delved into it and brought out 2 small packages. Corrine knelt down and he placed a small gold chain around her neck and locked it on.

He then knelt down in front of her and passed her the smaller package. “Open it and if you like it, put it on.

She gingerly opened the package and nestling within some delicate tissue was a ring. She looked at it and then him smiled and without breaking eye contact slipped it on the ring finger of her left hand.

Patrice held her tight kissed her tenderly and then said, “I hope you are all free in April, as this ring means you are all invited to our wedding.”

We all spontaneously applauded, and Corrine was beaming. Then Patrice put on a stern face, “Both of us agreed to this a while ago. However, that was not the penalty for losing. The penalty is about to begin.”

Tamara and Sofia quietly slipped away, went to a screened off area and wheeled it to the centre of the room before locking the wheels.

Patrice and Corrine glanced at each other before she said “Thank you Tom for making this. I am sure it will be a great new addition to my ‘office’.”

Suzy giggled, “Well I had great fun while we tested the initial prototype.”

Corrine nervously walked over to it waiting for Patrice to join her. The table had a sheet of rubber with a large hole in it towards one end.

Patrice lifted up the frame which was hinged on one side. Corrine removed her ring saying “While I am proud to be your fiancé, I do not want to damage our new toy, so please keep it safe.”

Patrice smiled and said, “That is so thoughtful. Now time for your torture to begin.

Tamara and Sofia helped Corrine onto the table top, passed her a bullet vibe which she inserted in her pussy and then they attached a butterfly vibe taking great care to place it in exactly the right place. They then guided Corrine’s head through the hole before carefully ensuring that the rubber sheet was properly secured all the way around the table.

Patrice then said, “Darling please spread your legs a little and move your arms slightly away from your body.”

After a few moments and some gentle talk, Patrice was satisfied with Corrine’s position. Tamara plugged a lead from the bottom of the table into a wall socket before Patrice flipped a switch and a quiet whirring sound was heard before the rubber sheet started to mould itself to Corrine’s prone form.corrine in bed

After a couple of minutes the whirring sound stopped and Corrine was asked to try moving an arm. She could not.

He picked up two remote controls, pressed the “on” buttons and there was a gasp of surprise from Corrine as each of the vibes started.

Patrice smiled and looked at her affectionately. “I promised you a long night of exquisite torment. This is only the start. The vibes are primarily programmed to just tease you; however they may occasionally increase the stimulation for a while.”

He picked up a flogger and gently caressed Corrine with it and it was clear that she could feel the sensations through the sheet as she started to wriggle and moan with pleasure.

He looked at us and said, “The agreed period of time is at least 2 hours, Sofia ushered Patrice away from the table for a moment and they spoke quietly and he beamed when he nodded his agreement.  She then whispered something in Tamara’s ear and there was a bright smile.

Tamara went to the table and whispered something in Corrine’s ear and this brought a smile. Tamara climbed onto the table, straddled Corrine’s face and Tamara gently lowered her pussy towards Corrine.

Corrine tentatively started to stick her tongue out reaching up as much as she could to be able to reach her pussy that was being lowered. Tamara shuddered as the first contact was made, before gently laying down over Corrine so she could get her pleasure. Corrine worked hard with her tongue and it was not long before Tamara gasped and moaned in the throes of pleasure as she came. She stayed in place to be brought to another orgasm.

Sofia took her place and she was also brought to two orgasms by Corrine. The second one had her slump over Corrine and she had to be helped down from the table.

Moments after the two girls had been satisfied by Corrine’s tongue, Patrice pressed the remotes and immediately Corrine quivered as the vibes started to make a louder buzzing noise. Corrine went red in the face and let out a howl as her first wave of pleasure hit. She was not allowed to rest as Patrice left the vibes on full blast until Corrine’s final howl came before she lost all semblance of dignity and finally passed out.

Patrice immediately turned off the vibes, the girls released the catches to the bed and gently released her from the prison she had been in for the previous 2 hours. Patrice held her gently and when she came round her speech was totally garbled. Both Tamara and Sofia gathered around and the three of them ensured that Corrine was receiving the necessary aftercare.

It took nearly half an hour before Corrine was able to string a proper sentence together. She thanked us all for being there. She snuggled up to Patrice and in her dishevelled state and there was a broad smile on each of their faces.

Diane was still in her restraints connecting her wrists to her ankles. She turned to me and said “I am so horny after seeing Corrine, can we go to our room?”

“I am glad you are still horny, but there is a price for relieving that itch of yours.”


“You can have an orgasm, but only if you stay like that until the morning.”

She looked at me with daggers then said, “Well, it is not as if I have not spent a night in restraint, so I will pay your price.”

We, with some of the others left the office. When we were alone, I helped Diane out of her minimal clothing and she laid back on the bed totally open to my ministrations. I carefully and slowly teased her before plunging in and we both came together to satisfy our urges.

The next morning as we were preparing to leave, Corrine announced “as you have probably realised we had planned the engagement for many weeks. The games and resultant penalties were due to careful planning. I will be visiting the UK every weekend for the next few weeks to get my wedding dress and there will be a number of fittings required. So if it is alright with you, I will visit each couple at the relevant weekend to release them from their chastity. Patrice has kindly agreed to Tamara and Sofia being bridesmaids so they will be accompanying me on some weekends and I would love to introduce them to the delights of the UK scene.”

There were a few raised eyebrows and then laughter as all agreed to the idea.

Patrice then piped up “I am sure you will all make sure they enjoy themselves, and if they are naughty you can find some special ways to discipline them.”

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  1. The rubber sheet will totally freak me out!

    Rebel xox

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