Dee’s Weekend part 1

I met Dee at the station. As we approached my car, I quickly looked around and saw very few people around. I opened the car door and just as she was about to get in I said “Your first task is to take off your coat and shoes before you get in the car.”

Dee blushed, quickly removed her shoes before glancing around and slowly shed her coat, and quickly sitting in the car. I closed the door and went round the other side.

As I got in the car I saw she was slouched down a little to try and hide herself. I said, this will not do, sit upright, put these cuffs on and then put your hands behind the car seat.”

She did as instructed and I quickly secured her cuffs so she had no option but to sit upright.

We got home, Dee’s wrists were released and we went inside.

We sat Dee down around the dining table. Diane said “This is just the start of your weekend of fun. Until Monday morning, you will do anything either of us tell you to do. The rules are listed here. Read them carefully.”

She passed over a card which read :-

  • Friday you have an allowance of 5 orgasms.
  • Saturday and Sunday your allowance is 10 orgasms.
  • Each orgasm you have will reduce your balance by one.
  • Reluctance to do anything is classed as a demerit.
  • Refusal to do anything is five demerits.
  • An orgasm without permission is ten demerits.
  • Each demerit reduces your orgasm balance by one.
  • If you have a negative balance at the end of the day, this reduces the next day’s allowlance.
  • A negative balance at the end of any day will also result in 6 strokes of the scorpion for each negative one to be delivered on Monday morning at breakfast. So negative balance of 1 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and none on Sunday results in 30 strokes.
  • If you end Sunday with a negative balance, you also have further penalties which will be revealed on Monday morning.

When she had finished reading the card, Dee gulped but wisely said nothing.

Diane then asked “Do you understand Dee what you have let yourself into?”


Diane continued “I noticed you had to be cuffed in the car, I assume you have earned a demerit.”

I quickly interjected “That is correct, after she got in the car she slouched down, so I cuffed her to ensure proper posture.”

Diane said, “well that reduces your balance to four today.” She paused for a moment before continuing “Now you need to know that you will be wearing no clothes at all whilst inside the house. You will wear what we decide is appropriate when we go out tomorrow.”

After supper, Diane got out the monopoly board and a collection of toys.

Diane said to Dee “To decide whether Charles or I get to have an extra plaything we will be playing this game for three hours. We have made the Chance and Community Chest cards more interesting than normal. We have added five extra cards to each pack that involves a forfeit. Further, all the normal cards carry a forfeit, some of which are just for you. If either of us is physically unable to play our turn, then you will be required to substitute until such time as they can continue with the game themselves. When you play for one of us and you earn the player a forfeit, then you will receive the penalty in addition to the player you are substituting for. If necessary, forfeits may be delayed until the end if it means that both a player and you would be physically unable to play. If either of us land on the Go to Jail square it immediately earns 12 strokes of the senior cane to you and the relevant player. Bankruptcy earns 24 hard strokes of the cane to you and the bankrupt player.”

Dee smiled nervously before saying “I hope neither of you go bankrupt or go to jail.”

The game started slowly and it took a while until Diane was first to land on a Chance card. Whilst she could move to Trafalgar square, Dee was required to insert the large Ben Wa balls for the rest of the evening. Dee gulped when she saw them and prevaricated a little until Diane said, “this reluctance has earned another demerit.”

Dee quickly inserted them and sat back down.

As she sat down, I played my turn and landed on a Community Chance square. My forfeit was to be blindfolded until I next landed on Chance or Community Chest. Dee, however had to have 100 gram weights hanging from her nipple rings for half an hour.

In my blindfolded state, I was not able to see what was going on, but as Dee played my turns I heard a squeal which I assumed was the effect of the weights on her nipples as she moved. Luckily, I was released from the blindfold after just 4 turns, but the forfeit Dee earned for me was for my wrists to be cuffed behind my back for 5 turns.

