Another game of chess

After the weekend with Corrine, both Diane and I were kept busy at work so we had little time to play much. Finally after three weeks we found that we had a weekend to ourselves. This third week was the one that John and Kathy were due to be released from their devices.

On the Friday evening, John rang inviting us for dinner (and to stay overnight) as Corrine was there with the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

Whilst we liked the idea of a dinner with them, we were a little hesitant as we had hoped for some private play time. John passed the phone to Corrine who said “I realise you are a little reluctant and maybe want some time to yourselves, however I have been tasked with making sure the girls get to play the English way. I know that the two of you as well as John and Kathy will be able to make that happen.”

Although we do not often play with other people even within our circle of friends, this clinched it, especially as we would be able to realise a couiple of our long held fantasies. Diane in particular liked the idea of having two females to play with. We accepted the invitation.

As it was still early and we did not have any chores to attend to, I suggested that we played a game between us. Diane collected the games jar and to my disappointment drew out Chess again.

We played for quite some time before Diane managed to win the game. She announced “tomorrow night I now have three playthings, although I might let Corrine and the girls make you suffer.”

The morning and early afternoon of the Saturday passed uneventfully although Diane teased me about how I would suffer that night.

As I showered, Diane laid out what she wanted me to wear that evening. As I was drying myself, she came into the bathroom with my chastity device and put it on. She had included the dreaded spikes which made it very uncomfortable if I suffered any form of arousal. I followed her into the bedroom and laid out on the bed were my cuffs, a black thong, a pair of trousers and a plain white shirt.

I was instructed to put on the remainder of the clothes and she quickly slid into a figure hugging black dress that made her look so sexy that I started to feel the effect of the spikes in the device.

She looked at me and gave that evil smile of delight as I realised something was slightly different. “Oh didn’t I tell you I got some slightly longer and sharper spikes than usual for your device.”

I responded “No you didn’t and they are already uncomfortable.”

“Good, just get used to it as I am sure we can make it worse for you later. Oh, and by the way I have spoken to Corrine, and she wants to play later, so I said that you are available while I put the girls through their paces.”

Diane continued to tease me until we arrived at John and Kathy’s house. We were greeted at the door by the two girls who were wearing full length dresses with a slit up each side to the waist. As they moved it was clear that they were not wearing anything else.

John and Kathy served a superb meal and we all enjoyed the conversation. The girls started to come out of their shells, and when discussion came round to the upcoming wedding they talked about it. They were both excited that they were going to be bridesmaids. Kathy asked them “How do you feel about Patrice getting married?”

Tamara was the first to answer. “Sir was very careful to discuss this individually and together before he asked Madam to be his wife. She was not present at these discussions. He even offered to release us from his collar and help us find a new master. I refused as I know Madam from before and she is the one who introduced us to him. He has been very good to both of us and while it will take a little adjustment, I know that I will be happy to be their sub.”

Sofia then added “I agree, and after he had asked Madam to be his wife, she specifically talked to us independently to ensure we were happy before she accepted his proposal. They are both wonderful people and between them, they have sorted us out and I should be qualifying as a lawyer next year as they, in their own ways, have helped me focus properly on my studies.”

They were both beaming about this and it was clear that they were happy with the arrangement.

As John cleared away the dishes, Kathy suggested we should make our way down to the play area in the basement. Whilst Diane and I had been there before, we were very surprised to find that it was larger than we remembered. Kathy saw the looks on our faces before saying “Yes it was smaller, but with some careful planning, we have been able to enlarge it so it is much bigger and have added some new furniture.

John joined us and Kathy said to Corrine, You agreed to punish him for his behaviour this morning, which I know was deliberate.” Turning to us, she continued “I know he was hoping for some play today, and was deliberately being a brat when I said that Corrine would be allowed to play with him a little.”

Corrine smiled, “Yes, his punishment is quite simple. John go and get me the squishy ball and some tape.”

He did as he was told and when told to he inserted the ball in his mouth. He was instructed to wrap the tape around his mouth and eyes so that he could not see anything. He was guided to a corner where there was a cushion and his hands and ankles were attached to a chain at the bottom of the wall. Corrine then announced “He can stay there until the morning. We will remove the gag and blindfold when we finish playing and go to our beds.”

Corrine then turned to me asking “These girls have very talented tongues, do you have any problems if they give Diane oral attention?”

I replied, “Absolutely none as I know that it is something Diane has fantasised about for some time and we have talked about making it happen for some time. And I have no problem with it whatsoever.”

Diane then said to Corrine, “You can do whatever you want with him, the key to his device is at home, so he will find it uncomfortable if he gets aroused.”

It became clear that Diane, Kathy and Corrine had been talking earlier in the day when Corrine invited me to join her in the middle of the room. Tamara and Sofia were brought over and we had spreader bars connecting our wrists together. Our ankles were also connected with spreader bars and my left ankle was attached to Sofia’s right ankle and her left ankle was connected to Tamara’s Left. Tamara’s right ankle was connected to my left ankle so there was a triangle. As we were all pierced, a snap link was used to connect my left nipple to Sofia on the right and another on my right to Tamara’s left nipple. The other two nipples were connected by a small lock which was not closed. The bars between our arms were raised individually until we were just able to stand with our feet flat on the floor.

Diane then said now for the game. When you are warmed up, Tamara you will receive a minimum of six strokes of whatever implement I choose. When you want a break you will say Charles and he will suffer the same with Corrine using whatever she wants, then when he wants a break he will say “Sofia”. Kathy will deliver her strokes to Sofia. When you want a break Sofia, you will elect either Tamara or Charles. To take a break you will nominate one of the others. However be warned, there are consequences later for you being too hasty or picking on one person in the nominations. We will continue this game for as long as we feel like.

We were all warmed up and Tamara was squealing and jerking as Diane landed the heavy silicon flogger on Tamara’s back. She was moaning and squealing as each stroke landed. Between her moans I heard her say my name and I felt the delicious sting of the quirt as Corrine landed the first stroke. After I had received quite a few of the stinging strokes of the quirt, I called out Sofia’s name and I watched Kathy with the dragon tail deliver Sofia’s strokes. Sofia was squirming as she reacted to each stroke landing pulling on Tamara and my nipples. She panted my name breathlessly. There was a pause as Corrine picked up the scorpion and I felt the sting of the tails land on my back. I was squirming and causing pain to my nipples as I reacted to each stroke before I called out Tamara’s name.

I heard the splat of a paddle landing on her ass. She sighed as each stroke landed before she needed a break and chose Sofia. Sofia found that she was on the receiving end of a crop that delivered its special crack as each stroke landed. This continued through a number of rounds of each of us receiving a new implement before Diane called a halt. Corrine and Kathy looked a little disappointed that the game had finished until Diane added, “I think Tamara cannot take any more. We were all released from our bindings and we inspected each other’s backs. Tamara winced a little as Sofia gently stroked her hand up Tamara’s back. I saw that Diane had been exactly right as Tamara’s back was a bright red in colour with little marks and wellts and she would not be able take much more without leaving marks that would take a while to dissappear.

Next week find what happened next.

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