Saturday fun

This instalment (follows on from last week) is being entered into the writing competition organised by Exhibit A in association with Sinful Sunday (organised by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss). The inspiration for part of the story is a picture by Cara Sutra.

On Saturday morning Dee brought us the coffee in bed. I sat up in bed and instructed Diane to get up. She struggled a little as each wrist attached to a nipple by a chain in the same way Dee’s were.

We talked about the previous evening’s entertainment with Dee saying “Holding back on that orgasm was an absolute nightmare.”

As I finished my coffee, I said “Diane’s penalty for losing last night is that her regime for the rest of the weekend is exactly the same as yours, except she can give you orders within reason. She came this morning without permission so has lost her allowance. Your allowance stands at nine for the day.”

Dee smiled whilst Diane frowned.

I unfastened their cuffs and chains before saying “Now you two need to go and shower. You will shower together. Dee you will tell me if Diane comes and vice versa. I will go to the spare bathroom for my shower. You have half an hour to shower and get ready for the day ahead.”

After they had cleared up from breakfast I gave them each a bag saying “now to get dressed. Your clothes for today are in the bag.”

All that was in the bag was a short skirt and a tank top one size too small. They squeezed into the tops and their nipples were clearly visible as they were squashed by the top.

I said to Dee “time to choose which accessories the two of you will be wearing. You have a choice of five envelopes ranging from nothing to fairly severe. Choose wisely and it will be a very comfortable day for you.”

She picked up an envelope, opened it and her eyes opened wide and gulped. She passed the envelope to Diane who did the same and opened her mouth as if to speak. She quickly clamped it closed as she realised that a protest would earn her demerits.

Diane passed me the card. I passed a set of the chosen accessories to them. I told them “you better be quick about putting them in.”

They complied quickly and then I said “Today is all about self control. You are both testing some new products lines for the stores. You will be out in public, so need to be very discreet. If I order you to orgasm, you will have one minute or it is classed as a refusal to obey an order. Also any inappropriate comment from either of you will earn a punishment later when we get home.”

Dee quietly replied “Yes sir.” Diane on the other had said nothing.

In the shopping centre, I ushered them into a store that specialised in cheap clothing. We quickly found the Lingerie section and I ordered them “choose a bra that you will be happy to wear tomorrow.”

They completed their task quickly and I sent Diane off to pay for them whilst Dee stayed with me. I said to Dee, “watch Diane carefully.”

I pressed a remote in my pocket as Diane approached the cashier, she stiffened and Dee quietly squeaked as they both felt a mild shock from her butt plug.

I said to Dee, “I will let you off that squeak as you were not expecting it, however that is all you are allowed until we get home.”

Diane rejoined us and said nothing. We went to a stationery store, I picked up what we needed and gave Dee some money and sent her off to pay for the goods. As she waited patiently in the queue I turned on the remote in my other pocket and stiffened in alarm as she felt the small bullet vibrator start up. The closer she got to the cashier, I turned up the setting until it was at nearly full power as she paid. When she returnmed to us, I could see she was red faced whilst Diane just smiled.

We hit a lot of shops and as we entered a shoe shop I said, “I think you both need some new boots.”

We quickly found the right boots for both of them with the help of a very efficient assistant. As they tried on the boots it was clear to the assistant helping that they had nothing on under their skirts. Whilst they were trying on the boots I kept pressing the remote for the butt plugs. Each shock they got was of a slightly higher intensity, but the situation they were in meant they had to stifle any reactions. Diane quickly paid and I turned off the shocks as we left the store.

I said “well that was fun.”

Dee replied “For you maybe, but not for me.”

Diane glared at her before saying “Thank you, you have just earned us both a punishment.”

Dee looked a little down hearted, so I said, “now all we have to do is have some lunch and then visit the supermarket on the way home.”

We went to one of the local restaurants and sat down. As we looked at the menu, I pressed the remote for their bullets and left them running on a low setting which I knew would tease them. The meal went peacefully enough, even when I increased the intensity of the stimulation. Diane with her previous training was able to handle the increase in stimulation better than Dee.