Dee played my next turn and landed on the Go to Jail square. Dee squeaked as she leant over the board putting my piece in Jail. As she did this, Diane picked up the senior cane. She told Dee “ Get behind your chair, lean over and grip the seat. If you get up or wriggle excessively, I start the count again and you earn two demerits.”

Dee quickly assumed the position, and whilst the first few strokes procuded nice red lines over her shapely ass, the tenth stroke landed diretctly on her sweet spot, Dee gasped and kicked, just managing to stay in position. The eleventh stroke was just half an inch lower which made Dee let go of the seat of the chair and stand up.

Diane was quick to say “2 demerits and we start the count again. Get back into position.”

Dee rubbed her sore ass a little until Diane asked, “Will you never learn, another demerit for being slow. Any more and you get a sore ass on Monday too.”

Dee quickly complied with the instruction and managed to avoid any further demerits as Diane laid down the 12 strokes. By the end Dee was squealing as each stroke landed and when the last one landed she let out a large moan.

My turn to be end of the cane resulted in me leaning over my chair. Diane then said “Instead of demerits for you, you get days in the cage, relevant to the stroke number on which you move.”

I felt every line of fire as Diane laid down the strokes. I could tell she was not holding back and I struggled to hold my position as the last one landed.

Diane put the cane down saying to Dee, “That is how to handle a caning, and I gave him harder strokes than you.”

Dee quietly replied “Yes Miss.” before gingerly sitting down on her chair.

The game continued for a while with my wrists being released until I landed on a Chance square again. This one was a really good one for me as I was able to complete the Mayfair and Park Lane set. For Dee her forfeit was to have her legs to be tied open on the chair until the end of the game. The next turn saw Diane land on a Community Chest square. Diane earned the forfeit of a penis gag for both her and Dee to be worn for a whole hour or until the end of the game.

The game progressed until 10 minutes before the end of the three hours. Diane had landed on a Chance square. Diane passed me a note and I nodded, so she removed her gag and told Dee to do the same.

Diane picked up the Hitachi wand, plugged it in as she showed Dee the card which read “15 minutes of the Hitachi at full power.”

Diane carefully placed on Dee’s pussy where it would have the most effect. She secured it in place and said “Now for your 15 minutes. As you have no orgasms left for today, it means that if you come in those 15 minutes, you lose tomorrow’s allowance in full as well as get 60 strokes of the scorpion on Monday.”

As she showed Dee the scorpion, Dee’s eyes widened with a look of alarm.

Diane switched on the Hitachi and it was not long before Dee was squirming in her seat. Dee started moaning as the Hitachi was doing its work. We watched carefully as Dee fought off the orgasm that was building quickly and whilst she had her legs bound wide open, her torso was shaking as she squirmed about trying her hardest not to come.

Diane whispered in my ear in Dee’s sightline and I just nodded. She went over to Dee and quietly said “Now you have 30 seconds in which you will come.”

Dee held her breath stiffened and her face went brioght red before she let out a long loud groan of pleasure. She slumped back in her chair with a big smile of a satisfied woman as Diane turned the Hitachi off.

Dee took a while to recover from the orgasm and was still suffering involuntary spasms as Diane then said, “You have five minutes work out who is the winner.”

Dee struggled to complete the task, finally saying “Charles has won by a wide margin.”

I said, “Good, now I have two playthings for tomorrow and Sunday.”

I continued, “Dee you complied with Diane’s order to come, so you now have a negative balance of one for today, and your balance for tomorrow is just nine. Time for bed, you have five minutes for a bathroom break before you will meet me in the spare room.

In the spare room, Dee held out her wrists and I locked a chain on each cuff. I then secured each chain to a nipple ring with enough slack to reach just above her pussy.

I said “Your alarm is set for 8.30. You will bring us each a cup of coffee at 9 in our room. Now have a good night’s sleep.”

As I left the room and turned the main light off.

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6 Responses to Dee’s Weekend part 1

  1. It seems like you never run out of interesting twists and turns 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. when did you start this? it feels like it was going for a while before i started reading it. this week’s installment was my favorite so far!:)

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