A change of plans

On the train to London we were all able to sit close to each other. We enjoyed a pleasant journey teasing Tamara and Sofia about their performance the evening before in the fashion show.

As we approached the outskirts of London Patrice produced two bags, passed them to Tamara and Sofia and told them to go to a toilet each, and do what was necessary with the contents of the bags and return to him within five minutes.

When they had left he passed a remote each to Dee, Corrine, Maria and Sofia. “You have one each; use it as and when you wish. You can swap them, around, but no-one is allowed to have more than one remote at a time.  The aim is to make them come whilst you are out. To give you an incentive to make it nasty, I suggest that if they do not come then I will ask Kathy to teach Tamara and Sofia how to produce those nice patterns of hers on each of your bums tonight. And I’ve not forgotten that Dee has already offered her ass up for my attention too.”

The girls returned and sat down opposite Patrice. He said “You now have an egg inside you and a clit butterfly. This is a challenge between the two of you, it involves self-control and at the same time you have to rely on each other. Until you reach Dee and Zack’s home neither of you is allowed to orgasm irrespective of how much stimulation you may get. If neither of you come during this time, tonight will be all about sensual pleasure in their play room. If one of you comes, you will both not find it sensual. Further if either of you comes during this time you will have one month in the belt for each time you come before midnight.”

Sofia and Tamara gulped as they heard this. Sofia then quietly said “with respect, that is going to be pure hell for both of us.”

Patrice smiled benevolently before saying “This is all about self-control, so you need to resist the urge to come. As an added incentive, if you last out, I will ask Kathy to teach you how to produce those nice patterns on your tormentor’s bums.”

On arrival on London we separated with Diane, Patrice, Zack and me going towards to Zack’s home. As a passing thought Zack said “why don’t we give everyone a surprise tonight?”

“Go on.”

“Well there is a big charity do tonight and we had intended to go, but circumstances have changed slightly. We will have time to give the necessary patterns on bums if the girls win, so if it is OK we will all go out tonight.”

Patrice immediately said, “Well I have not anything suitable to wear.”

“No problem, we can sort that out easily.”

Diane then said “what about the women?”

“Easy, a little extra bit of shopping will make them happy.”

Patrice laughed, “Sounds like fun.”

Zack after a quick phone call immediately told the driver to change the destination to the main Bustard’s store in Oxford Street. While we were still in the taxi he rang Dee, told her about the change of plans and to ensure that they had suitable gowns.

In no time those of us who needed some suitable clothing were sorted out and we made it back in time to greet Tom and Suzy as they arrived. Kathy and John followed shortly after.

Zack told them about the change of plan and they all quickly went shopping and managed to get back before the women returned.

As Tamara and Sofia walked in, it was immediately clear that they were both highly aroused. They were short of breath, very flushed around the face and grimacing. Patrice on seeing them kissed them on the head before asking the others “did they come?”

Corrine and Dee both replied sullenly “No.”

“Well done girls, you may come whenever you are ready.”

On hearing this both girls relaxed a little emitted loud squeals of pleasure and climaxed hard. We were able to get them safely to the sofas as they both trembled with the aftershocks of coming so hard.

Eva then said “well if we are going out, our bums will be safe tonight.”

Patrice immediately shot back, “No they will be attended to before we go out later.” Turning to Kathy he said “How long will it take to teach the girls how to make your pretty patterns?”

“Assuming they are fast learners about half an hour. But a few minutes practice before hand will be a good idea.”

“Great, then at six I would like to get the patterns on some female bums out of the way so we can enjoy the evening. Zack has arranged taxis to pick us up at 7, so that will give you all plenty of time to finish getting ready.”

The rest of us relaxed as the girls recovered from their ordeal of the day.

Shortly before six, Tamara and Sofia knocked on our door and asked us to come to the playroom. We followed them as requested and were surprised that everyone was there.

Dee sulkily said “I think Diane needs to have two of these patterns too as she is the one responsible for my ass being on the line.”

We all laughed, and I quickly agreed, provided Kathy would accept another pupil. A third pillow was brought out and Kathy patiently taught us the way she produced her patterns.

I quickly got Diane to get into position and without a warm up I laid on the sixteen strokes needed to give Diane a nice pattern on each cheek. Whilst she is not used to the cane on a bare bottom without a warm up, she managed to hold herself together.

Dee was next and with Tamara and Sofia on either side of her they started. The first stroke did not look as if it was hard, however Dee squeaked as she felt the effects of the first stroke. A red weal quickly appeared and this was followed quickly by the reaming strokes. Dee was almost in tears by the time they had finished. The skin was not broken, but the pattern was clearly visible.

Both Maria and Eva managed to hold back the tears as they received their patterns. Corrine was last. She nervously got into position and as the first strike of the cane landed from each girl she screamed in surprise. The next strokes landed precisely and she too was sporting the pattern on each cheek. She got up and there were tears in her eyes.

She quietly said to Patrice “Have you been training them?”

“No my dear, I have no idea how they have learnt this so quickly.” He then turned to the girls and said “have you been practising on each other?”

“No sir, we have just watched you and Corrine in the past and listened carefully to Kathy’s teaching earlier.”

Corrine tearfully added “They learnt too quickly for my liking.”


As we arrived at the Hotel where the gala was being held, we had to get out of the taxi about a hundred yards away. There was a team who ushered us into a small tent, and they quickly checked that the women looked their best. Dee smiled at the others saying now for worst bit of the evening. She took the lead with Zack and as Diane and I, who were the last of our party, followed them up the catwalk, it was immediately clear that the photographers were immediately focussed on Tamara and Sofia who looked totally stunning.

We made it into the hotel and were ushered to our table near the stage. We had a sumptuous dinner and although one or two tables got a little noisy as the wine flowed the meal. Shortly afterwards one of the top comedians came onto the stage and started the evening’s entertainment. After a couple of acts had entertained us, the comedian said it was now time for the main part of the fund raiser, the auction.

The first few lots of artwork and fetched respectable prices. The auctioneer then announced the next lot which was a week on Zack’s yacht that we had been on last year. The bidding was fast and furious and soon reached the final bid of £50,000.

The next lot which was aimed at the women present. It was a special meeting with a top fashion designer who would design and make a unique evening dress for the winner.

Dee got up, quickly had a word in the ear of the designer who was there. She came back and watched as the bidding slowly raised the price. Dee was a little impatient and jumped in with a bid that doubled the previous one. She was the winning bidder. Immediately the designer shouted over “Dee, double it and then I will make two dresses.”

Dee instantly replied “I agree.”

As the next lot started, Zack said to Dee, “you don’t need any new dresses.”

“I know, don’t worry, I have plans.”

Zack looked a little put out, but reluctantly said nothing.

After the auction there was time for dancing and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tamara and Sofia were asked to dance so often that in the end they just collapsed in exhaustion as we went back to Zack and Dee’s home.

The next morning the girls asked for and got the afternoon free so that they could prepare for the next day’s meeting.

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4 Responses to A change of plans

  1. this is very sexy and intricate, makes me want to know more about all of the characters!

  2. Serafina says:

    Fascinating games!

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