Diane wins

Diane won the last lot with a bid of 750 lashes.

Diane looked on nervously as Corrine then said to the assembled guests “This winner is the one who I have a special treat as mentioned at the outset. After 250 strokes of the quirt have been administered, we will change implements. Any one present may, if they so wish, apply 20 lashes as hard as they can.”

Corrine said to Diane quietly “Don’t be nervous, these lashes will not hurt or harm you.”

Diane was taken to the same spot that Sofia was in, and when securely tied Corrine then said “as many of you know, I do like some of my guests to really enjoy the sensation of the quirt.”

Sofia brought over a bottle of baby oil and invited me to apply the oil to her front and I checked with Diane that it was OK for Tamara and Sofia to help with her back.

Once Diane was glistening with the baby oil having been carefully applied, Corrine passed a quirt each to Tamara and Sofia.

They carefully positioned themselves and toigether they carefully aimed a flick of the whip so just a small part of the tip made contact with Diane’s glistening ass. Diane let out a squeak followed by a “AGHHHH” before the next strike of the quirt landed on her back. After the girls had given Diane over half the allotted lashes, Diane was clearly aroused as her nipples had hardened and the squeaks were more like moans of pleasureable sensations.

The girls nodded at each other, moved slightly and started to concentrate on ensuring Diane felt the sweet kiss of their quirts on her front. The sighs and moans of pleasure got even louder after each strike until there were just 10 left. The girls took careful aim and landed five lashes each around a nipple. As they finished, Diane had 250 little red weals were each strike had landed. None of them overlapped. I hugged Diane and said “Now for the fun part. You have 500 more lashes to come, and these will be fun for me to watch.”

Diane said nothing, but her look showed her nervousness.

The first person to use the flogger was Corrine who put all her might into the first stroke. There was a whoosh and a splat as the flogger landed. Diane did not react and those watching were amazed at this. More whooshes and splats followed with little or no reaction from Diane other than a purr of pleasure. The onlookers were aghast that such hard strokes produced such little reaction.

After 20 strokes, Corrine passed the flogger to one of the assembled guests. He raised it and laid down what would be considered a hard stroke with a normal flogger. Corrine laughed as she said “that was a feeble stroke. Try it as hard as you can.”

The guest did as instructed and Diane let out a moan of pleasure as the strike landed.

The flogging continued with many of the guests taking the opportunity to let rip with their hardest strokes and Diane’s purring and moans of pleasure increased in volume.

After 14 of the guests had taken their turn, a female guest who was clearly a Domme asked “Can I use it on her front?”

I replied “Of course, bur please do not go near her groin.”

The Domme smiled and was clearly pleased as she raised the flogger and with all her strength landed a stroke across Diane’s by now engorged nipples. Diane sighed as it landed. The Domme was clearly surprised at this and concentrated on flogging her breasts trying to get a squeal of pain. All the Domme’s reward was more sighs and moans from an aroused Diane.

The domme was baffled as she passed on the flogger to the next guest who again concentrated on Diane’s by now heaving chest and I noticed glistening as her juices started to flow from her pussy.

By the time all the guests who wanted to have a go had finished there were just 60 lashes left.

I whispered to Diane “Just a few more. Do not cum until I tell you. I let loose a few lashes at her now even harder buds of nipples before I started to target the strikes lower down her front. When there were twenty strokes left I started on her pussy, making sure that everyone could see that I was using my full strength on each of these lashes. After the first few had landed I said, “You can cum as often as you want.”

As the next lash landed right on her delicate lips, Diane groaned as she came, straining against her restraints. I let her recover for a short while before letting rip more strokes on her by now engorged clit. When there were five strokes left, I told her this and as each of the last four landed, she strained as she held back the on coming orgasm. When it came to the last stroke, I asked “are you ready for the final one?”

Diane muttered “Yes.”

I landed my last lash hard on her clit. Diane tensed, went bright red, Screamed “YESSSSSSS.” She squirted juices on to the floor and then slumped in her restraints. I quickly held her as other guests released her from her bindings. I carried Diane to one of the recovery areas and laid down alongside her. I held her in an embrace and she came round shortly afterwards.

Although she was trying to say something, all that came was a series of sounds that made no sense whatsoever. It took nearly half an hour for her to recover sufficiently to be able to sit up.

As we returned to join the party, There was plenty of action as other guests took advantage of the facilities.

Corrine came over and aksed Diane “How are you doing?”

“Fine, I am feeling very high. Thank you.”

“Great, I just hoped you enjoyed it as much the other guests enjoyed the demonstration. I have had so many enquiries about the flogger, which I think is even softer than yours.”

I replied on Diane’s behalf, “It certainly did its magic.”

Diane just had her dreamy smile of contentment.

The party started to break up around 1 am and I escorted a by now exhausted Diane to our hotel room, laid down next to her and as soon as she closed her eyes, she fell asleep.

The next morning at Breakfast when the others had joined us, Kathy, Suzie and Celia all asked Diane about how she felt when being the target of the flogger. Diane could only reply, “It’s even more sensuous than mine.”

Corrine and Patrice appeared at lunchtime, thanking us all for coming and said they would be leaving that evening for their honmeymoon. They would not tell us where they were going, just that they will be enjoying each other.

A few days later, the arrangements for Tamara and Sofia’s contract were agreed and they joined the two of us and Zack and Dee for a long lunch.

Diane asked “It was delightful experience at the party, and although I was slightly sore the next day, some of the weals are still there as a reminder. How did you learn to use the quirt so effectively?”

Tamara replied, “Corrine told us that you would be winning an auction and we had been told that we could weild the quirt, provided they were satisfied that we could handle it properly. For four weeks both Corrine and Patrice taught us, and the final test was there were 100 inflated balloons each. We were informed we would only pass the test and use the quirt on you if we could hit each one without it bursting.”

Sofia added, “it was nerve wracking as in the early days we kept bursting all the balloons. But the final test a couple of days before the party was the worst as we knew exactly what was required of us.”

Diane laughed, “well I can testify that they trained you really well. It was a very exquisite experience.”


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