Red bottom weekend part 2

This week’s story is inspired by Craig and Lizzie and their Red Bottom Days or Weekends. My thanks go to them for allowing me to use their concept. You can find last week’s episode here.

Although Diane woke first on Saturday morning, I feigned sleep when she came out of the bathroom. As she was brushing her hair I said “I can see your bottom faded overnight, so come and lay on my lap.”

She did as she was asked and I gave her a few light smacks to settle down. I laid down a few harder ones and she was squeaking a little. I paused for a moment to rub her light pink coloured bum. She said “Those hard ones were certainly stingy.”

My reply was simple “so what they say about spankings hurting more on a freshly showered bum must be true.”

I added a few hard spanks with my hand before I leant over to pick up her hairbrush. A few applications of the hairbrush had her bum a suitable shade of red.

She waited for me whilst I had a quick shower and went down to breakfast. I had no qualms in giving her some light top up spanks with my hand as we went downstairs.

As the breakfast was self-service I was able to see that John and Tom had the same idea as me in ensuring that their wives, Kathy and Suzy, sported the required red bottom.

William and Celia appeared, and whilst Celia sported a light pink bottom Corrine admonished them for not getting in the spirit of things.

William replied “I am not happy spanking Celia as I am afraid I will hurt her.”

Celia added, “He has always been like that. Corrine will you top me up so I am no different to the others?”

Corrine looked at Patrice and he nodded, before she said “Rather than me do it, William will, but I will teach him how to spank properly.”

It took a while for Corrine to show him how to use his hand properly. After about half an hour of instruction Celia was sporting a red bottom. Not only that, she was purring and squealing with pleasure as each spank landed.

William was still nervous, but Celia reassured him that the spanking was firm but not too hard. The morning progressed and there were plenty of top up spankings given so all the ladies had nice red bottoms.

At lunch Zack asked John, “Did you bring the items I asked about?”

“Yes, I have enough to go around and some spares.”

“Good.” He then continued, “I hope you are all up for a bit of exercise this afternoon.”

We looked at him slightly inquisitively.

Dee was the first to speak, asking “Does it involve maybe the odd bruise?”

Zack smiled as he said “If you get caught, then may be.”

Corrine picked up on this and said “Ooh paintballing then.”

“Yes, and the local farmer has kindly left out quite a few bales of straw around for us to use as well. I spoke to him earlier and he does not mind if it gets covered in paint as it will be used as bedding for his cattle in the winter.”

As lunch finished Corrine got up to help clear the plates when Patrice called her over and asked her to lay over his lap. He gave her a light spanking and then used the paddle to give her the appropriate colour on her bottom. A few other ladies needed a top up spanking to ensure that their bottoms were a decent shade of red.

Once we had cleared the dishes, we all helped carry the necessary equipment over to the field where we found that the farmer had laid out a clever design of straw bales so that there were both areas for shelter as well as plenty of open spaces to be crossed.

Zack then said “Although there is a slight mismatch in numbers between the men and women, If Tamara and Susan join the men’s team we can have a battle of the sexes. Dee and I will be team captains. There is a little ‘fort’ at each end of the field. On the top is a flag, and the aim is to capture the flag from the other end and return it to your own fort. The twist is that no defender is allowed to be within three yards of their fort, except one person when hoisting the captured flag. How does best of five games sound?”

We all agreed.

Zack then said “You can fire at will, but each of you will be given fifty balls each game, so you need to be careful. If you run out of paintballs, then there is a little penalty fishing competition tomorrow morning. If you run out in only one game then the penalty is to catch one pound of fish. Two games is two pounds and so on. Between Dee and myself, each game our team loses we have to catch two pounds of fish.”

Dee was about to complain when Zack noticed that Dee’s bottom needed a little extra colour and he asked Susan to do the honours. She set about the task and soon had Dee squirming as she made sure that Dee had plenty of colour in her cheeks.

We separated into our teams and there was a huddle so that we could discuss tactics.

A few moments later both sides were ready and we started the “battle”. As expected, the girls quickly started their raid and whilst most of us on Zack’s team held back in defence leaving Tamara and Susan to rush up the field to capture the flag, which they did having only been hit a few times. Our defence was steady and the girls found it difficult to get to our fort without being hit by loads of paintballs.

The second game was closer, especially as the girls changed their tactics and defended rather better. I motioned to John and Tom to distract Kathy, Corrine and Dee who were defending their fort. Unfortunately for us just as I reached for the flag, Sofia planted our flag on their fort.

As we were in the huddle for the third game I noticed Diane needed a little more colour on her bottom. I shouted across the field mush to Diane’s annoyance. As it happened, both Suzy and Sofia also needed a little extra colour so we attended to that before we resumed the paintball match.

The third game was close, however when the girls sent Kathy out to distract us, I realised that Sofia was sent on a sprint to try and capture our flag. I managed to hit Sofia with a paintball on each breast which surprised her and she scuttled to hide behind one of the bales. In the meantime, Patrice has captured their flag and returned quickly so the men won the third game.

The fourth “battle was much closer and both sides defended well. After numerous tries by the girls to capture our flag, we managed to sneak Tamara up the field and with a remarkable sprint in a hail of paintballs she managed to get their flag back to us and plant it on the fort.

Dee in her impish way turned to John and asked him to fill up everyone’s gun with paintballs. He did as asked and when he had finished she turned her gun and fired all her paintballs at Zack. Her aim was not too good and missed with many, however his chest and wheelchair ended up a bright blue. When Dee finished, we all started firing at each other and as Dee had no paintballs left found that she was on the receiving end of more than the rest of us.

by the time we had used up all the paintballs everyone was well covered in paint in a riot of colours.

We cleared away our equipment and quickly made our way back to the house where we showered and cleared all the paint off us.

As Diane stepped out of the shower, I felt it was time to top up her now light pink bottom. I found her hairbrush and in no time she was sporting a bright red bottom. As I laid down the strokes there were a number of OWs which is unusual. After I had finished the top up she complained that I had managed to hit the bruises that she had received from the paint balls.

Wicked Wednesday

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5 Responses to Red bottom weekend part 2

  1. Just this weekend, I immediately came down from a suspension and went to a waxing table. Covered in wax, I safeworded out because the wax was going into the grooves of rope marks and burning all the more. (Turns out the wax was too hot as well, which makes me feel better.) I have bruises from rope and burns from wax.
    I can understand her ows at paintball bruises (super owie) with spanking. What fun games though.

  2. Paintball bruises hurt like a bitch!! My masochist side is now kind of intrigued at just how sore a spanking on top of such bruises would be *grins*


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