The Visitors

On Sunday morning I put Diane in her hobble again, simply because I loved watching her shuffle around not able to take her usual steps.

After we had lunch I prepared her for the visit of Mike and Janet later. I felt a body harness with a crupper was probably the best option as it was discreet and at the same time Diane could get teased as we sat and talked.

Mike and Janet arrived a few minutes after the agreed time, and it was clear that they were a little nervous. Diane went to the kitchen, made some coffee and as she put the tray down I could see that the crupper was doing its work in teasing her.

After getting the niceties out of the way, Janet nervously asked Diane, “Those panties last night, were they uncomfortable?”

Diane smiled replying, “Yes and no. The yes part was if I did not move around and they were not tied too tight, they were very comfortable. The no part was when I moved around, the extra knot inside kept teasing me. When they were tightened up later, the knot made them a bit uncomfortable, but it was still a very sexy experience.”

Janet nodded nervously before saying to Mike “Umm, I think I would like try that some time at home.”

Mike smiled on hearing this.

Janet then said “Mike and I are looking to spice up our sex life together. We have discussed this a lot and I want him to be more assertive in our relationship as I do occasionally overstep the mark. The problem is he is terrified of hurting me whilst I am terrified at the thought of whips and chains.”

Diane smiled “Well that is a major hurdle to overcome. However, I think you need to start slowly and find your feet together. What is most important that everything is consensual and that you have words or phrases that stop what you are doing.”

Janet and Mike relaxed a little before he said. “You were certainly discreet last night, it was only when I hugged you, and I felt the unusual contours under your top last night. Janet told me on our way home about your knickers, so what was all that about?”

I replied “That is very simple. We joined in a sweepstake for the World Cup and agreed the loser between us would spend a weekend wearing rope in some form.”

Mike replied “Wow, but Diane doesn’t look as if she is wearing any now.”

“Ahh she is.” I replied.

Jane looked surprised, before asking “Is it comfortable?”

Diane smiled “Very comfortable. It also makes for fun when I move around.”

Jane then said “Diane, I know that you head up the ‘Bedroom Delights’ department for Bustards. Apart from pleasure toys such as vibrators, I have seen all sorts of cuffs, whips and other things that look painful and plain nasty. How do people enjoy using these things?”

Diane smiled before saying “Well, some people like pain, but a flogger can be extremely sensuous when used properly. For the person using the implements, there needs to be a lot of practise so that they can make the whole experience pleasurable for the person on the receiving end. For instance has Mike ever patted your bum?”


“How did it feel?”

“Fun, as they were only ever gentle taps.”

“Well that is a good start. When they get serious, they can hurt, but if done properly they can be very sexy, especially when your bum is stroked in between the spanks.”

Janet looked a little quizzical when I added. “The body will produce endorphins when it is smacked. These build up so that you can accept harder spanks and they still feel great. When you are that stage you  maybe a little light headed, but that is fine. When the flow of endorphins gets very high, you can easily loose proper sense, and this is where the person giving the spanking needs to watch the body language so they do not physically hurt or injure the receiver.”

Diane added “I think you two need to do a lot of research. I can recommend some excellent websites that will help you understand more.”

I looked at Diane, raised an eyebrow and she nodded.

She then said “Mike and Janet, would you like me to show you some things that you can do that are light and fun with just rope and everyday items.”

They both said yes nervously.

Diane disappeared for a minute and came back into the sitting room with some rope.

“OK Janet, stand up.”

Janet stood up nervously. Diane then found the middle of the long piece of rope, put a loop in it and draped it over Janet’s shoulders with the loop at the back. As she did this, she said if you want to pause say Yellow. If you want me to stop altogether say Red.”

Diane crossed the rope at the base of Janet’s boobs, and ran both ends behind her back and through the loop at her back. She proceeded to make a diamond pattern that ran to just over her hips. She then brought both ropes under her crotch and tied them off behind Janet. Diane then said, “Move around a little and tell me how it feels.”

“Comfortable and the ropes are fun on my crotch.”

“Good. Now come here and let me finish the tie.”

She then proceeded to tie Janet’s wrists lightly to her thighs.

“In this tie, apart from your walking not being restricted, doing anything else requires Mike’s help. For instance I am sure you would want to sip some coffee. You cannot do it yourself, so Mike will have to help.”

