Product Testing a Tawse

Zack and Dee invited us to their country home for a weekend. It was a very pleasant surprise to find that Corrine, Patrice, Tamara and Sofia were also guests.

During dinner Corrine innocently asked Dee “How are the girls doing?”

Dee replied “Really well. I am expecting some exiciting innovative ideas from them in the next few weeks.”

Tamara then said “Thank you. I am certainly enjoying the work.”

Dee added “I have had one complaint though, which is you are requesting reports from the computer systems without going through the normal procedures. Don’t worry about it as I have said that you did not need to as you are doing some work directly for me.”

Corrine said nothing as Patrice said “what did I tell you girls if I heard of a complaint?”

Sofia sheepishly said “we would get a punishment.”

“Yes. We will deal with that in the morning.”

Zack laughed at this before asking Dee “what were you going to be doing tomorrow morning?”

Dee blushed “go fishing and catch ten fish.”

He then turned to Patrice, “The girls have been working really hard and I am happy that they have given the computer staff the odd headache. So I feel a suitable punishment would be for them join Dee fishing at the lake tomorrow.”

“But how is fishing a punishment?”

“You will see tomorrow” was all Dee replied.

As Diane and I settled in to the bed that night she cuddled in to my back and suggested we had our own little fishing competition too.

At breakfast we told Zack about our little competition. Corrine added, “Well Patrice and I like to occasionally go fishing, so can we join in too?”

Zack smiled “of course.”

Dee then impishly suggested “Zack you should join in too.”

He sternly said “that sort of remark as always earns you one thing. And that we will deal with later.”

Dee giggled and wiggled her backside at him as she got up to help herself to more coffee.

As we left the house carrying all that we needed and a picnic lunch Patrice enquired “where are the fishing rods?”

I replied “We don’t need them as you will find out.”

When we arrived at the lake, we all took off our tops and there was much fun as sunscreen was liberally applied.

Zack then said “Patrice, Tamara and Sofia, as you have not been fishing with us before, you three and Corrine will only be able to fish for about half an hour at a time with about another half hour as a break. So during your breaks, I hope that you will take over as helpers when Diane, Charles and I enjoy our fishing.”

Patrice and the others quickly agreed.

We all put on wrist cuffs.

Patrice was puzzled as I handed him and Corrine two pairs of clover clamps each with a small ring attached.

He asked “What are these for?”

“Well you four can start the session, so I suggest that you all get clamped up. Then sit down and we will get the lines out.”

Patrice was still puzzled but in no time all four pairs of nipples were quickly wearing clover clamps. Once they were sat down we cuffed their wrists behind their back. I set up Tamara and Sofia’s lines up and said “OK here is how it works, when you get a bite, you need to stand up and walk backwards to pull the fish into the side of the bank where one of us will land it. The little break away is rated at one pound. Only fish brought to the bank of the lake being pulled in by you count. So how many do you think Tamara and Sofia should each catch?”

Patrice quickly replied “six”

“And you and Corrine?”


Diane then added “I think a nice sore ass is required if you do not catch the stated number of fish. I suggest six swats of a really nice tawse I have for product testing will be appropriate for each fish not caught.”

Tamara and Sofia looked a little askance as this was said. I could see they were hoping that they would catch plenty of fish.

In no time one of the lines on Tamara’s nipples indicated a bite. She managed to stand up and as she started to walk backwards, the fish tried to swim making Tamara moan with discomfort as her nipple was pulled around by the line attached through the ring on her clamp. The fish was soon landed and she heaved a sigh of relief as the tension on the clamp was relieved.

We carried on fishing and after about three hours we decided to call it a day. We tallied up the catches. Patrice had caught his three fish so did not have to face the tawse. Corrine however had only landed one fish. Tamara and Sofia had elected to wear the clamps for more than half an hour at a time and had both managed to catch four. Zack and Dee had caught three each. Diane managed to catch one more fish than me and had won our little private competition.

She whispered to me “nice, next weekend will be fun for me.”

Patrice suggested that we got the punishment out of the way quickly.

Zack said, “Why don’t we do it here?”

“Good idea” replied Patrice.

Diane ran to the car, got the new tawse and returned quickly. She handed it to Patrice who inspected it and said this will be interesting.

The tawse was about 18 inches long, with a leather handle holding two strips of a rubber type material. One side of the tawse was smooth, whilst the other had a series of grooves. The strips looked similar to the timing belt in a car.

Patrice quickly got the feel of it and motioned for Tamara to kneel on the grass. Once she had knelt he directed her put her head on the grass, bum raised with her hands stretched out above her head.nude yoga plow06

When he was satisfied with the position, he knelt alongside her and started to use the tawse with moderate strokes. She was yelping as each stroke of the smooth side of the tawse landed. After the first six had been administered he turned the tawse over and landed the first stroke. She squealed as she felt the pain. She squealed another five times.

Patrice let her get up and Corrine was there to hug her. Sofia nervously got into the same position and Patrice soon had her squealing as each strike landed.

We now had two rather contrite young women with reddened bums.

Zack indicated to Dee that she could get into position into the same position as the girls. When he was happy he asked Corrine to do the honours. Zack sat in his wheelchair watching carefully as Corrine landed the first stroke that produced a yelp from Dee. Another 29 strokes landed each producing a yelp that seemed to get louder each time.

As she took a short break, Corrine reminded Dee “just 12 more to go.”

Corrine turned the tawse over and landed a stroke that had Dee squealing and as the remaining strokes landed Dee struggled to stay in position. As the last stroke she quickly jumped up and was soon in Zack’s lap crying against his shoulder.

Patrice let the girls comfort each other as he indicated to Corrine that she should get into position. Corrine did as she was required and soon was feeling the tawse land. For the first six strokes there was no sound. Patrice turned the tawse over and delivered the seventh stroke that had Corrine squeal and she straightened up.

Patrice calmly reminded her “You got out of position, so that stroke does not count and you get a penalty one. To help you keep position, do you want your hands held down?”

A quiet “please” was heard and her wrist cuffs were quickly held down with a peg. The next seven strokes were as unforgiving as the previous one and Corrine was yelping as each one landed and by the end was in tears.

As Patrice landed the last stroke, he released Corrine’s cuffs and as she straightened out he held her tight.

When everybody had fully recovered Corrine said to Diane “That is one mean tawse and I want one for my arsenal.”

“I am sure that we can get hold of one for you” Diane replied with a smile.

Diane turned to me and said “Now you better be on your best behaviour next week, or I will have to try it out on you too.”

I blushed and wisely said nothing.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Product Testing a Tawse

  1. I think the position with bum up and arms outstretched is one in which it hurt much more than when standing.

    Rebel xox

  2. Mmm, what a delicious position of ass up for great impact play (and sex!).

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