Yes-No Game

As we walked to the pub Mike and I led the way happily chatting away. The girls followed us and all we heard was some giggling and laughter. I turned to Mike saying “I think they are cooking up something.”

He smiled “Probably at our expense.”

We slowed down a little and let them catch up. As they caught up with us they continued chatting. The conversation we heard was nothing out of the ordinary.

We found a suitable table for the five of us and after we had placed our orders Susan looked at Diane and Janet who both nodded before she said “Mike and Charles, Janet has said she wants some training in the use of certain implements. Diane and I have agreed to help. On our way here we have devised a little game for tonight that could result in sore bums for both of you tomorrow. And yes I know yours is already sore Charles, so you need to be extra careful.”

I shifted uneasily as Mike gulped on hearing this.

Susan continued “We are going to play the “Yes/No” game until we have all finished our meals. Neither of you are allowed to say Yes or No during that time. Diane will note how many times Charles says Yes and No and Janet will do the same for Mike. Any hesitations will also count and I will keep count of them.”

Mike said “that is all well and good, but how does this affect us?”

Susan with a twinkle in her eye replied “Easy, for each time you say Yes or No you will get one stroke of an implement of Janet’s choice. The same applies for Charles, except Diane will choose the implement. I will decide on which implements to use for the hesitation and both of you will receive the same number of strokes which is the combined total of your hesitations.”

Mike replied “But…..”

“No buts. You can walk home tonight and collect your car tomorrow.”

I added “You can trust Susan totally, not only to be fair and she will take into account your lack of experience.”

Mike replied “OK.”

Susan then said “Are you ready to start?”

We both answered “I am”

The conversation flowed and both of us managed to avoid saying Yes or No for a few minutes despite the ladies doing their best to get us to slip up. However, we had both hesitated on a couple of occasions and I hoped that Susan had not noticed.

When Diane asked “Charles, it is time for another round, can you remember the order?”

I immediately without thinking replied “Yes.”

She smiled. Mike came to the bar with me and to get the round of drinks. When we sat down Janet asked some innocent question, Mike hesitated for a moment before answering “No”.

By the time we had all finished the meal both of us had slipped up a few more times, and there seemed to have been a few hesitations.

Susan then said “Right we have had a good meal, and the game is over. First Diane, then Janet, how many times did they slip up?”

Diane replied “14.”

Janet answered “9.”

Susan then smiled as she said “Aww Charles seems to have lost his concentration. Well, in addition there were 31 hesitations. I can imagine both of them will be having difficulty sitting down tomorrow afternoon.”

The rest of the evening was spent chatting pleasantly despite a little teasing of Mike and myself.

Mike and Janet appeared mid-morning and he was carrying a cardboard tube containing the implements I had helped him buy a few weeks ago.

Diane collected together a number of our implements including that dreaded tawse that she had tested out on me on the Friday night.

Susan took charge and said to Janet, now it’s time for their bums to receive their dues from last night. I think that Charles should go first so Diane and I can show you how to use some of these implements. I was ordered to the dining table and my legs were secured before my arms were stretched out so I was not able to protect my already sore bum.

Diane picked up the crop and showed Janet with a flick of the wrist how it could be used as two implements in one. The slapper part landed on my right cheek and the left cheek had the shaft which acted like a cane. The second stroke was another flick of the wrist with just the slapper landing on my left cheek. Another two strokes followed.

I yelped as each of the strokes landed much to the amusement of Diane. She then suggested to Janet she should practice a few strokes on a cushion. I heard the thump as her crop hit a cushion. Susan and Diane patiently guided her in how to apply the crop properly as I waited still bent over the table. Diane then directed Janet to watch as she landed a stroke on each of my sit spots with just the slapper landing leaving a bright red mark. These two produced a louder yelp as each landed.

Diane stopped and stroked my bum before picking up the Scorpion. imp500She showed Janet how each tail was a slightly different length. Diane then landed eight stinging blows to my ass, which had me squirming and squealing as each landed.

Diane got Janet to pick up their cat of nine tails and practice on the cushion. Janet practised her technique under the guidance of Diane and Susan until they were satisfied that she knew how to avoid doing any serious lasting damage.

Diane stepped back and said “He’s all yours now Susan. 31 strokes I believe.”

