Red bottom weekend part 1

This week’s story is inspired by Craig and Lizzie and their Red Bottom Days or Weekends. My thanks go to them for allowing me to use their concept.

Now I was spending a lot more time working at Bustards alongside my darling wife,Diane, Dee, the Chief executive and the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

After a business meeting at Bustards had finished on Wednesday afternoon, Dee invited the four of us to stay the weekend with her and her husband Zack, at their country estate. She added that Corrine and Patrice would be over for the weekend and that John, Kathy, Susan, William, Celia, Tom and Suzy would also be there. We readily accepted as we enjoyed their company and especially the fun and games that we have taken part in over the last few years.

When I got home on Thursday there was an email from Zack. There were some very specific instructions which had me smiling. Diane checked her email and she asked “have you received an email from Zack?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well you better see for yourself.”

I went over and read the email.

Dear Diane

Thank you for accepting our invitation for the weekend. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Please ensure that when you arrive that you are wearing a skirt and the knickers that Charles gives you tomorrow morning. Let him pack bag for the weekend.

See you tomorrow at about 5 as we need to resolve a little business issue before we can relax and enjoy the weekend.



I laughed when I had finished. Diane said “what the hell does he mean by the knickers you give me in the morning?”

“All in good time my dear. All I ask is that you get your make up bag ready before you leave in the morning. As I am working from home tomorrow, I have plenty of time to do our packing and will pick you up at 3.”

“Yes, but what about the girls?”

“No problem, they can still come with us as that has already been sorted.”

“I’m intrigued, what have you two hatched up?”

“Not a lot. I have been given some instructions too, but I don’t know exactly what is planned for the weekend.”

The next morning as Diane got ready for her day at the office I handed her a thong saying “these are your knickers for the day.”

She replied “I may as well not wear any.”

“No. you will be wearing them when we get to Zack and Dee’s house.”

I picked up Diane and the girls and we arrived at Zack and Dee’s home in plenty of time. I was surprised that Tom, Suzy, Susan, Kathy and John were already there. We greeted each other with our usual hugs.

Once we were all gathered together, Zack said. “Let’s get this little bit of business out of the way.”

Tom explained that as we are shareholders in the company that he ran, he wanted our agreement on the way it was organised. He went through his proposal to separate the “dungeon furniture” part of the company from the rest of the furniture making business. A short discussion followed which quickly ended in total agreement to his proposals.

He then said, “by the way, I have a new design that I hope we can test over the weekend.”

Zack laughed “No problem there. I am sure we can test it thoroughly.”

William, Celia, Patrice and Corrine arrived and as we finished our dinner, Zack opened with “You have all had your individual instructions for the weekend. I hope that they have been followed as this is crucial for the fun of the weekend. I have called it a Red Bottom Weekend. All the women present, including Corrine, will enjoy having a red bottom all weekend. Except when sleeping, when it is considered that their bums are not sporting a decent shade of red, this should be corrected by additional attention. No spanking should be anything more than a ‘good girl spanking’.”

He continued “The top up redness can only be applied by their partner unless it is explicitly agreed by the couple and the potential spanker. For the purposes of this weekend, Corrine and Patrice are responsible for topping up Tamara and Sofia’s bums and Dee will look after Susan’s.”

We all looked at each other and smiled when he finished off. “All the ladies will wear thongs and may wear skirts.”

Corrine interrupted, “we have been unclothed in each other’s company often enough, I say forget the clothing, and we are all nude for the weekend.”

William and Celia, who were the latest recruits, blushed a little as everyone agreed. Corrine was the first and she unbuttoned her dress to show she was wearing nothing underneath. The rest of us quickly followed suit, with Dee helping Zack in his wheelchair to remove his trousers and underwear.

We drew numbers to determine the order in which the spankings were to be administered. Suzy drew the number 1, and was the first to get her ass reddened. Tom went over to a newroyal_paddle armchair, fiddled with it and in less than a minute it was transformed into a luxurious spanking horse.

Suzy approached it as he asked “do you want to be restrained?”

“No, I’ll manage.”

Once Suzy was in position he went to his toy bag, picked up a red marker pen and wrote on her left cheek “MORE” on the right “PLEASE”.

Suzy wriggled a little as this happened and asked “what have you done?”

“Just getting you ready.”

He started with a gentle hand spanking that had Suzy purring with pleasure, especially when he paused and caressed her cheeks. Once her bum was a nice shade of pink he picked up the leather paddle and applied some gentle slaps that soon reddened her ass. The lettering was hardly visible when he said “Just a few more.”

A few harder slaps followed and when he finished it was not possible to make out the writing. He caressed Suzy’s bum again and let her up. The usual hug was accompanied by some whispering between them before they returned to their chairs at the table.

Corrine was next and Patrice opted to spank her over the knee. Once a few spanks had landed Corrine was purring in delight. Once Patrice was finished it was clear that they were both aroused by the spanking and they cuddled together just like the newlyweds they are.

Kathy was up next and when she was bent over the horse we noticed that her bum was a light shade of pink. Zack raised an eyebrow before John said “I didn’t know about the plan for the weekend and Kathy had a good girl spanking when we left home. I can see that she really needs a top up now.”

Kathy wiggled her bum sexily as he caressed it. He soon quickly had her purring too and her bum was a nice shade of red when he finished with just using his hand.

The spankings continued. Celia was the last to have her ass receive the necessary attention. She leant over the bench and William started to lightly spank her upturned bum. He continued for a while until she said “You can go harder if you like.”

He tried some harder strokes and whilst her bum was a light shade of pink he seemed to be afraid of applying firmer strokes.

She then said “if you can’t deliver any harder strokes, you better let someone else show you.”

He then motioned to Susan to come over and Celia said to her “Please make me as red as the others.”

Susan picked up a paddle and laid down a few firmer strokes that had Celia squealing in delight. In no time her ass was suitably reddened. Celia got up, hugged her before whispering in William’s ear.

It was getting late as we all drifted off to our rooms. After we had both finished in the bathroom, I hugged Diane and asked her to turn around. I could see that the rosy red glow had faded. “I think some sexy girl needs a top up, and got her to position herself over my lap. I again warmed her bum to a nice shade of red. Whilst I was attending to her bum, her wriggling soon had me aroused, and between the spanks I took the opportunity to caress her bum and let my hands drift down to her nether lips. I felt moisture and knew that she too was finding it pleasurable. I continued with the spankings and caresses until I was satisfied that she was ready.

I let her up and her nipples stood proudly erect as she then pushed me back on to the bed and took control, telling me “I’ll do all the work.” In no time she had me at the edge before she slowed down a little for a minute before she brought me back up to a peak. This continued until she was ready to come, and finally she continued until we both reached our peak and as I erupted, she did too.

She slumped down on me, and with a little difficulty I managed to get us both onto our sides. I continued to cuddle into her as she fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

Wicked Wednesday

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5 Responses to Red bottom weekend part 1

  1. We were heading for a red bottom weekend this coming weekend, but then I fell last weekend and have my foot all bandaged and not able to walk. So we took a rain check on it…

    Rebel xox

  2. John says:

    I may get a private red bottom weekend soon; it all depends how much I tease and poke my wife!

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