“Umm yes, this is nice, but although I like the rubbing at my crotch, there is no other stimulation.”

“Well, I suggest you try this tie at home when you have no clothes on and Mike, put a knot in the crotch rope that will sit nicely at the top of her lips.”

“What do you mean?”

Diane looked at me, I nodded and she then said. “Do you mind if I take my dress off?”

Both looked surprised and murmured that they were OK with it. Diane then slokaradawly unzipped the back of her dress, shrugged her shoulders and the dress slipped to the floor. She stepped out of it and she was in a harness just like Janet’s. I called Diane over to me, I made her turn her back and then I took the loose ends and secured her wrists to her thighs just like Janet. The only differences were Janet was still fully clothed and there was no knot on the crotch rope.

I whispered some instructions in Diane’s ear, and she disappeared for a minute and came back with a bag containing the items I asked her to collect.

I then asked Diane to sit on my lap. I picked out a feather from the bag and started to brush it lightly all over Diane’s exposed flesh and she started wriggling and laughing as I started use it where she was most ticklish. Diane’s laughs were interspersed with sighs and sounds of arousal so I continued until she was close to her peak before I suddenly stopped. When she calmed down, she pouted at me deliberately.

Janet and Mike watched this with fascination. Janet stood up, “that looked fun, and I want to try it.”

Mike looked a little embarrassed, when I said “Mike, why don’t you undo her harness.”

He did as asked and when Janet was free from her ropes she immediately kissed Mike, stripped off her clothes and said “Now try making a similar harness on me.”

He nervously picked up the rope and started to put the harness together, however it was not very tight when Janet said “it’s loose, and I can’t feel it.”

I went over to Mike and guided him on how to make a tight but comfortable harness. I made him put the knot in her crotch and he then passed the ropes through her crotch tightened it before securing her wrists to her thighs. She moved around a little and blushed as she felt the effects of the knot.

I suggested she sat on Mike’s lap and he then felt comfortable enough to start tickling her. The sound of laughter echoed round the room until she shouted “Yellow.” He stopped tickling her and she took her time to calm down. She whispered in his ear and he then said “tell them why you said Yellow”.

She looked a little red in the face before saying “I was sooo turned on and didn’t want to embarrass you two by having an orgasm.”

Diane and I laughed. Diane then said “That would not have embarrassed us.”

I then said, “Would like to see me spank Diane for being a little naughty?”

Janet looked fascinated and said “Umm what did she do wrong?”

“When I was tickling her I told her she was not to wriggle, so she needs a little spanking.”

They looked a little embarrassed but agreed. I loosened Diane’s harness and had her lean over my knee. I made sure her legs were held down and slowly started to spank her gently. I explained that I was warming her up and that these spanks were just the start of a mild spanking. When her bum was a light pink I increased the force of the spanks and it was not long before she was moaning with pleasure.

I picked up the ping pong bat out of the bag and started to tap her bum lightly with the odd harder stroke interspersed. Every few spanks, I stopped and rubbed her now red ass, eliciting sighs and moans of arousal from her.

I finished off by giving her three hard swats to each bum cheek.

I let her up and then held her tight. As I was doing this I said “another important aspect is aftercare following a play session. This can be just a cuddle as we are now, or maybe something more, but it is essential that the person on the receiving end knows that are loved and cared for.”

Diane got up and asked me to retie the harness with the crotch rope tight but leave her arms free. She nodded at Janet and they disappeared into the kitchen.

This left Mike and I to chat and talk more. As the girls came out with Diane holding a tray with more drinks and some cake, Janet had a big smile on her slightly blushing face. She sat next to Mike, kissed him hard and said, “I want to stay in this harness till we get home.”

He nodded but said nothing.

After we had finished our drinks, Janet got up, asked Mike to release her hands. He did as requested; she picked up her jeans, pulled them up and then put on her T-shirt handing Mike her knickers and bra “Please look after these.”

They left shortly after.

A few hours later the phone rang and Mike said “thank you for today, I am totally exhausted” and Janet dreamily added “me too.”

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to The Visitors

  1. What an excellent World Cup sweepstake idea! 🙂 Jane xxx

  2. Such a great thing to give friends advise when they have interest in BDSM too 🙂

    Rebel xox

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