Diane’s Bet

John was still secured in the corner not being able to see what was going on in his and Kathy’s basement room.

The rest of us were relaxing after our last game and the chatter from all the ladies got to be very erotic, so much so that I was finding it become very uncomfortable down below with my member in its tight confines.

After what seemed to be only five minutes, Kathy went over to John in the corner and hugged him from behind. We could not see what she was doing as he continued to face the corner. It was only a few moments before he emitted a squeal of pain. Kathy admonished him for making a noise saying “You were told to keep quiet. As you disobeyed, I will add a little more discomfort.”

Kathy picked up some nipple clamps, applied them and whispered something in his ear.
Corrine got up, turned to me and said “Now to make you a little more uncomfortable.”

She then got out some rope and proceeded to tie my legs to the chair I was sat in. She then tied my arms tightly to each arm of the chair before tying my chest to the back. I was then gagged but not blindfolded.

I was left there while I heard some whispering between her and Diane. Diane took the hands of Tamara and Sofia and she approached the big table near the wall. They pulled it out so there was plenty of room to walk around it. Diane mounted it and made herself comfortable. Sofia went to her arms and buckled some cuffs around her wrists and made sure that they were loosely connected to the top of the table. Tamara did the same to her ankles. The end where Diane’s legs were attached was opened so that her legs were kept apart and there was easy access to her pussy.

Corrine smiled as everything was prepared. She nodded at Tamara and Sofia who then started to get to work by tenderly stroking Diane and massage her breasts. Diane’s nipples started to harden as the girls got to work. Tamara leant over and started to swing her head from side to side letting her hair brush gently over Diane’s torso.

While this scene was being played out in front of me, Corrine started to stroke my nipples and make me very uncomfortably aroused. She kept this going for a while before she told me to keep watching the girls work on Diane. She removed the gag and went behind me, hugged me and her hands got hold of both nipples and pinched them hard. I let out a squeal and immediately Sofia went between Diane’s legs and started to use her tongue to pleasure Diane.

Corrine whispered in my ear “this is where the fun starts; I have got a bet with Diane. The girls between them have half an hour in which to make her come. If they succeed, then both of you will have an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement for tonight. If the girls don’t make her come, they will take your place in those arrangements.”

I giggled and replied in a quiet voice “And what about you?”

“Well I am so confident that I have literally put my ass on the line.”

Watching the girls at work was highly arousing to me. It made me squirm as the cage did its work of tormenting me. They were both working together with the results being clearly audible as Diane’s moans of arousal grew. Every few minutes, Corrine managed to make me squeal as her vicious fingers pinched me hard. As the sound came, the girls changed position so they both were able to use their oral expertise to try to bring Diane to orgasm.

I could see Diane struggling to contain her orgasms as the girls continued their pleasurable assault on her most sensitive areas.

Diane was squirming around as the girls continued to stroke her, kneading her breasts so her nipples remained fully erect with arousal. As the time allowed was nearing the end, the final changeover showed that the area around Sofia’s mouth was glistening with Diane’s juices. It was clear to me that Diane was doing her utmost to hold back from cumming.

Corrine went over to the table, moved Sofia away from the end, released Diane’s hands before returning to me and releasing me from my bondage. She went on to say to the girls “You have failed in your task.”

As she said this Diane’s hands immediately clutched Tamara’s head, holding it tightly as she ground her pussy over Tamara’s face. She arched her back, went bright red around her face and upper chest, Let out an enormous moan and came hard. Diane slumped back onto the table exhausted and Tamara was able to raise her face with a big smile. Not only was the area around Tamara’s mouth glistening, Diane’s juices were also dribbling down her neck.

Diane was an incoherent wreck as she usually is when she has come hard. The girls looked very sheepish as they held her twitching arms as the aftershocks took effect. It was a full ten minutes before Diane had recovered enough to walk over to me. I held her tight in a cuddle.

Kathy stood up, picked one of her favourite canes and invited Corrine to bend over the table and accept her punishment. Corrine gracefully did as she was asked and politely asked for a warm up.

Kathy pondered for a moment before saying “This is a punishment, so no warm up. Just 8 nice strokes on each cheek is what you are getting, and I am sure you will feel them tomorrow.”

Kathy lined up the cane on Corrine’s taught firm ass, raised the cane and with a swish followed by crack landed a line of fire right across the left cheek. Corrine gasped but stayed in position. This was followed twice more as three distinct lines appeared on Corrine’s ass. Kathy changed position and landed another three strokes on Corrine’s right cheek. Further changes of position had three vertical stripes appear on each of Corrine’s bum cheeks. Corrine managed to stay in position as she received each stroke, but I could see that she was struggling not to let her arms fly back to protect her bare ass. Kathy taunted, “Just 2 more on each cheek and we are finished.”

As she finished saying it there was another line of fire land diagonally across the left cheek, followed by two more to form a cross on the right cheek. Kathy paused before she raised the cane for the last time and landed the final stroke. Corrine gasped as it landed. Kathy motioned to the girls to go and comfort Corrine who was clearly unused to this sort of treatment. Corrine stood up, gingerly rubbed her ass before looking at her hands surprised not to see blood.

Corrine carefully sat down and winced as her ass took all her weight.

Corrine then asked “Diane, How did you resist the attention of those two very talented tongues?”

Diane mumbled something before clearly replying, “Well it is a long story, but it was behind how I met John and Kathy. I agree that they are very talented and it was a very close contest as I would not have been able to hold back much longer.”

Corrine and the girls looked at her with very puzzled expression before I gave them a very quick explanation.

Corrine laughed saying “Umm almost a trick, but when you suggested the length of time, I was slightly suspicious. But as I knew how good the girls are, I thought my ass was safe.”

Kathy suppressed a yawn and as it was getting late, I suggested that we ought to call an end to the evening. However Diane said “well there is still the matter of the girl’s punishment. I think we should be gentle with them as they really did do their best.”
Corrine looked a little surprised and said “Well that is being a little soft. It is because of their failure I have a sore ass.”

Corrine told the girls to go to the bathroom to get ready for the night ahead. They did as they were told and on their return they were confronted with the sight of a cage. Corrine told them to hold out their hands and she put mittens on them. She then lifted the top of the cage and told them to get in. When they were sat in the cage she got them to move their arms back and quickly linked the mittens together so they were sitting back to back and their arms connected in front of each other. Corrine then applied cuffs and secured their ankles to the corners of the cage before lowering the top and securing it. Kathy meanwhile had checked that the baby monitor was working, took out John’s gag and removed his blindfold.

We all got up and as she left the room she turned the lights off saying “Sleep well.”

As Diane snuggled up to me in bed she sighed saying, “god those two girls are good, just the massage would have had me going. If it had not been for the bet I would have lost count of the orgasms.”
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4 Responses to Diane’s Bet

  1. What a contest!! s-sso so-sscintilating!

  2. primadonna25 says:

    ~giggles~ I am loving this naughty story

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