World Cup fun

My account (over the last three weeks) of the special party to celebrate the wedding of Corrine and Patrice left out one little detail.

This little detail related to the Football World Cup. Apart from the happy couple and Corrine’s bridesmaids, Tamara and Sofia, there were 31 guests present. Corrine announced “to add a little spice to the upcoming Football World Cup. You will all draw a team. I will make a note of who drew which team. Whilst I will not reveal exactly what the prize is, Patrice, Tamara, Sofia and I will be visiting you for a weekend which will be very enjoyable for the winner. The exact details of the prize will be forwarded when we know the final result.”

She continued “If the winning team is the one not drawn, then the winner will be the other finalist. In this situation the prize is changed slightly and again full details will be sent to the relevant person. To ensure fair play, once we know the result then all of you will be sent details of the prize.”

Once the draw was completed, the only team not drawn was Brazil.

Once this was revealed Patrice said with a grin, “umm this is interesting. They have a very good chance of winning.”

Whilst we were intrigued, Diane drew Italy, whilst I drew the USA. Whilst I expected Italy to get reasonably far, I did not think the USA would progress beyond the goup stages.

We decided that we would have our own contest and that the winner would be the one that got furthest in the competition. If there had been a tie, we had a number of backup ways of deciding the result. The weekend after the result was known, the loser would be in some form of rope bondage from the time we got home on Friday until we left for work the following Monday. If we had to go out, the loser would still be wearing rope in some form. As we all now know, the USA managed to qualify for the last 16, and Italy did not progress beyond the group stages. So Diane was in for a weekend of rope bondage. What disturbed her most was that we had arranged to go out for dinner with some vanilla friends who were not aware of our BDSM activities. She mentioned her fears to me and I assured her that I would be discreet and that it would not affect our plans at all.

When we got home on the Friday I placed a hobble rope on Diane so that all she could do was shuffle around our house. This made for great entertainment for me and some awkwardness for Diane as we have decided to sell our current house and we needed to start getting it ready for viewings.

The Friday evening was spent mainly boxing up unnecessary clutter. With her hobble Diane had some awkward moments as she and I worked together. At one stage when she was bent over, I could not resist giving her delightful upturned ass a playful spanking that had her panting with desire in no time.

That night I was kind to her and let her sleep with just the hobble as her bondage.

Saturday morning I let her shower with just a light tie. However once we had eaten breakfast I decided that she would have to work with her wrists tied in front attached to a waist rope so that she could not raise her arms to get at the knots with her mouth. In doing this I had made sure that the knots were placed so that she would not be able undo them easily.

I just smiled at her when I said, “if you manage to escape from your ties before we start to get ready to go out, then the roles are reversed for the rest of the weekend.”

After spending some time trying to get her fingers on the knots, she pouted before saying “I somehow think that I will not be able to escape.” We continued our work on tidying the house with Diane having fun trying to work out how to escape.

By late afternoon we had finished and I said to Diane “sit on this stool while I get you ready for tonight.”

I attached her ankle to the legs of the stool before releasing her wrists. I opened our rope bag and selected some lengths of hemp rope, which is slightly rough to feel, but perfect for my plans. The first piece of rope was long enough to complete the bra part of a rope corset leaving enough room for her nipples to poke through.

I released her ankles saying “now for the final part, stand up with your feet about two feet apart.”

I continued to weave the ropes in such a way that I was able to make a reasonably tight corset made entirely of rope. As I got close to her crotch area I noticed that her lips were already slightly shiny and asked “I think you are enjoying this.”

Her only reply was “Umm yes.”

I then prepared to weave the crotch part of some rope panties when I suddenly decided that a nice horny wife later would make for some interesting fun later. As I reached the point where the ropes would be nestled against her lips, I added a little knot inside before completing the weave so that it finished just past her sweet smelling pussy. I then proceeded to run two ropes up to loops already at the bottom of her corset, passed them be15da43171dfbf1c60bfd9a9cbc0498through, pulled them reasonably tight and then tied them off at her front.

She looked surprised at this saying “Why so easy to remove?”

“Well if you need to go to the loo, you can and then retie it yourself.”

I let her wander around for a few minutes before we went upstairs where I selected one of her tighter skirts and a smart black T-shirt that would hide her rope corset.

She put the skirt on and I had her turn around to make sure that the ropes were not visible. When we finished dressing I asked “Comfortable?”

“Yes, but that little knot is already teasing me.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear.”

It was pleasantly warm evening so we decided that we would walk to the pub where we meeting our friends Mike and Janet who we had known for many years.

The walk was gentle, but Diane was clearly finding the knot in her panties distracting. As we approached the pub Diane said “Can we stop a moment while I regain my composure?”

We stopped and we enjoyed a cuddle as Diane recovered from the distraction.

We finally made it to the pub a few minutes later than planned, and Diane was blushing slightly as we sat down at our table. The company and food was good and somehow the subject got to the famous ‘50 Shades of Grey’ trilogy. As part of the discussion Janet said “I know it is fiction, but I can’t get my head around it. When I read or hear about these practices I associate them with whips and chains and quite frankly it scares me rigid to think that people actually enjoy being tortured.”

The conversation soon moved on to other things when Janet got up and asked us to excuse her for a couple of minutes. Diane got up, winked at me saying “Well I need to go too.”

As the ladies made their way to the back of the pub, Mike said nothing and we started talking about the football.

The ladies took longer than expected, and Janet had a strange expression on her face as she sat back down. We carried on talking until the pub closed. After saying our goodbyes and hugging each other Diane and I started our walk home. On the way she said “I think we may get a phone call tomorrow.”

I looked at her as said “Oh why?”

“Well you know Janet and I were in the ladies for a while.”


“After I had finished on the loo, I had her help me put my panties back on.” She added with a sly grin before continuing “Janet was initially shocked until I told what delicious things the rope did, she was intrigued. What is more, she admitted that she fantasised about being tied up and being pleasured. I didn’t tell her much, but just that we enjoyed playing a little to pique her interest.”

“You saucy minx. For that I think you need to be punished a little.”

I found a quiet place where I stropped, pulled her to me saying “Your punishment starts here. Drop your skirt.”

She did as she was asked and I undid the knot at the front for the ropes from her rope panties. I pulled it as tighter so that the knot inside was tighter against her clit. As he put her skirt back on I said “If you come before we get home, you will be in even more trouble.”

As we continued walking, I could see Diane struggling not to come as my mobile rang. I looked to see it was Janet. I answered “Hi, what can I do for you?”

“Has Diane told you about our trip to the loo?”


“Well I told Mike about it too, he mentioned he noticed the ropes as he hugged Diane and we would like to talk more about it. Can we pop round tomorrow?”

“Of course, How about about 2pm?”

“That is great, thanks.”

See you then.

Diane looked at me quizzically and asked who it was. I just told her “we will be having some visitors tomorrow” before we resumed our walk. About 100 yards from home Diane stiffened and came hard.

As we went to bed I let her undo the panties part of the corset and snuggled up together. I whispered “as you came before we got home, you are going to pay the price tomorrow.”

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4 Responses to World Cup fun

  1. Nice that you played in on the world cup 🙂

  2. sub-Bee says:

    What a great playful twist on the world cup theme.

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