Paying the price of losing

I lost the fishing competition between Diane and myself the previous weekend.

On the Friday morning at breakfast Diane teased me by asking with her wicked smile “are you ready for a weekend of fun?”

“As ready as I can be.”

“Good, when you get home, put yourself in this device.” She placed the most restrictive and severe cage I have on the table. “If you are not in it when I get home, you will have an appointment with that new tawse.”

Friday at work went slowly until late afternoon when I was asked to visit the office of the senior partner of the company at 5pm, when I would normally be leaving for the day. I knew immediately that I was going to be sporting a sore ass at some stage over the weekend.

I attended the meeting with the partner as requested and we went over what work I was doing for Bustards. He seemed really pleased, and then said “We have had an unusual request, but as you know more about that company than anyone else here, I have agreed to it. From Monday, you are requested to be at their offices on Mondays, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday mornings. The rest of the week you will either be here in the office or work at home. You will need to sort that out with your boss on Tuesday.”

He paused for a moment before continuing “Whilst you will not be a member of their senior management, you are requested to take part as if you were. You will not, however, be allowed to vote at any of the meetings.”

I was about to say something when he indicated I should not. He then said “I know it is very unusual, and more so because your wife has recently been promoted to Retail Director. However this is a direct request from both Zack and Dee as they value your opinions and professionalism. I too, agree that the work that you have done for them in the last couple of years has been exemplary as well as being very forward thinking. Further, we have had large quantities of new work come in from other companies that Zack has an interest in and he has explicitly said he has given it to us because of your efforts. I have therefore agreed with the management committee that these fees are included in your ‘billings’ for the year.”

I quickly said “Thank you. This is a bit unexpected.”

“I know, but it is a very unusual set of circumstances.”

With that I was able to take my leave from him shortly afterwards. I rushed down to my office, collected my things and what I needed for the Monday at Bustards before leaving for home. I looked at my watch realising that I was not going to be home before Diane.

As I got home, I saw Diane’s car already parked in the driveway. I was in trouble.

As soon as I walked in I saw Diane had already changed into her sexiest negligee that made my cock stir. “You are late and not in your device.” You have two minutes to get stripped and put the device on.”

I dumped my bags on the desk in the office grabbed the device from the kitchen table and ran to the bedroom to strip. Unfortunately her attire made it very difficult to put the device on and it took me longer than the two minutes to complete that task.

As I entered the living room Diane was sitting back in her usual arm chair. She indicated I should kneel in front of her which I quickly did.

She then quickly asked “why were you late?”

I explained what had happened.

She was not that impressed and said “You could have taken it to the office and put it on before your meeting, so that is no excuse. I was here 25 minutes before you, so that means that number of strokes with the tawse. In addition you took nearly six minutes to follow my order. I think that deserves a stroke for each second extra, and I make that a total of 198 strokes. As I am being generous I will round it up to 200. And for such a feeble excuse for not being having it on when I got home, I think half an hour corner time is called for.”

I gulped but wisely said nothing.

She ordered me to get the dining table ready. Quickly placed a pillow on it, grabbed my ankle and wrist cuffs put them on and bent down with my legs spread as normal. She approached me, Diane placed the tawse in front of me so I could help but see it. Before she grabbed each ankle in turn and secured them to the table legs. She clipped my wrist cuffs together before using a rope to secure them to the legs at the other end.

She gleefully said “Now I think you are ready.”

She picked up that tawse and slowly went to my side and tapped my bum gently with the tawse. These gentle taps, whilst not painful clearly indicated that it was not going to be a gentle implement. She laid down the first stroke and I could feel the effect immediately. The two strips were stiff enough to give a hard thuddy sensation, whilst the split provided the sting.

She then ordered Count.


As each stroke landed I managed to keep the count ticking along until it reached forty. The next stroke had me squealing and before I could complete the count the next stroke landed. I gasped “forty two.”

No that is not right; you missed out “forty one.” Now continue. If you miss out a count of a stroke, then that one does not count.”

I said nothing but I managed not to lose count again until I reached one hundred and thirty nine. That stroke had me in tears and I struggled to keep counting up to one hundred and seventy five.

She paused, saying “now for the last twenty five. For these you do not need to count as I expect you will be rather preoccupied.”

She caressed my bum for a couple of minutes, as well as tracing her fingers along the welts that were obviously visible.

The next stroke had me yelping as the pain was so intense. I realised that she had turned it over so that every time the tawse met my upturned ass the ridges bit in vertically as it landed on an already sore and tender ass.

The next few minutes were a blur as I yelped as each stroke of that awful ridged side of the tawse landed. She caressed my bum after the last stroke landed. She released my ankles and wrists before ordering me to the corner of the living room. I was told to keep my hands on my head and nose well into the corner.

As I followed Diane’s instructions she said, “Oooh that will make a reeally nice a nice picture.” I heard her move around a little before it went quiet.corner

The half hour dragged as I reflected on my failure to comply with her orders from earlier in the day. I heard Diane approach me, hug me from behind and whispered, now come to the sofa and lay on my lap.

I did so with trepidation and when I was comfortably settled, she kindly rubbed arnica cream into my throbbing bum.

When she had finished, she said with a giggle, now go and look in the mirror and see what that nice tawse has done.

I rushed upstairs looked in the mirror amazed to see a very red bum and a series on one inch vertical welts. While I was doing this Diane had cleared the dining table and served supper. As I took my usual place I could see that she had placed a pillow on the seat.

Over dinner Diane asked “You were unusually late today, so what happened at the meeting then?”

I explained what had happened and she was highly amused. She smiled as she said “I think Dee has been her usual spirited self.”

“Why” I asked.

“I told her about the bet, and she then told me about your being asked to spend more time in our office. I expect she and Zack had something to do with the timing, which was unfortunate for your ass.”

With a grin she added “Still if you behave over the weekend, your ass will have had time to recover by Monday.”

The rest of the evening we spent relaxing until she decided that she needed me to give her five orgasms. She was not too evil, just cuffed my wrists behind my back and ordered me to start using my mouth. Although she can hold back from orgasming, I was glad that she did not and it took me about an hour to finish the task leaving her twitching after the last one. she was kind enough to change the position of my joined wrists to the front before she laid her head on my shoulder. She quickly fell asleep leaving me to wonder what she had in store for me on the next two days.

The picture was found on the internet and there is no record of any credits. If it is yours please contact me and I will provide the appropriate credit or remove it.

Wicked Wednesday

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    Gorgeous pic….love it.

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