Sunday’s challenge

On Sunday morning we woke to find it was a bright sunny day. I started work to ensure that either side of 9 Diane continued with her weekend diet of an orgasm in every hour.

When we eventually made it to the kitchen for breakfast, Diane asked me to check the weather forecast for that day and the next.

When I told her it looked good for both days, she then said “Great, as you had it easy yesterday and managed to finish on a positive score, I think you will find your tasks today more difficult. One of your tasks for today and also for tomorrow is to make me have one of my orgasms without any physical contact. To add difficulty to the task you may only use one toy that does not have batteries.”

We discussed what we were going to do and that we would both benefit from a little exercise and decided on a bike ride and have a late Sunday lunch at a small country pub we knew.

In the couple of hours before we set off on the bike ride, I completed the hourly orgasm task either side of 11 o’clock. About a quarter to 12 we started to prepare for our ride to the pub which would take about an hour and a half. As Diane took off her jeans to put on her shorts, I pounced on her and prepared to get her ready for the next orgasm which I hoped would be in the window after 12. I nibbled on her nipples, gently stretching them and flicking the tips with my tongue as she breathlessly started to moan. She realised what I was trying to do, so she used all the training from a couple of years ago to resist. I did my best to bring her to the height of an orgasm. After I knew I had not succeeded in giving her the orgasm in the window after 12, I stopped my ministrations and was holding her when she turned her head, kissed me hard and said, “Don’t stop, I need to cum badly.”

I started my work on her clit with my fingers and quickly she arched her back, moaning loudly before she succumbed to the waves of pleasure.

Once she had recovered, she giggled saying “Umm that was good, but of course it does not count and you still have to get me to come before 1pm.”

I held her for a few minutes and then as she started to put her shorts on, I said “Now for succeeding in my task for today. Please wait a minute.”

I retrieved one of the dildos that we rarely used. I had cut the base down so that it was not sticking out too far. I placed a condom on it as I was not sure about the material, ensured she was slick with juices and inserted it. I carefully manoeuvred it so that the lip of the base with ears was settled against her clit hood. I then let her pull up her sYA13horts and fasten them.

We started on the gentle bike ride to the pub. As we started I saw Diane squirming as the movement of her legs made the rabbit ears stimulate her. Apart from the gentle exercise, she was definitely getting aroused.

After about half an hour I asked “How does that feel?”

“Strange. I feel full, and those ears are a major distraction.”


As we continued on the ride along the country lanes the sight of my sexy wife in tight clothing was a very erotic sight and the cock cage made it very uncomfortable for me to ride the bike.

I started to say sexy things that I knew would start to increase the arousal. Just as the window for the hourly orgasm arrived I ramped up the verbal stimulation so she stopped, held onto the handlebars and came hard. Without any delay, I hugged her as he started to come down from her orgasm.

“Wow, I needed that and it was good.”

I let her calm down for a few minutes and then said “Now, I have a little bet for you if you are interested.”

“Go on.”

“We are about halfway, and I bet 10 merit points that you cannot hold off another orgasm before we get to the pub.”

“Umm, only if you keep totally silent for the remainder of the way or before I come.”

As I had thrown out the initial bet, I had to agree and we started on our way. I watched her carefully and she was clearly struggling to control herself, with all the stimulation that the dildo was producing.

As we approached the pub I saw Diane miss a turning to the left and I shouted after her.

She stopped immediately, shuddered again and came hard. I just made it so that I could hold her as she finished her orgasm. I let her down on the bank at the side of the road and she had a smug smile on her face as she said “Damn, that was close, but as you shouted before I came, you lose.”

I knew then that she deliberately missed the turning to make me lose the bet meaning I had lost most of the merit points I had earned so far that day.

As soon as we had ordered our meal, Diane went to the ladies and returned a few minutes later handing me the dildo wrapped in a paper bag saying, now you can look after that and take it home.

I quickly placed in my rucksack.

We enjoyed lunch and on leaving, Diane said, “Your second task for the day is to find somewhere that we can go skinny dipping whilst on the way home. The catch is it must be safe and legal to go swimming there and we must not go trespassing.”

“Oh that is easy; there is the lake about a mile from home.”

She smiled, “Ok let’s try there then.”

We had a quiet ride home and as we turned into the lane to take us to the lake she looked at her watch before saying “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

It is now 4 and as you missed the window at three you have lost another 20 merit points, so your current balance for today is minus 19. It looks like you will have a very sore ass on Tuesday morning.

I stammered “But you came just after 2.”

“I know, but that one broke the rule that you could use each toy only once per day so does not count.”

That said we got to the lake and in the most popular area there were plenty of families around, so I guided her around the side and found one of the many platforms used by fishermen that was reasonably isolated and we could get in and out of the water without attracting any undue attention.

She smiled, stripped off and dived in the water. I followed her quickly and we enjoyed our swim. As we approached the platform, we saw a bailiff stood on it. He said “are you Ok there?”

I replied, “we’re fine thank you.”

He looked at the small pile of clothing then said “OK.”

He left us and continued on around the lake. We quickly climbed on to the platform and Diane laid out a towel and laid back on it to dry herself off and catch some of the late afternoon sun.

As I was caressing her she asked “Why are so many of these platforms not in use?”

“It is the close season and fishing is not allowed. I suspect the bailiff wanted to make sure we were not fishing when he came round.”

She grinned and I carried on stroking her and slowly my fingers went down to her pussy. I started to stroke her lips and she encouraged me to continue. I worked my fingers and gently inserted one while using my thumb to play with her clit. I worked hard and her moans and wriggling indicated she was getting close. I slowed down, but continued toying with her.

Her moans of pleasure were making me aroused and the device was becoming more and more uncomfortable in its relentless confinement of my cock.

I ramped up the toying as the orgasm “window” approached. Diane realised what I was doing and struggled to hold back from coming. However she succumbed to her impending orgasm and came just before the distant church bell tolled the hour of 5 o’clock. I continued my onslaught on her by now very wet pussy and within a couple of minutes she came hard. As she relaxed she was breathing hard, taking big gulps of air. I held her as her arms and legs spasmed in the afterglow of her orgasm. Once she had recovered properly, we dressed and made our way home.

The evening was spent relaxing and cuddling together interspersed with a few orgasms for her. As we made it to bed, she snuggled up to me, saying “Not too bad today, just a negative balance of 6. So all to play for tomorrow.”

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  1. Sounds like a day well spent 🙂

    Rebel xox

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