Janet has more fun

Diane here again, Charles feels that I would be better at recounting what happened after our shopping trip.

Once the four of us got back to Charles and my home, I got them to bring all their purchases into the dining room. Charles made the coffee whilst we laid everything out on table. Janet looked a little worried when she saw the items that Mike had bought with help from Charles. At the same time Mike raised an eyebrow when he saw the vibrators and butt plug.

I saw this and said “Mike, don’t be alarmed. These vibrators will help you. You can get Janet so turned on that she will actually be begging you to enter her. The best trick is take her close to orgasm, back off a little and repeat the exercise. Do that a few times and when you finally let her come she will be a quivering wreck.”

“What do you mean by a quivering wreck?”

“Well to answer that you need to answer a question. Has Janet ever had multiple orgasms or passed out when you have made love?”

Janet replied immediately “yes to the first and no to the second.”

“The point is, when you have a series of orgasms in a very short time, or a very hard one, you can lose control of your muscles and twitch and shake of a few minutes or more. When I get to that state, I have been known to take 30 minutes or more to become coherent enough to make sense. Also the first time it happened, I thought I had peed myself when I climaxed, however it took a while to discover that I had ejaculated. This caught both of by surprise the first time.”

Charles returned with the coffees as I said this saying “So now you are telling them all our bedroom secrets.”

I giggled, “No, just explaining that I have been a quivering wreck on occasions after an intense session.”

Around 7pm I said to Janet “I think it’s time we got ready to go out. I think it is time to get ready, so come with me.”

She nervously replied “yes.”

I showed her to the spare bedroom. I asked “you don’t have to answer me, but have you ever shaved your pubic hair?”

Janet was a bit taken aback, but said “No, why?”

I replied, “Well, when I first started shaving, Charles started to give me a lot more oral attention down there. Also whilst it is a bit of a chore occasionally, I do find it feels better.”

Janet giggled a little and blushed.

I then said, “why not try it one day and see what happens. It can always grow back if it does not work for the two of you.”

“Have we got time to do something about it before we go out?”

“Just a little, not for the full exercise, but use this.” I said handing her an electric razor.

While she was in the bathroom I nipped down stairs and picked up a couple of items from the dining table. I got back and called into the bathroom, “how’s it going?”

“Nearly there, but the vibrations are doing something down there too.”

A few moments later the buzzing stopped and she came back into the room a little flushed. I smiled and said, “That razor does make for some interesting sensations, but it is not as smooth as when a bladed razor is used. Anyway, it is time to add to the fun for tonight.” I handed her the ben wa balls and continued “put both these inside you and then I’ll help you with the skirt.”

This time she did not go to the bathroom and just inserted them all by herself. I then handed her the skirt. She slipped into it and then tightened the belt. When she had finished I asked “is that really comfortable now?”

“Yes why?”

I slipped a small lock into the belt buckle “now, you can’t loosen or tighten it until you get home tonight.”

“WHAT?” she exclaimed.

“That buckle is now locked and I know that the key is at your home.”

She looked at me with daggers before I said, now for the bondage part of the evening. You bought this lovely skirt from Kathy. I assume Kathy explained how it works.”



I lifted the outer skirt up, and zipped up two of the six built in zippers. I put a little zip tie through the ends of the zip, so that it could not be tampered with saying “normally we would use locks, but for tonight these ties will do.”

I then had her put on the ankle boots and said, “Now stand up and walk around a little.”

She stood up, found her balance in the 4 inch heels and started to walk around to find that she could not take a full stride. It did not take her long to find the ideal length of step.

We joined the others in the living room and Mike looked at the skirt and said “WOW that looks good on you.”

“Ummm yes, but I have to walk carefully.”


“You’ll find out later.”

Charles looked at me with a smile but said nothing.

We started the walk to the pub, and Mike soon realised that Janet was not walking at her normal stride.

“Janet, what is going on, you’re not walking as you usually do?”

“She giggled nervously saying “Well this is the hobble skirt that I put on our shopping list, which means that the length of my stride is reduced.”

“Oh”, he replied.

I added “there are three levels of restriction and this is the mildest. The full restriction would only allow her to take steps of about three inches.” Normally I would use a lock on the zips, but as Janet is not used to these things I have only used zip tie this time. However the belt is locked on, and you will find the key has been posted through your front door today.”

We carried on walking with Janet getting somewhat flushed as we continued to make our way to the pub. We found a suitable table outside that was far enough away from other people to be able to continue talking quietly without potentially causing offence to other customers.

A soon as Janet had sat down Mike noticed that Janet was somewhat flushed and asked “Are you all right my love?”

“Yes, I’m fine, just a little horny after the walk?”

“OH this bondage must really be a turn on for you.”

“Not just the bondage.”


“You’ll find out when we get home.”

I looked at Janet and noticed that her nipples were poking sharply against her T shirt but said nothing.

After our meal and coffees, Mike said “I think we ought to make our way home soon, especially as it will take a bit longer than normal to get home.”

Janet said “Thank you Diane for all your help.” She then leaned over and whispered “more importantly I can’t wait until we get home and jump on Mike to relieve all this built up horniness.”

I giggled and said in a normal voice “well may be he will continue teasing you.”

Quietly she replied “I bloody well hope not, I am ready to jump on him the moment we get indoors.”

We said our goodnights and as we started to walk home, Charles asked “Janet seems to be rather horny and lovey dovey with Mike tonight. What the hell have you done?”

I giggled, “apart from her having no bra and knickers for the first time when out of the house, I had her shave her pussy for the first time too. Oh and she has ben wa balls inside as well.”

“You are an evil woman, but she seems to be enjoying herself. I just hope Mike can continue to satisfy the monster you have unleashed.”

I giggled and said “I’m sure he can. And anyway if it improves their sex life, what harm is done?”

He laughed a little and the said “Well you have certainly pushed a lot things today. I just hope she is not put off by it all.”

“Oh I doubt that, didn’t you see how erect her nipples were all evening.”

“Well, in that case I think tomorrow you should be involved in some form of payback.”

“ooohhh I can’t wait.”


Next week find out all about the payback

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. sabsam789 says:

    I loved it 😉 i will read the next part xx

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