Lesson time

Diane woke first on the Sunday morning, and after making us both coffee, started to wake me up using just her mouth. I feigned sleep and could hear her growing arousal as she played with herself. When she was about to explode I said “stop playing with yourself now and finish off what you are doing with your mouth.”

She whimpered “But, But.”

I cut her off saying “no Buts, you teased the hell out of Janet yesterday, so it is your turn to be tormented today.”

She did as she was told and quickly finished me off.

We held each other for a while before getting up and having breakfast. Whilst Diane was cleaning up, I quickly rang Mike and we agreed that he would send a text when they were About 15 minutes from us.

Whilst Diane was preparing lunch I gathered together a few things and got ready for Mike and Janet’s arrival. I then said to Diane, “Mike and Janet will be here soon, and it is your turn today to be tormented, so when they arrive you need to be in a bikini.”

She looked at me as if to suggest I was mad, quickly rushed off and changed into her tiniest bikini. Effectively it was three tiny triangles of cloth with thin straps to hold it all together. As she entered the kitchen I gave her the remote controlled egg and made her put it in. The doorbell rang and Diane was encouraged to answer it with a quick swat to her bum.

Mike walked into the living room and Janet shuffled in behind him. Diane followed and asked “so how do you like the skirt?”

“It is fun, but when Mike used all the zips last night for the last few yards I really struggled, but those balls did wonders as they mashed around inside me.”

Diane smiled, “now you see why I put them in your basket yesterday.”

“Yes, and I do like them.”

As I fiddled with the remote, Diane immediately tensed as she felt the vibrations inside her. Janet noticed this asking “ohh I suppose you have one of those eggs inside you?”

“Yes, and I suspect I will be teased for a long time by that evil husband of mine.”

I said “oh I am evil, am I; well you have just earned more torment this afternoon.”

Diane wiggled her hips and said “I can’t wait.”

After lunch I suggested that the ladies went to the kitchen to do the cleaning up. I got Mike to help me make the necessary preparations.

The ladies returned and I ordered Diane to stand in the middle of the room and quickly put cuffs on her ankles and Mike did the same to her wrists. I used our widest spreader bar and spread Diane’s ankles to just over three feet apart. I had Mike attach the ropes to her wrist cuffs and through the eye rings in the celling and her arms were secured in no time. Diane looked great in her spread-eagle position. I then said “remember you are not allowed to come. If you do, then not only will we use these toys, but I will get out your most hated implement and you earn six strikes for each time you come.”

I put in the earplugs from her iPod and then secured a blindfold such that the ear plugs would not fall out. I pressed play and we could hear the quiet muffled sounds of the music. I then turned on the egg to the middle setting which with some other teasing could make her come.

I then turned to Janet and Mike, “she cannot hear or see us. I am of the opinion she deserves some punishment for what she did to Janet yesterday. I also want to demonstrate how to use the toys that Mike and I bought yesterday, and may be show you some others.”

Janet giggled, “umm that sounds nice, and I hope that Mike will try some on me later.”

I reminded Mike that it was necessary to warm up Diane and I showed how the gentle caress of a flogger could be used.

I started to flog her bum harder until it was at full strength and when it was a bright pink, I started to stroke it. Diane moaned with a contented sigh as I did this.

Janet said “but surely that is painful?”

I continued to caress Diane’s bum “Not really, remember when you were spanked the other day, as time went on the spanks felt the same as the early ones. Well this is the same. This is a light flogger that would be painful if used at full strength without a warm up.”

I stopped my caresses and then showed Mike the areas that must be avoided. I untied Diane’s the string of her bikini top at the back explaining “The bikini string would get in the way when flogging up here.”

I then demonstrated how flogging of the upper back can be as sensual as flogging her bum. I knew that Diane was extremely aroused, so I turned the egg off and she let out a sigh of relief.

I then completely removed her bikini top and showed how a gentle flogging of Diane’s magnificent breasts increased her arousal. I could smell it, just as I am sure Mike and Janet could. I also saw a damp patch appearing on her bikini bottoms. I then quickly showed how a gentle stroke to her crotch made her wriggle but also the sighs and moans of arousal increased.

I quickly swapped it for a crop and the change in the sensation soon had Diane squirming as much as she could. Janet and Mike looked on in fascination.

