The Surprise

This episode follows is a continuation of last week’s episode.

On the Saturday morning Diane suggested that I joined her and the girls on the store visits. We all arrived at the Croydon store and the girls were introduced to the manager. They asked a lot of questions and the manager was able to answer most of the probing questions. The girls seemed satisfied. Once they had finished their business we went to the Brighton store and the same thing happened.

Nothing much happened until the Wednesday evening when Diane said “Tomorrow we need to prepare for Friday and we will be staying in Norwich as it will be a very long day.”

I was already aware of these plans and had arranged for the Friday off to be able to support Diane in what would be one of the most important events in her position as head of the “Bedroom Delights” department.

Tamara asked “Can we meet with you and Dee for about half an hour at some time tomorrow or Friday?”

Diane replied “You can forget about Friday as we will all be very busy, but I will check with Dee about tomorrow. Can you say why?”

Sofia interjected, “Not really, but say it could be beneficial to the stores.”

About an hour later after Diane had talked to Dee on the phone, she said “can we discuss it over dinner tomorrow as that is about the only time we will have available.”

Tamara replied “if you don’t mind discussing business then we have no problem.”

They departed early on the Thursday morning for Norwich and I caught the train in the afternoon to meet up with them at the store.

Zack joined us for Dinner and we had finished our food when Tamara said “Dee, I hope you don’t mind, but Sofia and I noticed something on our first day when we visited two stores with Diane. She then supplied us with the data we asked for.”

Dee smiled “I know, Diane’s request was noticed and I had to agree to the exchange of data between the departments.”

Tamara blushed, “Sorry, it was us that instigated it. Anyway we have analysed the information and this tells a very interesting picture. The main finding we have is that if the “Bedroom Delights” Department is alongside the Lingerie areas, the sales of lingerie have risen considerably more than in the stores where they are not together. Further the Bedroom Delights departments have more diverse sales that those where the departments are physically separate.

We have written a summary report that I hope will explain our findings in more detail.”

They then gave Dee and Diane a copy of their report. Diane smiled as she passed her copy to Zack saying, “I am just a department manager, but Zack is a member of the board.”

After about 10 minutes passed in silence while they studied the report.

Zack finished reading before Dee and waited until she had finished. He then said “Bloody hell, this is incredible. I think the board should see this at the meeting on Monday.”

Dee then asked “What are you two doing on Monday afternoon?”

“I am not sure as we are due to go home with Sir on Sunday.”

Dee disappeared for a few minutes. She came back whispered something in Zack’s ear, to which he nodded and she disappeared again. On her return she said “I have just spoken to Patrice, he is delighted that you have shown such initiative and after much persuasion and a small sacrifice of my butt over the weekend has agreed that you can stay on until Monday evening. I would like you two and Diane to be at the board meeting and you can explain your findings.”

This startled the girls, and they said “but it is only a preliminary study.”

“So what, I think this need to be considered at the top, and as you are the ones that did the work, you should be recognised for the work that you have put in.”

Dee then had whispered conversation with Diane. She then said “Tomorrow is going to be a long day, and I think you girls need to rest.”

They looked at each other and as they got up Diane said “two orgasms each are allowed tonight.”

Over breakfast in the morning Diane said to Tamara and Sofia, “today is going be very different for both of you. When we get to the store you are to go and see the head of promotions. She will explain all about what you have to do today.”

Tamara asked “what are we going to be doing?”

“Wait and see. You may remember that Patrice was due to give you a punishment for your failure to obey an order. Well he agreed to let me sort it out and he does not know what is planned. This punishment, if you can call it that, will be enjoyable if you relax and get into the spirit of the day.”

Sofia and Tamara were intrigued, but realised that this was something that they had been “ordered” to do by their master.

After they had separated from us, I asked Diane “What has your devious mind been up to?”

“Just wait and see.”

The day passed uneventfully for me. At about 5pm I noticed that an area of the shopping centre had been closed down. About an hour later I saw four young women at the entrance dressed in the most figure hugging cat suits and wearing a mask. As guests arrived they guided them to their seats and passed them a programme.

