Guests arrive

On the Monday evening following our weekend with Kathy and John, I was busy catching up with emails when I received a Skype call from Corrine. I clicked to answer to find it was Patrice.

I called Diane over as Patrice said “I apologise for disturbing you.”

He continued with a smile “Corrine with a wry smile this afternoon told me that she had great difficulty sitting in court. Apparently it is a complicated case and she had great difficulty sitting comfortably and concentrating. I was amazed to hear about the bet and that my 2 girls were unable to make Diane come within half an hour.”

Diane answered “They nearly did, however the training I had when there was a challenge between Suzy and myself allowed me to resist. Another couple of minutes would have had me losing the bet. I am glad that I did not suggest longer, especially as Corrine had originally suggested just 20 minutes.”

He replied “Ummm, I feel that I should punish them for allowing Corrine to get a sore ass, but I want to be fair.”

Diane responded “Well they did spend the night in a cage together, back to back, and it would not have been that comfortable. I can also agree entirely that they are very talented with their tongues.”

“Yes, I heard, but that was Corrine’s punishment for failing her. I am, however disappointed that they did not fulfil a direct instruction and that was to follow all orders. Their failure to make Diane come is as far as I am concerned a failure to obey an order. They were very contrite when they told me about it as they knew the rule that they could expect a punishment from me if they failed to obey an instruction given to them by Corrine.”

Diane then had a glint in her eye when she asked “what are their schedules at the end of the week?”

“The university they attend is on a month’s break, and while they have some revision work to do before their exams, they are free.”

“Great, give me about an hour and I will call you back.”

He agreed and we finished the call.

I looked at her and asked “what do you have in mind?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. As I need to talk business, I need a little privacy while I talk with Dee.”

About 40 minutes later, Diane emerged from the study area with a smile. She then asked “do you think you could manage with three women in the house for a fortnight?”

“I am sure I can.”

“Good, then let us talk to Patrice again.”

Once we had him on the line, Diane asked him “Can you spare the girls for a couple of weeks?”


“Well I have spoken to Dee and she has agreed that they could have a couple of weeks of work experience with us starting next Monday. However there is one thing that they will have to do that they may want baulk at, however let me assure you that they will find the experience exhilarating afterwards.”

“This is intriguing, tell me more.”

Diane then said, “You will have to trust us. They will be staying with Charles and myself, and one of us or one of my staff or Dee will be around all the time.”

“Yes but what may they not want to do?”

“This is where you have to trust us. I can assure you that they will be totally safe and that is related to the department of Bustards that I run.”

“Well I know of Bustards, and they are a reputable company, let me talk to the girls and get back to you.”

A few minutes later, Patrice called again and with him were the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

Patrice said to them “You may talk openly and freely without fear of any comeback. Diane, please explain your offer.”

Diane repeated that they could have a couple of weeks of work experience in Bustards. They asked a lot of relevant questions and Diane answered them appropriately except she would not say any more about the task that they may find difficult.

They agreed to the offer and Patrice said “well that is settled then, when Corrine leaves Dee and Susan at the weekend you two can make your way to stay with Charles and Diane.”

After all the final details were sorted and the call ended, I asked Diane for more information. All she said was “wait and see.”

The following weekend, Diane and I were waiting at the station to greet the girls as they arrived by train. When they left the train, we hugged and they were very talkative.

We got home, showed them to their rooms and allowed them to settle in. I did a double take when they both came down the stairs wearing the same dresses as they wore a couple of weeks previously.

Diane looked amused and asked “why these revealing dresses?”

Tamara handed Diane an envelope saying “Patrice has asked us to give this to you.”

Diane carefully opened it, and read it. She passed it to me and I read:

 Dear Charles and Diane

Thank you so much for the offer of work experience for Tamara and Sofia. I know that they are looking forward to it, but are nervous about the ‘special’ task that they have to undertake.

They have been very persuasive in requesting that the normal rules of clothing continue which is nothing around the home except when we have visitors. I feel that it is up to you whether they should continue with this routine, or whether they should wear some clothing. I have therefore insisted that initially they should wear these rather enticing dresses, and that you may decide on the clothing rules.

At home they are allowed one orgasm each night without having to ask for it. My punishment aspect of their stay with you is that they are not allowed to have an orgasm without your explicit permission.

All I ask in return is that they have about half an hour a day in the evening so that they can write up a record of their experiences of the day.

Warm regards


PS Corrine says “do not let them take advantage of being away from home.”

We left them in the living room whilst Diane and I got some drinks and had a quick chat about the clothing request. As we brought in coffees, Diane said “I know that we are all used to seeing each other without clothing, however that is usually when we are in a ‘Play’ situation. As you may realise, we often are clothed at home, however for tonight I would ask that you leave your dresses on, and this will give us time to think about the clothing situation overnight.”

The evening sped by as we relaxed and enjoyed the company of two very bright, articulate young women.

Diane and I snuggled up in bed and we talked about the request about clothing. Diane teased me by saying, “if those two walk around starkers, you will be permanently erect, so I say let’s allow them to do it.”

I realised I was outfoxed so reluctantly agreed with her. We agreed we would not tell them until they got home the next day.

The next morning I was astounded to find both girls up, having prepared breakfast for us all. They were dressed in conservative business attire, but there was no getting away from how attractive they looked.

I teased Diane saying “You will have to keep the office door locked or else all the men will be preventing them from doing any work.”

Diane just replied, “Oh that is no problem today as we are visiting a couple of the stores.”

That evening when the three of them got home, Diane announced “Charles and I have talked about your clothing request. “The answer is not an explicit yes or no. It is your choice, but you will, I hope, accept that we may decide to stay clothed. I know that Charles might want to.”

The girls thanked us with a giggled and asked if they could go do their diaries before we ate. That was no problem to us and they disappeared up to their rooms.

I called out when our supper was ready and the girls came down wearing the same dresses as last night, but this time it was clear that was all they were wearing. The sight of two beautiful young women in sexy dresses certainly got my attention. Diane discretely looked at my crotch and smiled as she saw the effect their clothing had on me.

Over dinner the girls asked Diane some very detailed questions about work and then asked whether they could look at some specifics in the office the next day. Diane was astounded and said she would see what she could get.

As we went to bed that night, Diane said to them “Tonight, Tamara may have an orgasm and it will be Sofia’s turn tomorrow. We will decide for rest of the time you are here as each day passes.”

As soon as we had undressed, Diane kissed me hard saying I think we both have an ache that needs satisfying. It was an invitation I could not resist as I carefully ensured both of us climaxed together.

The next few days were relatively uneventful. When it came to Friday night, Tamara asked “Diane, I know this may be a little unusual, but do you think the three of us could visit Croydon and Brighton stores tomorrow.”

Diane asked “why?”

“We have been looking at the data you supplied and have some thoughts, but we want to explore them a little more before we talk about them more.”

Diane was intrigued and as we had not got anything planned during the day, she agreed.

Next week we find out the task.

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  1. primadonna25 says:

    mmmm very hot little story ty for sharing

  2. Alright- now I want to see what happens next!

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