The weekend finishes

A good night’s sleep was had by both of us and the next morning I was able to wake Diane up with her first orgasm of the day within the 8am window.

We had breakfast and discussed our plans for the day. Apart from a little pottering at home, we decided just to have a quiet relaxing day. For me, though I still had the hourly orgasm challenge, and the daily tasks.

She also told me what the extra task was for the day. Both of which needed a little thought.

I left her alone until 9.30 and then set about making sure that she had her next two orgasms quickly one after the other. I started with using my tongue to great effect and she orgasmed just inside the window to my great relief. I then got out one of her favourite dildos and proceeded to slide it in and out of her, by now, wet pussy. It did not take much effort for her to have another screaming orgasm about five minutes later.

I sat back and let her recover before we set about weeding the garden. As it is fairly secluded Diane decided that she needed to work on her tan and instructed me to apply sunscreen. I made sure that she was well covered and spent plenty of time massaging it into her breasts and around her pussy. Her arousal was clearly evident from the way her nipple stood proudly erect.

At about 11.30 I suggested we had a break. She relaxed in one of the sun loungers as I collected what I needed to complete one of the extra tasks.

I asked her to join me under one of the trees that we had used for outdoor play. I asked that she raise her hands and hold onto the branch that was just at the right height. She held onto the branch and I picked up her special flogger. I started gently flogging her back and she was soon moaning in pleasure at the caress of the tails of the flogger. I moved to her front and started to flog her wonderful breasts with her nipples already erect.

A few light strokes brought even greater moans of pleasure from her. I increased the strength and frequency of the strokes so that her nipples got plenty of attention.

Whilst I was using all my strength, the flogger left no marks and each strike just elicited a sigh.

Just as we reached the window for her hourly orgasm, I could smell her arousal as the juices started to flow. I went over to her kissed her hard, stepped back and with a flick of my wrist landed one stroke that hit her nipples just right so she started her orgasm. The orgasm was intense and as she finished it I saw her squirt a little of her precious nectar on to the lawn. I caught her as she fell forward having let go of the branch she was holding and held her tight before gently laying her down on the lawn.

She had the smile of content that she always has when she comes hard.

It took quite a few minutes for her to recover from the orgasm and she said “Umm that was nice and not what I had in mind when I told you had to make me orgasm without physical contact or one of the battery operated toys.”

I laughed as she continued “I think I am going to have to fight the orgasms more or else I will have a sore bum tomorrow.”

I prepared a light lunch that we ate out in the garden. I lost track of the time and when we finished eating and took the plates to the kitchen I noticed that it was well past 2 and I had not given her one of the required orgasms. As I went outside Diane noticed my slight concern and asked “What’s wrong?”

“Umm, I’ve just looked at the clock and it is just after 3.”

“Thank god, that means you have lost 10 merit points, so your balance for the day is just one.”

The afternoon passed quickly and Diane had two orgasms either side of 4 in the afternoon. The rest of the afternoon and the evening passed with Diane getting the required orgasms. When I suggested we had an early night, Diane agreed quite happily and when she entered the bedroom she was amazed to see the Hitachi wand and a towel on the bed.

“Well that will do for one of the orgasms I am sure, but how about the other you owe me today?”

“Just wait and see was” all I replied.

Diane has a love hate relationship with the wand as she finds it difficult to resist orgasming when it is used.

We undressed and I set about my task of getting her ready for her required orgasms. She held back as much as she could and when she finally succumbed to her first orgasm which was intense as any she had had during the weekend. I continued to use the wand on her by now very sensitive clit and she had four more orgasms in as many minutes. I turned off the wand, and sat between her legs and started to play with her pussy with my feet. Unfortunately for me, she resisted my ministrations in the five minute windows around 11pm. When she recovered from the orgasm that I gave her using my toes, she turned over cuddled into me and murmured, “I’m so tired I need to sleep, I’ll let you off the orgasm for this hour.” She quickly fell asleep.

She was first in the shower the next morning. When I entered the kitchen I was startled to see six implements laid out on the table.

We had breakfast in silence before she ordered me to lower my trousers and underwear then to bend over the table and hold on tight.

She picked up a nice suede flogger and said “you have 18 strokes of each to come.”

With the first stroke she had me grunt. The next few produced grunts, before what seemed a particularly low blow had me arch my back and between the grunts I said “That was a little low”

“Oh no, that one was fine, any more protests and I will start the whole process from scratch.”

I was relieved when she put down the flogger and allowed me a short time to get my breath back. She picked up a three finger tawse. It is one of our nastiest tawses and proceeded to give me 9 hard strokes to each cheek.

Next up was a hairbrush and each stroke that landed produced a squeal of pain from me as she was not holding back. The scorpion was next and as each stroke landed I could feel the effect of the tips of the tails all over my by now very sore ass.

Next she picked up a ping pong bat and landed 6 strokes to each bum cheek. As the next one landed, it broke. “Shame about that, but still another five with the cane will make up for it.”

She picked up the cane, which was a fearsome rattan one that as the first stroke landed had me cry out in pain. I somehow managed to stay in position as each of those nasty lines of fire striped my ass.

When she had delivered all the strokes, she caressed my ass making sure to trace each of the weals with her fingers.

I was allowed to get up and as I pulled up my underwear I felt each and every one of those wicked stripes. I quickly pulled up my trousers.

As we left the house she said with her evil sadistic grin “I think you can drive this morning, it should keep you from squirming around too much.”

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