Corrine’s Wedding

I had an uncomfortable day at work following the rather intense meeting of my bum and certain implements wielded with great accuracy. It was difficult to concentrate on the work I had to do, coupled with the difficulty in not moving around to find a comfortable sitting position.

I was relieved when it was time to leave the office to meet my wife and enjoy the meal out we had agreed upon.

While we were enjoying the meal Diane’s phone rang. It was Corrine, to discuss the accommodation arrangements for her wedding. In particular she explained that we (the British contingent) were being allocated the top floor of the local hotel. She then added that a special room, not normally available to guests, would be available for our use over the weekend of her wedding, however she hoped that we would not feel the need to use it much.

This intrigued both of us. She finished the call with the reminder that Diane had agreed, during the special after wedding party, to win one of the auction lots she specified.

Diane blushed when reminded of this requirement. Diane then said “I wonder what these lots are?”

I replied “I’ve no idea, but I am sure that it will be creative and intense.”

“I know, but Corrine has stated that for me to get the maximum enjoyment of the sensations of the auction lot I win, I need to be in my belt from Monday morning.”

“God, what has she in mind?”

Diane answered “I’ve no idea, but she has stated there will be both pain and pleasure in each of those lots.”

“I think the weekend sounds as it is going to be real fun time for us.”

On the Friday morning before the wedding I was released from my device. Diane immediately dropped to her knees and gave me a magnificent blow job that almost made me faint with its intensity. As she finished she had a big smile on her face adding “That was great, but I really need you somewhere else, but I can’t.”

Late Friday afternoon, we (the whole British contingent of 11) arrived at the hotel in the village that Corrine lives in. We were shown our rooms on the top floor. This floor was effectively a massive suite with six bedrooms, a sitting room and another room.

The manager then went on to say “For this weekend, I am sorry that room service is not available on this floor. The reason is simple, whilst we have vetted our staff thoroughly, whenever the extra room is available, the whole floor is off limits to all staff except for the cleaner who has been specially approved for this task.”

As the manager opened the door to the other room, he continued “This room is available only to special guests approved by Corrine. Also the floor is available for special parties that she does not want to know about her office area.”

We all entered the room to find a spacious play room with furnished with many special pieces that were ideally suited for our tastes of sexy fun.

He continued “You are allowed the use of any piece of equipment in here; however I respectfully suggest that you wait until after the wedding, as I expect that you will have full access to all areas of Corrine’s office. I understand that Corrine has invited you all to Dinner tonight at her home. Breakfast will be available until 11.00am in the dining room.”

He left us to unpack and relax. There was about a two hour window before dinner and following the suggestion of the manager, we did not use the playroom, but instead took a leisurely stroll through the quiet village.

The dinner was served by Tamara and Sofia and they joined us at the table. Corrine explained that they were following tradition in that Patrice was not allowed to be with his bride and bridesmaids for 48 hours before the wedding.

On the Saturday we assembled at the town Hall shortly before noon for the civil ceremony. Corrine was the last to enter looking radiant in her specially designed dress with Tamara and Sofia either side of her.

The ceremony was conducted in French and was fairly short. My French, whilst being rusty was sufficient to understand the words “I obey” from Corrine. Once finished, we followed Corrine and Patrice to the church close by. Maria and Eva instructed us that we had reserved seating near the front. We entered the church to find that there all except the front three pews were occupied and many people were left standing at the sides.

We made our way to the front and took our seats. It was only a few minutes wait before the happy couple processed down the aisle with the two girls following. They were followed by a few other who occupied the front row of the pews.

The blessing was a simple service, but very moving in its own way with Corrine repeating her earlier vow to “obey” and Patrice vowing to “cherish and protect” his bride.

As we left the church, the square outside had been transformed into an open air self-service buffet restaurant. Tamara joined us for a few moments as Sofia went to see some other guests at the same time.

Tamara said “Sofia is saying the same as I am to other guests at the festivities later. Corrine has asked that you enjoy the meal. This lunch party will break up at about 4.00 which will give you plenty of time to relax before the special party at her office tonight. Any participants in tonight’s activities are recommended not to over indulge in the wine as the altitude and the warm weather may affect you rather more than you are used to. Further, I expect that most of you will want to play in her office, and there is access to all areas including some that you have not used before.”

This intrigued us all, and we respectfully followed her advice as we all hoped to be able to take advantage of some of the facilities available.

We all enjoyed the party and when it broke up Diane and I retreated to our room to have a nap and then get ready for the evening party which was at 9.00.

As we entered we were greeted by the happy couple and Tamara and Sofia. Corrine whispered something in Diane’s ear that made her blush slightly before we joined the other guests. We were allowed to mingle and whilst there was plenty of wine, most people stuck to the freely available soft drinks.

It was a short wait before Corrine and Patrice mounted the small dais that was to one side of the room. The assembled guests quietened down quickly when Patrice started “Welcome too you all for our special celebration this evening. The first part of the evening’s entertainment is an auction which will start in a few minutes. Once the entire auction has been completed, there will be another short entertainment and then you may enjoy the facilities here.

We both expect to hear screams of both pain and pleasure this evening, and we hope you all enjoy yourselves. The four guests who have a red armband on are there to assist you and explain how to use any of the equipment available.”

Corrine took over from Patrice. “The first four items of the auction are for female submissives. The next four are for males. For those of you have not been to one of my auctions before, each bid is for a number of strokes to be received. If you wish to bid, you will raise your hand. The number will increase until just one hand remains raised and they will be the winner.

“The winner of the auction will also have to choose an envelope from each pile. The first pile of sixteen envelopes is for the implement and who administers the strokes. Half of the implements detailed in the envelopes are what I consider to be severe.

“There is one exception to this; one bidder will not have a choice, and this particular bidder will not be revealed unless they win a lot. The second pile for the females is the maximum number of orgasms they may have and using which accessory. These will be between them and their partner in one of the booths to give them some privacy. However it will be possible to hear the orgasms from near the booth. For the males the second pile is the number of weeks they will be locked in a special chastity device.

Before we proceed to the next lot, the winning bidder will enjoy the pleasure of their winning bid. The females will then be allowed to enjoy their orgasms in the privacy of a booth. The men will be locked in their devices by me in front of their partner.

Finally, to deter any excessive bids, if you are unable to take all the strokes you have bid for, the females will lose their allowance of orgasms and will wear special punishment panties that will deliver electrical shocks, for men, the chastity device will include an electrical shock facility. There will be ten shocks for each stroke that you did not receive. These shocks will be at punishment level at random intervals over the next week.”

Diane whispered in my ear “my god, I have to win one of these lots. I just hope that the bidding does not go too high.”

Corrine continued, “Now let us start with the first auction. Who will bid me ten?”

Seven hands shot up and stayed raised until the count reached 100. By the time it reached 125 only two hands remain raised. At 170, one of the two final bidders dropped out. The winner was Dee.

She giggled and said to us, “Zack told me I had to win one auction.”

Dee stepped up to the platform and selected her two envelopes. They were passed to Corrine, who opened them. With a smile she announced, “Dee has selected the cane to administered by the spanking machine at medium severity. Once she has received her strokes, she has selected up to six orgasms with a Hitachi.”

Dee smiled nervously as she took off her elegant dress to show her slim, well-proportioned body before mounting the spanking bench.

To be continued next week.

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