I looked at Diane and said “Don’t tell me that Tamara and Sofia are two of the girls.”

“Yes, but don’t say anything to anyone.”

I saw Corrine and Patrice arrive and they were guided to their seats.

Exactly on time the music started and Dee walked onto the runway to welcome everyone to the show. She in her calm confident way provided the commentary for the evening. After all the usual new fashions had been shown, the lighting dimmed so only the catwalk was lit. Dee announced “Now to show some of our new lingerie ranges.”

The first few were nothing particularly unusual. As the catwalk emptied “Now to get into the mood for night time, Bustards is pleased to show you their new ranges from the Bedroom Delights department.”

The first two models had chains attached to the collars they were wearing and were led along the runway. They were two of the girls who had been at the entraC stringnce and they were still wearing their cat suits and masks.

There were a series of different design shown before the finale which was two women wearing nothing but the sheerest of robes and C strings that just protected their modesty. They had the most stunning hairdo and the makeup made it difficult to recognise their  faces. It was only when they got close that I got a clear view of the faces 11504-2that I realised it was Tamara and Sofia.

I turned to Diane whispering “Christ, they are stunning. You evil woman, those girls must be petrified.”

She whispered back “I don’t think so, look at their smiles.”

I looked again and they both had really bright smiles and their eyes had lit up as if they were really enjoying themselves.

After the show finished and everyone was making their way out. At Diane’s request I caught up with Corrine and Patrice and asked them to hang around a little.

It was not long before Dee joined us saying to Patrice, “The girls will join us in a moment, they have a quick job to do for me.”

As we stood around chatting, I noticed the girls walking towards us behind Corrine and Patrice. They were startled by both girls saying together “Good evening, we didn’t know you were here until we had finished and Dee told us. We hope you enjoyed the show.”

Patrice turned around “Definitely a good show and you both looked fabulous tonight.”

Tamara then said “Ahh, but who took you to your seats?”

Then a voice from behind them said “I did.”

We all looked to see Eva and Maria join us.

I looked at Diane “what is going on, I think we all need an explanation.”

Zack added “and you Dee have some explaining to do.”

Patrice laughed, interjecting “Well I have Dee’s bum to attend to tomorrow anyway, so this could be an interesting explanation.”

Diane started “I knew that this show was going to happen and I did not have any models for the last design. So after Patrice discussed the lost bet, I realised how I could solve that problem. I did not just speak to Dee, I also spoke to Eva and Maria who I knew were coming over this weekend for final fittings for their dresses. I persuaded them to help set it all up, although Tamara and Sofia were not aware of their presence until it was time to welcome the guests to the show. Maria and Eva were specifically instructed to show Corrine and Patrice to their seats, so that they still had no inkling of what was going on. Also I ensured that Tamara and Sofia were distracted so did not see you two arrive.

All they knew about the show was that they would model the final design of the evening. The professional models were all very helpful coaching them and they had some practise in their day clothes. It was only as they were getting ready that they saw what they had to model. I must say that I am impressed with how they carried it off.”

Dee added “they were superb and I would use them if ever they wanted to do it again.”

Patrice replied “I agree they looked stunning up there. However I would not call it a punishment.”

Tamara said, “Sir, we knew nothing about what we were expected to wear until the last minute. We were told this morning that we had to something and I was very nervous as I have never modelled before.”

Sofia added, “me too. I was so nervous I could hardly eat anything at lunchtime. However I am really pleased I did it, although I must have shown virtually everything in public.”

Patrice looked thoughtful, “umm, I need to think this over tonight.”

Zack finished the conversation with “Well, I too am surprised at these events. I am sure we can sort these ladies out tomorrow in our playroom tomorrow. I am sure I can persuade the others to join us to help mete out appropriate retributions.”

Next week we find out what happened in the playroom

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  1. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try a C string 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Fascinating threads you weave!

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