I noticed that Diane’s hands were now showing the strain of being stretched above her head and asked Mike to release the tension in the ropes while I got a chair, put a pillow over the back and guided Diane down so she was bent at the waist. I attached her wrists to the front of the seat. I explained that this was a good position for using a cane and picked up one of our less severe ones. I showed Mike where the highest stroke should be landed for safety as well as how to avoid wrap around.

I started to tap Diane’s bum with the cane, and said “this where you can toy with your submissive.” I paused the taps and Diane tensed for a moment before I started tapping her bum again. I then laid down a light stroke that Diane soaked up without any complaint.

While I started tapping Diane’s bum again, I said to Mike, “when you first use a cane be gentle and do not use hard strokes. Watch Janet’s reactions and when there is little or no reaction, you can increase the strength of the stroke more.”

I then laid down a hard stroke that made Diane yelp loudly. I continued “If however you get a strong reaction like this, then if it is to be a play session I would suggest that you use slightly less force. On the other hand if it is punishment play, then continue at that force.”

I continued tapping Diane’s bum and slowly moved the cane to the sweet spot and explained all about it, and laid down a gentler stroke than before that made Diane yelp just as loudly. I also showed how sensitive the back of the thighs are and then gave Diane three further strokes to her ass. As I finished, I gently stroked her bum before releasing her wrists and legs. I let her up, hugged her and removed the blindfold and earplugs.

She was smiling as I continued to hold her tight.

When Diane broke away from me, she felt her bum and winced slightly as he felt the welts from the few strokes she had received.

Janet looked at Mike and said, “I would love to be spread-eagled like that.”

He smiled and both Diane and I nodded yes.

He replied “I am sure that it is possible, but if we are going to do this properly you will have to lose the skirt and top.”

Janet turned her back to us and quickly removed her top and skirt and was totally naked. Mike’s eyes opened widely before saying “Wow, I didn’t know that was all you were wearing.”

Janet giggled and wiggled her bum at him in a sexy way. We all helped put her cuffs on and got her secured in the same way that Diane was.

Mike picked up the flogger he had bought yesterday and gently wielded it as Janet squeaked with pleasure. He increased the strength of the strokes and as Janet stopped squealing as each stroke landed he looked at me with a bit of alarm. Diane quickly looked in Janet’s eyes and could see that she was fine. Diane mouthed to Mike to continue, which he did. I then motioned that he should move up and use the flogger of her upper back. He did and Janet was soon purring loudly. After a few minutes, Janet started to slump in her restraints and I indicated that three heavy strokes should be applied. He did as I suggested and then Diane held Janet as we released her from her bindings. The three of us took her to the living room and Mike cuddled her. I said, wait for a while and we will explain more.

Janet mumbled something unintelligible and slowly her mumblings started to make sense. It took about half an hour before Janet was sufficiently aware of what was going on when I asked Janet “tell us how you felt.”

“I don’t quite know how to explain it. When it started I could feel every strike. It was slightly painful, but nothing I couldn’t handle. After a while I continued to feel the strokes land, and the pain did not increase. When he stopped for a moment I felt slightly light headed and did not want it to finish. When he started on my back, the light headed feeling reduced slightly before I began to feel myself slumping slightly. I can’t say much more than that until I found myself here.”

Diane picked up on this “It is good that it happened here, as there is a bit to explain. To start with you felt every strike of the flogger and as you found out it can be quite a pleasant sensation. What you may not have realised was the strokes on your arse were growing in intensity, however your body was producing endorphins which increase your tolerance to pain. When he stopped for that short while, you had a lot of endorphins flowing and you were in a state that many of us call ‘floating’; where you are aware of what is going on, but feel totally content. As your back was being flogged your body increased its production of endorphins and when you felt as you were slumping, this meant that the endorphins were flooding your brain so you could not hold yourself up. After that feeling, did you feel anything happen to you?”

“Not really, I just felt totally happy.”

“Good. Mike was reading you well and when he stopped he was worried in case he had gone too far. Mike you keep good watch for these signs in the future. After you started your slumping I was watching you very carefully. You were in what is often called sub space, and this can be very dangerous. I was watching you carefully as was Charles. Mike was about to stop when I indicated that that he laid down three hard strokes. This was purely to demonstrate that when you are in sub space you are unlikely to feel anything. This is where you have to rely on Mike to watch you carefully. He did everything right in that he was watching your reactions and prepared to stop what he was doing.”

Janet and Mike relaxed and it was late evening when they finally left with their car.

Wicked Wednesday

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