Dee’s Weekend- Sunday

The phone rang at about 11, it was Dee’s husband Zack. I listened and agreed to his proposal. When the call finished I called Diane over and asked “Do you think one of your mid length skirts would fit Dee?”

“Definitely one of the wrap-around ones will.” She replied.


I left it at that for about half an hour before I announced “We need to get you two ready for a trip to the pub. First off go and put the boots on that we bought yesterday. Diane, please bring 2 of the mid length skirts.”

They did as instructed and were soon stood in front of me wearing just their new boots. I handed them the bras and told them “put them on making sure that your nipples are sticking out the hole in the middle of each cup.bratacks

Dee looked a little alarmed as she realised that her full breasts would be encased in a tack bra with most of the pins being inside as it had no padding. Whereas Diane’s bra had some padding so there was lest of the pin sticking out.

Both of them gingerly put their bras on. And as they secured them behind their backs Dee winced as she felt the pressure of the pins. I picked up two pairs of nipple stretchers and told them “now make your nipples even more prominent.”

Nipple_Stretcher-1They both carefully put the devices on. When they had finished their nipples stood nearly half an inch more prominently than normal.

“So Dee, how comfortable are you up top?”

“Not too bad at the moment.”

“Good, you will not be able to remove them until we get back from the pub.” I answered.

I then passed them each a shiny stainless steel ball about 1½ inches in diameter. They put them in realising that inside there was a weight that moved around. Dee glared at me, and I just grinned.

I then handed them each two leather cuffs connected by a short chain and two locks saying “now to finish off your accessories, fasten them just above your knee and then lock them on.”

I passed them a plain white T shirt each and Diane passed Dee a skirt. They quickly finished getting dressed.

I looked them up and down and apart from the prominence of their nipples poking at the T shirt there was nothing obvious to show what they were wearing.

I then said, “As this is Dee’s last day, I am upping the stakes a little. If either of you earn any demerits whilst we are out of the house, they apply equally to both of you.”

Dee looked askance at this, whilst Diane sighed in acceptance.

We left the house and started to walk the mile to the pub. Both women were walking carefully adjusting to wearing the hobbles at their knees whilst wearing high heeled boots. About half way there I asked “how are you enjoying the walk?”

Dee replied “A little hot and bothered as the ball is making me horny.”

Diane added “and my feet and calf muscles are aching as I am not used to high heels.”

When we arrived at the pub, we selected a table that was fairly secluded and a reasonable distance from the entrance to the pub. I felt my mobile vibrate and quickly saw Zack texting he was a mile away.

I waited for a minute before telling Dee “Go and get menus for all of us.”

As she disappeared to get the menus Zack approached our table. Diane looked at me saying “you devious sod.”

Zack quickly settled into position and I watched as Dee returned. As she turned the corner her face was full of delight at seeing Zack there. She went over and greeted him wincing as the hug was felt through the bra.

Zack then said “umm only three menus and there are four of us. Dee started to go to fetch another when I said, come back, we will manage with three. As she sat back down I said, “Well that is an order you did not complete properly, so another five demerits for both of you.”

Dee wisely said nothing.

Diane then said, “Dee please can you go and get us a round of drinks and order our meals.”

I handed over enough cash to cover the bill.

When she had disappeared, Zack asked “has she behaved herself?”

I replied “it depends on how you define it. Friday was not too bad as she ended up with a negative balance of one. Yesterday she was not doing too badly until we left the supermarket when she lost the whole days allowance in one go. She then managed to end the day with a balance of minus 7. Her failure to bring out four menus has now put her into a minus balance of 2 for today, so as it stands she will receive 60 strokes of the scorpion tomorrow morning as well as the two extra penalties.” Then with a smile I added “I also expect she will manage to get herself more strokes and penalties later.”

Zack emitted one of his raucous laughs.

I then added “Diane only had a negative balance of one yesterday, and is in credit by 4 for today at the moment.”

Dee returned with the required drinks and passed me the change. Zack with a chuckle said “I hear you have an appointment with the scorpion in the morning as well as earning the extra tasks.”

“So it seems.”

Zack then added “I just wonder how much more trouble you will find yourself in by the end of the day.”

“Darling, without wishing to be disrespectful to Charles and Diane, the fact that you are here is a delightful unexpected surprise and I only brought three menus as I thought there would just be three of us here.”

“Umm, I will leave that for them to decide. However you never learn to think outside the box. If you had looked out of the side door there, you would have seen me.”

Diane then said, “Well I can just about live without any further penalty, so I think that she has learned her lesson.”

The rest of the meal went well and we enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine over a pint and a good meal.

When we finished, Zack said, “It is time for a little excursion into the countryside.”

We went to the car park and Zack approached his car. Immediately he opened the door and pressed a button, a mechanism swung out that he wheeled his chair on to another press of the button made the mechanism move him into the driver’s position.

Once the rest of us were in the car he said “That toy has made me so much more independent. Now Charles, why don’t you direct me to where you think we could have some entertainment?”

I knew exactly the best place for our fun, and when we got there it was deserted as I had expected. We got out of the car and Zack told Dee to get the bag out of the boot.

Zack asked Diane and myself to help him get Dee into a special harness and we rigged it all up and with Dee properly suspended and secured we left them and I took Diane to another clearing about three or four hundred yards away.

“Diane, you still have a positive tally of four. Until we re-join them, you will not suffer any additional penalties earned by Dee, but any orgasms you have will increase her penalties. She is being told this and I agreed it with Zack yesterday while you were preparing the bras.”

She giggled, “And what are Dee’s additional penalties?”

“I have no idea, but I know that it involves Corrine. Now enough talk, it is time you got undressed. But leave the bra on.”

Whilst she did this, I quickly got out wrist cuffs and a couple of ropes. I got her to stand with her back to a stout tree and she stretched her arms back around the tree and I quickly tied the cuffs so she was hugging the tree. I secured her ankles as far apart as the hobble would allow.

“Now for some sexy fun, I am sure the ball has made you nice and wet. However you may not come until you have been given permission. Once you have permission, you may come as often as you want.”

I reached around her and hugged her as I started to kiss her neck shoulders and ears. My hands found their way to her nipples, and the effect of the stretchers was to make them much more sensitive. In no time, she was moaning and sighing in pleasure. I reached down and teased her clit which was already out of its hiding place. I could smell the arousal and when I told her to expel the ball, it came out very easily and landed in my hands. It was covered in her juices, so I knew that she was ready.

My tongue flicked her nipples again and her groans and sounds of arousal reached fever pitch as she strained to contain herself as I denied her the release she wanted. I let my mouth make its way down to her now dripping pussy, flicked her clit a couple of times and she was begging for permission which I continued to deny her.

I continued my assault on her clit until I heard a scream from the direction that Zack and Dee were in. Diane begged again and this time I gave her the permission she needed. As she came she moaned, sighed and came hard, releasing her sweet nectar. I stood up, hugged her and asked if she was ready for more. She huskily said “Please.”

I got into position and inserted my cock into her very moist pussy, and started slowly fucking her. She begged me to go faster and as she clenched her pussy muscles. The pressure was made it difficult for me to hold back and as I reached, she came again hard soaking my crotch with pussy juice.

When I recovered, I released her from her restraints and we took our time getting dressed before we re-joined Zack and Dee where we helped Dee out of her bindings.

We eventually made our way back to the house in Zack’s car, when he told me that Dee had been very naughty and come without permission and twice more with permission. When I told them that Diane had come twice with permission, he laughed evilly saying “Dee’s ass will be really sore in the morning.”

Next week the final part of Dee’s weekend.

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  1. I would love to try the bra!

    Rebel xox

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