The Auction

We continue from last week, at the post wedding “party” where Dee won the first auction with a bid of 170 strokes.

Dee smiled nervously as she took off her elegant dress to show her slim, well-proportioned body before mounting the spanking bench.

Dee was properly secured. Corrine whispered something in Dee’s ear before inviting Susan to warm her bum and upper thighs up by hand. Once the warm up was finished, Corrine announced to us all. “This nice machine will now administer the 170 strokes that Dee bid. The timing is random and all will be delivered in the next 15 minutes. So sit back and enjoy the show.”

The first strike landed, Dee emitted a quite grunt. The caning continued with the audience being amazed at how quiet the machine was. Some of the other guests could see the count reducing as every strike landed. Near the end, Dee’s bum was a bright shade of red. When the last few strokes were delivered, Dee’s reactions showed that she was definitely feeling the chastisement. The loudness of her grunts and moans had increased, and although not a scream of pain, it was not far off. Corrine then announced that there were only 10 left and all ten were administered in as many seconds. Dee was visibly shattered as the last stroke landed. Zack immediately wheeled his chair close and as Dee was released from the bench he held her as best he could. A signal from Corrine brought a young woman holding a tray. Susan was asked to help apply the special lotion that would reduce the bruising and help Dee recover from the very thorough caning that she had received. Zack held Dee close and they made their way to a private booth so that any further after care was in private.

Corrine announced the next auction; Diane looked at me and said, “I better have a go at this one.” The bidding again started at 10. Diane withdrew at 150 and the final successful bid was 230 strokes. The winner was one of Corrine’s friends and introduced as Terri. It was clear that Terri was delighted to win, until she picked up a card that read 230 hard strokes of the tawse to be administered by Eva. Eva looked delighted and Terri was visibly shaken. Terri stripped off her clothes and whilst she was not particularly overweight, her ass was a bit larger than I expected.

As we watched the warm up, Maria came over and she said “What delightful justice, Eva and Terri do not get on well together.”

Diane quietly asked “That does not sound good for Terri.”

“No, she is a very severe sadist and on occasions a pain slut, as is the case today. On one occasion Eva had to intervene when the bottom used his safe word and Terri had ignored it. They had a big argument and whilst they are civil in company, they try to avoid each other.”

The warm up finished and the first crack of the tawse landing echoed around the room. A loud “Owwww” was Terri’s only reaction. Cracks of the tawse landing continued to resound around the room and the volume of Terri’s moans and Grunts got louder. After a flurry of ten quick strokes had been applied Terri gasped out “red”. Immediately Eva handed the tawse to Corrine, released Terri and arranged for her partner to apply the cooling lotion. Terri was sobbing quietly. Corrine delayed the next auction for a few minutes before she quietly said “Let this be a reminder to you all not to over bid.”

The next auction progressed to 190 strokes. The winner was Sofia. She was invited to pick her card. Corrine read it out loud “the implement selected is the riding crop and will be administered by Patrice. The strokes are to be administered at a gentle level.”

Sofia quickly undressed and asked if she could receive the strokes standing up. Corrine and Patrice agreed immediately and her hands were secured to a spreader bar and ankles tied to anchor points on the floor. She was blindfolded before the spreader bar was raised so that she was in a standing spread-eagle. The effect was to accentuate her already fine figure.

Patrice asked if she wanted a warm up, to which she replied “No thank you sir.”

Patrice showed how skilled he was with the crop and before long Sofia was gasping and moaning with pleasure as each strike landed.

Patrice was careful to ensure that it was not only her pert bum cheeks got attention. The position that each strike landed and as the final strokes landed, Sofia’s bum, breasts and thighs showed had red marks. The last few strikes were directly on her nipples and pussy which produced loud groans of both pain and pleasure. The last strike landed directly on her clit and was the hardest of all. Sofia in moments wailed in ecstasy as the waves of an orgasm overwhelmed her. Tamara went over and held her as she was released from her bindings and helped her over to a sofa to recover from the ordeal.

Corrine then announced, after these three displays of bravery from the women, I have decided that we will deal with the four auctions for Males before moving onto the fourth lot for females. Diane tensed and clung onto my arm tightly before whispering in my ear “Shit, I have to wait even longer.”

The first three men’s auctions were relatively tame with the maximum bid not exceeding 150 strokes. Two of the selections were all of severe implements including a judicial cane. All three took all their strokes and I realised that many of the assembled guests were very much into being on the receiving end of the severe implements.

The final lot, however, reached 250 strokes. The winner was William, the male partner of the couple that were the latesimp705t addition to our group of friends. Celia, his wife said “oh good, I am looking forward to getting plenty of oral attention, which he knows he will have to perform.”

He selected a card nervously and grinned as he read it. Corrine took the card from him and said “We can now watch a demonstration of how the British play. William has selected the scourge applied with medium intensity, which is one of the nastiest implements I possess. Susan will be the one weilding the scourge.”

William duly took his position at the spanking horse was tied down and Maria gave him a hand spanking as a warm up. Meanwhile Susan had picked up the scourge, practised with it to get a feel for the implement and when Maria decided he was ready started giving him his required strokes. The first stroke landed and William gasped as he felt the impact of the small beads and knots in the loops of thin leather.imp705a

Susan deliberately varied the pace of the strokes and intermittently stopped to stroke his ass for a while before restarting the whipping. As the whipping progressed, William’s moans of pain became muted and I could see that he had reached the “happy place” where the pain was not felt to the same degree because of the high flow of endorphins. After the last stroke landed, he was released and on wobbly legs he was escorted to a private booth by Susan and Celia. The assembled guests gave both Susan and William a round of applause of appreciation.

Corrine waited a few minutes before saying, “now for the last of the lady’s auctions. I can see many of you are still desperate to play, so I expect the winning bid to be high. However I must remind you that there is the penalty of my special chastity device if you do not take all the strokes you bid for.

“Now let’s start this auction at 100.”

Eight women present raised their hands. As they started to drop out and only two remained, Diane raised her hand to bid.

Corrine amusedly said “Oh there is a new bidder, as she took the bid to 250.”

The other two bidders had dropped out when the bidding reached 350 strokes. As Corrine was about to close the bidding, another hand was raised from the middle of the assembled guests. Diane asked me if I could see who it was. I looked around and saw it was Tamara.

Diane was not amused as she heard this, but kept her hand up as she had agreed that she would win at least one of the auctions. The guests started to gasp in amazement as the bidding reached over 500 strokes. It was only when Corrine decided to increase the bid from 700 to 750 in one raise that Tamara pulled out.

Diane whilst relieved but also very nervous as she was declared the winner. I had to help her as she made her way to Corrine.

Corrine hugged her saying quietly, “At least you have kept your word on winning. Are you ready for a thorough going over? Whilst I would like to announce there is no safe word, I do not expect you to use it as I know you will enjoy your experience, and towards the end any guest can be involved.”

Diane looked on nervously as Corrine then said to the assembled guests “This winner is the one who I have a special treat as mentioned at the outset.”

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4 Responses to The Auction

  1. I had no idea what a scourge was before reading this. I’ve learned something new today. Thank you! Jane xxx

  2. I think this is one kind of auction I would not like 😉

    Rebel xox

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