We all had a spoonful of the delicious dessert before I turned the stimulations to the highest level. Dee was squirming and unable to sit still when Diane said “Dee sit still and stop squirming.”

Dee did her best, but was unable to stop herself from moving around. After a couple of minutes I said “Dee as you cannot stop moving around that is a refusal to obey an order from Diane so you have earned 5 demerits.”

After a few more minutes I said quietly to both of them, “Now you may come once, and only once before we leave.”

Dee immediately stiffened and went bright red in the face as she came quietly. Once her orgasm had finished let out a quiet sigh of satisfaction. Diane on the other hand managed to be totally quiet as she came.

Although Dee had orgasmed, I noticed that she was far from finished as the stimulation continued and she was struggling to supress another orgasm. I paid the bill and as we left the restaurant I turned off the stimulators.

Dee immediately thanked me for that.

The supermarket visit was relatively uneventful, however as Dee leant over to get some items from the freezers, her skirt rode up to provide the beautiful sight of a bum with stripes from her caning the previous night. As we queued to pay for the goods, I turned both remotes on, the bullets to high and the butt plug on to random. We left the store with Dee pushing the trolley. Just as we got to the car, she stiffened and then stopped as she struggled to stop the inevitable. Diane and I quickly assisted her as she orgasmed hard. Diane took over unloading the trolley while I helped Dee into the car.

When we got home and had unpacked all our shopping, I gave them the bras we had bought earlier and cut the centre of the cup away. I also supplied some of our other purchases. I then said “You are to customise the other’s bra using everything here whilst I catch up with what’s been going on in the world today.”

Whilst in the office area on the computer I saw Zack was on line. I skyped him and we chatted away and agreed to meet for lunch the following day.

After supper, I turned to the girls and said “Time for you both to reflect on Dee’s little comment earlier. Go and get your boots, put them on and come back down here.”

When they returned they were both wearing their shiny new black boots that reached up above their knees, almost to the tops of their thighs. Diane’s boots had four inch high heels and Dee, being just that bit shorter and used to wearing high heels, was wearing boots with 5 inch heels.

I made them stand facing each other. With plenty of rope I tied them tightly together from the waist up before securing their thighs together. I then used a 3 foot spreader bar at the ankles so they were standing with their legs wide apart. I fashioned a rope hobble between their knees. I blindfolded them before securing a pole to the hobble and the spreader bar that reached just below their crotches. To this pole I used plenty of strong tape to hold the Hitachi wand tight into their pussies.

When I finished I said “Now is the fun part. For the next hour you are not allowed to orgasm. At some point I will turn the Hitachi on at full power and it will stay on for the rest of the hour.”

Dee started to protest, but I cut her off quickly by saying “Dee, you got the two of you into this mess and as you made the comment, you will suffer more than Diane because of her previous training. Any more protests and you earn another five demerits. Also any strokes of the scorpion earned in the next hour will applied to your rather nice tits.”

I was tempted to turn the Hitachi on soon after the time started, I left them wondering when I was going to turn on the Hitachi. The time seemed to go slowly, and after thirty five minutes I switched it on. I knew that Diane would normally take just a few minutes to orgasm. After just five minutes of the wand being switched on, Dee was trying to reduce the pressure on her pussy. Her wriggling was to no avail and it seemed to increase rather than diminish the intensity of the wand. I heard Diane quietly coaxing Dee to stop wriggling, and then rather breathlessly helped distract Dee from the building orgasm. I watched them both with a wry smile as they struggled to contain themselves.

I could see that the high heels and the feet being wide apart was taking its toll on their leg muscles.

Exactly as the hour was up, I quietly said to them “you have until I turn off the wand to sinful_sunday_CS_Aprilhave a free orgasm.”

I watched carefully and Dee was the first to succumb to the impending orgasm and supporting her carefully I waited just a few seconds before Diane had hers. I quickly turned off the wand, and held them upright until they were sufficiently recovered so that I could release their bindings.

As they recovered, Dee closed her thighs together.
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