Dee’s weekend ends

When we got back from the pub and Zack had left, I allowed Dee and Diane to remove the nipple stretchers and their bras.

Dee found a mirror and looked at her breasts. Both had lots of indentations but the pins had not pierced her skin.

I asked “how do they feel?”

“Very tender and my nipples are a little sore.”

We relaxed for a while and at about 6pm I asked. “Are you two ready for the next adventure?”

Dee cheekily answered “provided my tits are not involved, I’m ready.”

I assembled the necessary bits and got them to attach cuffs to their arms just above the elbows. I then attached a chain so that their elbows were held about a foot apart with the chain behind them. “Time for you two get busy preparing our meal for tonight.”

They rushed off to the kitchen and there was plenty of giggling and occasional clatters as they put together the meal.

Once all the dishes were cleared away I asked Dee “Do you want to reduce your negative balance that now stands at 19 for today? Before you make a final decision, if you decide to take up the offer, failure on your part can increase the balance too.”

“What does it involve?”

“A bit of standing around and discomfort if you don’t keep still.”

“I will take that chance and go for it.”

I quickly gathered all the necessary bits and pieces. Before applying a blindfold I got Dee to insert a bullet vibrator. I secured her wrists so that they would be out of the way and guided her to where I wanted her. I fashioned a hobble that gave her enough movement to shuffle back and forward a little. I picked up a long piece of rope, ran it around her waist a few times, then tied it off with two long tails dangling in front of her. I got Diane to run the tails through her crotch making sure that the ropes were either side of her pussy lips and back through the waist ropes.

The rope was attached to another that led through a pulley and was attached to a heavy weight (about 20kg). I placed the weight on a stool, moved her forward and attached a small weight to a piece of string and tied it to another piece of string that was secured to her nipple rings.

I positioned her carefully and made sure that when on tip toes both weights would be on the floor.

I then said “Here is your challenge. If you are on tiptoe in the middle here there will be no discomfort. You can move back or forward to stand with your feet flat on the floor, but in doing so you will cause discomfort to either your nipples or your crotch. If you stand flat on the floor here, both your nipples and crotch will suffer. The vibrator will be on at half power all the time, and you are allowed to come as often as you like without earning any demerits, but you will probably add to your discomfort.”

I continued. “To stop the game, you need to say ‘I submit’. If you manage to hold out for an hour, all your negative balance for today is wiped out. For every full minute over 41 minutes, your balance goes down by one. However if you give up before 41 minutes, you will have one added to your negative balance for each full or part minute that remains of the 41 minutes. Any strokes from these demerits will be on your breasts in the morning to add to the sore bum you will have.”

“Do you understand?”


“When I put the headphones on, you need to get up on your toes and the challenge starts.”

I put the headphones on Dee and she immediately got up on her toes. I then put the weights down and I watched as she tried to keep still. Dee tested out what happened when she moved forward or back a little and then when she stood flat footed there was quite a squeal as both her nipples and pussy were tortured.endurance_004

As her calf muscles got tired, she started to move back and forth so that only her nipples or crotch suffered. I noticed she was struggling to hold back from having orgasms as the vibrator kept buzzing away in side her.

One of us kept a careful watch on her all the time. By the 41 minute mark she was trembling all over as the strain of holding back the orgasms and the torture she was imposing on herself took hold. At just after 54 minutes she screamed out “I submit.”

Diane and I immediately went to her aid and quickly released her from all her restraints and I turned the vibrator off. She pleaded to have the vibrator still on and I turned onto full power and in less than a minute she moaned in pleasure and orgasmed hard. I turned the vibrator off and Diane and I held her gently as she came back around. We let her recover from both her self-inflicted torture and the orgasm.

When I felt she had recovered sufficiently I asked “How do you think you did?”

Dee said quietly “umm, probably I’ve earned extra demerits and a lot of them.”

“Well you are quite wrong. You manage to reduce your negative balance by 13, so today’s negative balance is 6.”

A wry smile passed over Dee as the result sank in.

I then added, “When Diane went through the same she only managed 43 minutes.”

The following morning, we got up at the usual time for a working day. Dee came to the kitchen after her shower to see the scorpion laying on the table.imp500

As soon as she saw it she realised she was not going to get out of feeling it. She immediately leant over the back of a chair presenting her perfectly rounded ass for her meeting with it.

I handed it to Diane saying “As you said Dee had been told ‘do anything to get you into the new job’, I feel it is right that you has the fun of applying it to her ass.”

Diane went over to Dee caressed her upturned bum saying “these cheeks will be a bit sore for a day or two, especially when you have received all 84 strokes. If you get out of position in the first 50, then I will start the count all over again, after that the stroke will not count and you earn an extra one. Are you ready?”

Dee mumbled “Yes.”

The first stroke landed and Dee gasped as she felt the sting of each of the 20 small tendrils of different lengths. Dee struggled to hold herself into position as the cumulative effect of the steady rhythmical swish and light splat as the scorpion was wielded with great precision.

After 72 strokes had landed, Diane said, these last 12 will be the hardest of the lot and very quick. Diane set about her task increasing the power with each of the last 12 that were delivered in as many seconds.

Diane set the scorpion down and went and held a tearful Dee whilst she recovered from the ordeal. Once we had finished breakfast, Diane said to Dee “now you know what it is like on the receiving end, would you like to deliver the 6 I am due?”

Dee jumped up in delight, picked up the scorpion, swished it around a bit before she said “Over the chair now, and if you move we will start the count again.”

Diane took up the position and Dee laid down the first stroke which elicited a moan, before she said “well that was just a teaser, now for 5 more.”

Dee increased the strength of the next stroke and Diane squealed as she felt the effects. Dee teased her a little before landing three more in very fast succession. The last one Dee delivered with all her strength and Diane immediately cried out in pain as it landed.

I looked at both of the women’s bums and whilst Diane’s did not show as much damage, there were clearly visible welts. Dee’s on the other hand was just a mass of little welts from the effect of so many strokes.

As Diane got dressed, Dee asked “Where are my clothes for today?”

“When you get to the office, you will find them on your desk, so it is on with your coat and shoes.” I replied.

Diane took to the wheel of our car and all through the drive to the Bustards office Dee was wriggling trying to find a comfortable sitting position. A few minutes from the office I passed Dee an envelope suggesting she opened it. She did as instructed and gulped loudly when she read the contents. She asked “Did you know about Corrine’s penalties?”

I replied “No.”

She passed me the card and read:-

Dear Dee,
If you are reading this, I know that you have a sore bum and have earned some penalties from me.
The first part is that for three weeks you will be wearing a chastity device of my design before the wedding. Each night you are wearing the belt you are also required to give Zack a blow job.
The second part involves you winning a specific auction at the private party after the wedding. I will tell you more just before the party.
See you soon

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