A Shopping Trip

Diane here. Charles kindly decided that I should write up this episode of the story.

After Mike and Janet had visited us in the weekend of our the world cup bet, when I was in some form of rope bondage for the whole weekend, we did not hear from them for about ten days. When we did get a phone call they asked us to join them at a local pub for a drink.

We started chatting as usual, catching up with what had gone on in the last couple of weeks when Janet said “Changing the subject, that Sunday when I went home in the rope harness did wonders for both of us. I was so worn out that night, I had a hard job getting up to go to work on Monday. We have talked about this a lot since and have looked at the sites that you recommended. The ideas they have given us has made me feel really horny and I want to try more. However we have no idea of what to buy and need your advice and help. So will you both come with us on a shopping trip on Saturday?”

I looked at Charles and he just shrugged his shoulders as he hates shopping at the best of times. I then answered, “Sure, however you need to decide how much you want to spend and what you are after. There is one condition though, you need do anything I ask you to.”

Janet agreed and the following evening I received an email with a short list of things they wanted to buy. I replied quickly and suggested that she wore a summer dress or top and skirt when we went shopping.

They came over to our house and took us into the nearest town where there was a decent range of shops. As we got out of the car I whispered to Charles “Ring John and Kathy and make sure that we can visit them on our way home.”

Janet was very nervous as we entered the Bedroom Delights department of Bustards. I quickly showed her the various sections and getting out her list, I was able to guide her through what to look for when buying vibrators and other insertable toys. She selected a couple of vibrators, and a small butt plug. We then went to the bondage section and I helped her with the purchase of some cuffs and a few other items. As we finished I went back to the insertables section and picked out a couple of other toys that I knew she would enjoy. I popped them in the basket when she was not looking and I waited as she paid for the items. When the assistant picked up the couple of toys she did not realise were in the basket she was about to say something when I said “trust me, you will love them.”

We left the department and went to the lingerie area where she gasped as I took her through some of the more sexy items and finally persuaded her to buy a couple of matching bras and knickers that I knew would look good on her.

As we were about to leave, I said “before we leave, let’s go to the ladies.”

I directed her to the ladies where I knew were little used. Janet said nothing as we entered. I picked out one of the toys, took it out of the packaging and said “here is a test of how serious you are going to be getting into having fun outside the bedroom. Go into a stall, take off your bra and knickers and insert this in your pussy.”

Janet gasped “what, no underwear.”

“Yes, and when you get used to it, it is sexy as anything. Even more so when people around you don’t know. I promise you that it will be fun.”

She disappeared for a couple of minutes and when she came out she had her bra and knickers in her hand asking “what do I do with these now?”

“Put them in the shopping bag.”

“But….. There is a damp patch on my knickers.”

“Well, you could always put them in the bin.”

Janet blushed, but eventually put them in the bin.

We left the store and as we walked to the coffee shop where we agreed to meet our husbands Janet tried to slouch a little as if to hide the fact that she had no bra on. I laughed saying “Walk tall, and be proud that you can feel good. Look around and see if you can work out who is and isn’t wearing a bra. After a few strides she whispered, “I get it now, and my nipples are getting more erect from the movement against my dress.”

“Good, this is just the start of today’s adventures, but I promise that they are all enjoyable in the end.”

Janet looked at me with daggers exclaiming, “what, this is bad enough, knowing I am not wearing anything under this dress and there is something inside my pussy that has me getting horny.”

We reached the coffee shop and found Charles and Mike in a discreet corner. I asked Janet to get our coffees and handed Mike what looked like a car key fob saying “you can play with this, but I suggest you wait a few minutes until Janet gets back and don’t show it to her or let her see it for a while.”

He raised an eyebrow, said nothing and then when Janet had settled down into the comfortable chair, I saw Mike reach into his pocket. I watched Janet straighten her back in surprise. She managed to ask me quietly “What the hell happened, that thing inside me has come to life.”

I whispered back “It seems Mike has turned on that nice little egg. Just settle down and enjoy the sensations.”

A few minutes later Janet’s face was bright red and she was clearly finding it very arousing when she quietly gasped “Yellow.”

I immediately indicated to Mike that he should turn the remote off. He looked puzzled but said nothing. I then said to Charles, let’s get some coffee beans while we are here and pulled him along with me. Out of their earshot I quietly said “Janet has nothing on under the dress, and I made her put a little egg inside before we joined you.”

He smiled and said “You evil woman” before hugging me.

As we re-joined Mike and Janet, I discreetly handed Charles the remote for my clit stimulator that I was wearing. He raised an eyebrow and said nothing.

Mike laughed as he said quietly “what has this to do with ropes or bondage?”

I smiled and said “simply BDSM is all about giving up control, bondage is just a part of the BDSM lifestyle. The important thing is to think creatively about how you as a top can make the experience as pleasurable as possible for the submissive. Whilst Janet is not in any physical bondage, you can stimulate her and arouse without any physical contact. She has to trust you that you will not go too far whilst you are in public.”

Turning to Janet I asked “tell me honestly, are you getting horny with all this playing with the egg inside you?”

“Sort of. The sensations when walking here were great as was the vibrations inside me. The problem was I was getting close to the point where I could have lost control, and that is why I used ‘Yellow’.

“I have never been outside the house with no underwear, and whilst it is sexy it is also slightly embarrassing for me as I have always been a little shy.”

“This is where you, Mike, have to watch Janet carefully and make sure you stop or tone down the play before she uses ‘Yellow’.

More discussion took place and when we finally finished our coffees we went back to the car. On our way home, Charles directed Mike into the car park for John and Kathy’s shop. We walked in and Janet looked a little askance at what she saw inside. I reassured her by saying “The shop is run by some very good friends of ours and they are also extremely discreet. They are also into BDSM in a big way, and are more than willing to guide people into purchasing what is right for them, even if it means that they persuade you not to buy some things which they think are not suited to your needs at the time.”

John and Kathy came over, hugged both Charles and me before I introduced Mike and Janet. I explained that they are novices and that Janet had expressed an interest in some form of discreet hobble dress. Kathy then took Janet away and we sat chatting to John. We had to wait about twenty minutes before Janet came back with a big smile on her face. Mike looked and then turned on the egg that took Janet by surprise who just straightened her back and a rather loud “Oh.”

We left the shop and arrived back at our house. Mike and Janet accepted the offer of a quick drink. Whilst Charles and I made the drinks, I could see Mike and Janet in a deep conversation. As we served the drinks Mike said “would you two join us at the pub for Dinner?”

I replied immediately “Only if you leave your car here tonight, we all walk to the pub and later you two walk to your home, collecting the car tomorrow.”

Mike quickly agreed while Janet looked a little taken aback at his hasty decision.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Sexy shopping trip 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. sabsam789 says:

    It was a nice read xx

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