I woke up on the Saturday morning to my darling wife playing with my groin. My cock was getting painfully uncomfortable in its tight confines of the evil cage she had me put on the previous night. My ass was still sore from her application of the new tawse.

As I stirred she gently said “good you’re awake now. Time for you start your day.”

I knew what that meant. Last night I had been given a list of tasks for the day. The first of these was to make breakfast for her. I was allocated fifteen minutes. I had just laid out the table as she walked in to the room. Just to make me more uncomfortable she was wearing high heels and nothing else. She sashayed up to me, kissed me hard and then sat down to eat her breakfast. She nodded to allow me to sit and join her.

Another task she had given to me was to stay silent for the whole day except when I had been given specific permission to talk or only if she asked a direct question that required an answer.

I kept silent until she had finished eating. She said “you have done well so far. Now you have half an hour to clear up and then get ready to go shopping. I have laid out your attire for the day on the bed.

I cleared up and went to the bedroom to find just a shirt, a tight fitting pair of shorts and a pair of sandals. I quickly dressed and joined her in the living room.

“Good, you are ready on time. Now let’s go shopping.”

In the car I maintained my silence until she said “You are allowed to talk until we get to the car park.”

“Thank you.”

We chatted a little as she teased me about the day ahead. As we parked the car, I went round to the passenger side, opened the door, as she slowly got out. When she was stood up, she kissed my cheek whispering “Good boy.”

We started off in the shops buying many of the more mundane items we needed. She stood next to me in each shop as we paid for items and I managed to maintain my silence.

Diane smiled at me as we entered the Bedroom Delights section of the local Bustards. I inwardly groaned. She was quickly drawn to a really sexy bra and knickers set. As she held the bra up to her chest one of the assistants, with a name badge saying she was Bridget, came over said to me “I think that looks good for her, what about you?”

Without thinking I replied “Yes, it looks really sexy.”

Diane heard me turned round with her sexy smile, “count 1”.

The assistant looked puzzled until Diane explained “He lost a bet last weekend and he is not allowed to talk for the whole day except when I say he can or I ask a direct question. He has now failed that task and he will suffer for it later.”

The assistant giggled before saying “and how will he suffer?”

“I thinking of some additional product testing of a new tawse that was sent to us to try out.”

“Oh you mean that one with the ridges on one side?”

“That’s the one.”

“That is one really mean toy. My husband called it ‘the Bitch’ and we both bawled our eyes out when on the receiving end. I just hope it gets approved for sale as I have a lot of regular customers who would love to buy it.”

Diane replied “It’s no longer up to me now.”

“I know, and congratulations on your new job.”

“Thank you. Now I need to find something to use on him for his breaking his silence earlier.”

“I have just the thing.”

She took us to the display of impact toys. Before I knew it Diane was looking at a thin metal rod with a rubber handle.

Bridget said “that is a really interesting toy. It stings like the devil when used hard, yet 1404647539107-1325880612when hooked up to an electrostim unit can produce the most amazing sensations.”

Diane tested it gently across her palm and said “umm this could be interesting.”

She put it in her basket alongside the lingerie she had already selected.

As Bridget rang up the items she deliberately tried to get me to talk again. Somehow I resisted the temptation to reply.

A short stop at the local supermarket was accomplished on the way home without me talking.

As we put away our shopping, I noticed that the answerphone was blinking, so I pressed play. It was our estate agent saying that we had received an offer on the house. I mimed to Diane could I ring her to which she replied an emphatic “No.”

Diane picked up the phone, rang the agent and listened before she agreed to accept the offer that had been made. After a short conversation Diane put down the phone. Diane said “this is really interesting. Mike and Janet are the buyers.”

About half an hour later the phone rang and it was Janet. She and Diane had a long conversation while I prepared our lunch. After a quick lunch Diane said “Mike and Janet are coming around later. I have agreed that we will go to the pub afterwards for supper. But before we go out you will still have your tasks to complete and I have a lovely treat organised for you later.”

I spent the afternoon in silence completing the tasks that had been given to me. Diane then said “Now it is time for your treat. You have 30 minutes of free time while I prepare your treat. Do not come in here during that time.”

I went to the study and checked my emails. I found there was one from Susan. As she was in the area, she asked if we were going to be in. I knocked on the living room door, showed Diane the email and she said “Leave it with me.” Before closing the door.

A while later, she came into the study and said, “now for your treat.” She put the blindfold on, and guided me into the living room. She made me stand with my feet apart and with cuffs secured them about 1 foot apart. She then secured my arms using cuffs behind my back. She then said “from the time I tap your bum, you will endure the predicament I put you in. If you manage 40 minutes, I will release you from your cage tonight. If you shout out ‘I surrender’ before the 40 minutes you will stay in your cage for one day for every minute left. Oh and before we go out tonight you will suffer twenty strokes of that cane that Bridget recommended for talking earlier.”

I felt her fiddling around by balls and realised that she had put the spiked parachute on and them. I was instructed to get up on to tiptoes and I felt something being clipped to my nipple rings. She then put earplugs in my ears and I heard the sounds of crashing waves blocking out all sound. I felt her tap my bum and I let my heels touch the ground to find a painful tug on my nipples. As I went back on tiptoes I felt the parachute tightening as it was held down to the floor. I realised that whatever I did, I would suffer pain to either my balls or nipples. I was stuck and resting my feet would be much more painful than the spikes digging into my balls. I do not know how long I was able to stay up on my toes, but my calf muscles were crying out for relief so I rested them only to have my nipples suffer the agony of being pulled up.

I could not keep track of the time and suffered as alternately my nipples and balls suffered the agonies being inflicted by the predicament I was in. I resolved not to shout out and suffer the indignity of being in my cage.

Every time I rose off my heels to relieve my calf muscles and the time I could stay on my toes seemed to shorten each time.

Just as I was about to call out my surrender I felt the pull on each nipple stop. Diane removed my blindfold and kissed me before saying “you did it, so no more cage after tonight.”

As I was released from my bindings I blinked and was surprised to see that Mike and Janet were there as was Susan. Diane gracefully said “Your silence is suspended, but I may reintroduce it anytime later.”

I greeted our guests before Diane said, “Now bend over that chair and we will get your other punishment out of the way.”

I did as I was told and she picked up the cane. She tapped my bum a little before a really thin line of stinging fire was felt across my already sore bum. The second stroke landed and was just above the first. The lines of fire continued to be felt all over my upturned ass as the strokes I received mounted up. She landed the last stroke on my sit spot and as I felt the sting I bolted upright and tried to soothe the spot. Diane laughed, hugged me and said “all done now.” I was allowed a little time in private to get dressed.

As I entered the living room, Diane was showing Mike and Janet all the attachments that we had put in various places and Mike quickly said “whatever you do, leave them all as I am sure we will be using them ourselves.

Susan was amused as this was going on. I told Susan about the events of a few weeks ago and how we had shown Mike and Janet about bondage and spanking.

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to Silence

  1. John says:

    Chastity, nipple torture, public humiliatio … ooh, wonderfully kinky!: -)

  2. Heaven says:

    Oh yes this was a kinky story indeed. That cane sounds wicked too.

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