“Thanks Diane, and yes it is 31 strokes.”

I thought “Damn, this is going to be painful.” I carefully said nothing as I knew that it could provoke a reaction that may not be so comfortable on my tender ass.

Susan paused for a moment and decided to pick up the dreaded tawse. She inspected it and asked Diane about it. Thankfully Diane said it was very severe and explained how the ridged side was extremely painful. Susan thought about this for a minute before saying “well this is not a punishment session, so instead I will use the leather paddle.”

Susan picked up a leather paddle and demonstrated to Janet how effective it could be with me squealing as each of ten strokes landed. She passed it to Janet who practised on the cushion while I listened in and waited.

The wait for the first stroke was unnerving, but when it landed it was a hard stroke on my left cheek. She repeated the stroke four times before landing five on my right cheek.

Diane was obviously explaining to Janet how to make the paddle make its mark effectively and that a variation on pace and cheeks made fopr a more intense session. In just a couple of minutes Janet had satisfied Susan and Diane that she could wield one safely and effectively.

Susan then picked up the wooden spoon and demonstrated with 10 carefully applied strikes how it could produce nice oval marks. It seemed that in no time that Diane and Susan were satisfied with Janet’s technique on a cushion.

The final implement Susan selected was the dressage whip. This was shown to Janet and the technique demonstrated on my ass. Each stroke had just the 6 inch popper landing with a loud crack. I received 11 of these strokes and they produced 11 stinging bites that I was sure had broken the skin. As the last one landed Diane carefully stroked my ass, tracing her finger along each welt left by the last implement. She reassured me that I was fine and there was no broken skin. I was then released from my position.

I looked over to see Mike watching nervously as Janet practised her technique.

It took quite a while for Janet to master the technique, until eventually Susan was satisfied.

Susan then directed Mike to remove his jeans. He did as he was told and Janet smiled as Susan noticed that he was wearing a thong. Janet then said to us “I thought that would be a fair for him to being wearing that.”

Susan laughed “Normally I make the men drop everything, but as this is his first time I am happy as it will not interfere with his ass being reddened. I think it would be a good idea to warm him up with a hand spanking as he is not used to being on the receiving end of implements.”

Mike leant over the table and was secured down in the same way as I was just a few minutes earlier. Susan guided Janet on how to spank the prostrate Mike and before long his ass was a nice shade of pink.

Janet picked up the crop and laid down nine strokes that had Mike grunting as each landed. The marks were clearly visible from each stroke and whilst some included the shaft, most were just from the slapper.

Susan handed Janet the paddle and let her land the ten stinging strokes. Each splat elicited a grunt and Janet was careful not create a rhythm so Mike could not anticipate when the next stroke landed. Janet put down the paddle and picked up the wooden spoon which left 10 angry red ovals peppering his bum.

Janet then picked up the dressage whip, practised a few strokes on the cushion before starting on Mikes ass. The first stroke landed and Mike squealed before exclaiming “Christ that stings.”

Susan said “up to you Janet, but normally that sort of reaction should require some penalty.”

Janet hesitated for a moment then said “that stroke does not count. If you do it again there will be two extra strokes, three the next time and so on.”

Mike opened his mouth as if to protest and thought better of it as Janet landed the next stroke. Whilst he squirmed and squealed through the strokes he managed to contain himself so as not to incur any penalty strokes.

As Janet finished she stroked Mike’s bum. Diane passed her some arnica lotion that she tenderly applied before releasing him and giving him a long hug.

As we sat down for lunch I noticed that Diane had thoughtfully put a soft cushion  on his chair for Mike to sit on.

Wicked Wednesday

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3 Responses to Yes-No Game

  1. You do a count a lot; I’ve never counted strokes, but I have to say, it seems like it would be unnerving.

    • thelongbean says:

      Thanks. I was once “sentenced” to 354 cane strokes by my Domme. My Domme knew I was scared of the cane from a bad experience at school but was fairly gentle with me.
      Luckily I did not have to count, but a fellow sub did. When my Domme stopped at one point she asked the sub “how many?” and she got the number wrong. She had to take the 48 hard strokes that she had miscounted by…..

  2. I am not fond of counting, as it gets me in a totally wrong mind space…

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