Red bottom weekend- the end

This week’s story is inspired by Craig and Lizzie and their Red Bottom Days or Weekends. My thanks go to them for allowing me to use their concept. You can find the first week’s episode here and last week is here.

After our paintballing fun we relaxed with the girls getting a few spankings to top up the colour to their bottoms. There were a few louder ows than usual because when some spanks were placed on the bruises from the paint balls.

At dinner, Zack commented on the fact that there was some fishing to be done the following day. Dee had 7lbs of fish to catch for losing and running out of balls in one of the games. Zack had 2 as did Tamara and Suzy. Diane, Tom and William also had one pound of fish to catch; again for running out of balls.

When we got up the next morning it was raining hard. I ensured that before we went for breakfast that Diane had the appropriate red bottom.

After a little discussion after breakfast, we agreed that we would have to find some other entertainment to replace the fishing that had been planned.

Susan then suggested a little game at the expense of sore bottoms for those who had to go fishing. In no time the rules were agreed. Those who had the least fish to catch would be blindfolded and on the receiving end of a gentle flogger wielded by all those who did not have to go fishing. All they had to do was identify the person who delivered the stroke and that person would be eliminated. This would continue until the last person was eliminated. Additionally they could not give the same name twice in a row and no two consecutive strokes would be delivered by the same person except when it was down to just three people left to be eliminated.

Diane won the right to go first. She leant over the new armchair and the first stroke was delivered by Corrine. She did not identify her correctly, so I stepped up, swung hard and with a whoosh the stroke landed. She immediately guessed it was me, and I was eliminated. It took twenty strokes before she identified Sofia correctly. By the end of about ten minutes she had managed to correctly identify everyone.

There was a short break in the game as Patrice noticed that Corrine’s bum needed some top up colour which he immediately rectified with the leather paddle. William decided that Celia needed some additional colour and he also used the paddle. Susan helped guide him in its use and soon Celia was squealing as each stroke landed.

Tom was next up for the game and he took rather less time than Diane in identifying everyone correctly.

William then stretched himself over the armchair and it seemed he deliberately guessed incorrectly for a while and by the time he had eliminated everyone he was sporting a very red bum.

For those who had two pounds of fish to catch, Only Dee was not allowed to join in the fun. Zack was up first and because of his disability; we had to help him lay his torso on the dining table. Instead of a flogger we decided that a leather paddle would be appropriate implement. It did not take him long to identify Susan who was the first to be eliminated. The others were soon eliminated until it was just Sofia, Diane and Tom. Sofia went up and landed a hard stroke that had Zack gasping. His guess was wrong and she landed another hard stroke. He gulped hard before identifying her correctly.

Diane and Tom were correctly identified after their next strokes. Zack was helped back into his wheelchair and winced as his bum met the seat of the chair.

Tamara and Suzy both took their paddling well and quickly managed to identify the people wielding the implements.

Last up was Dee, who with a seductive wiggle of her bottom took up her position. For Dee’s penalty, Susan selected a light wooden paddle which gave a nasty sting as it made contact.

First up was William, and following his earlier instruction from Susan he landed a nice sweet stinging blow that had Dee squealing. She called that it was Susan who had delivered the blow. Susan was next to land a stroke on Dee’s upturned bum. While she guessed it was Susan, Zack quickly announced that the guess was wrong. It took around thirty spanks before Dee correctly identified Susan as the spanker. Dee was given a short break to recover before the next round and in just another ten spanks Corrine, Patrice and Sofia were correctly identified. When William delivered the next stroke Dee suggested Susan, but as she had already been eliminated it did not count.

Dee took about twenty more strokes to eliminate Zack, much to his annoyance. We continued with the game as John, Kathy and myself were quickly eliminated.

Celia landed a hard blow that had Dee gasping before she correctly identified Celia the one wielding the implement.

We allowed Dee a break to gather herself, before the last four spankers. William kept delivering his stinging blows and was often misidentified. Eventually Tamara was eliminated. Tom was correctly identified soon after. It was only when William had delivered two successive strokes that Dee correctly identified him. This left just Diane and Suzy who were correctly identified in the next two strokes.

As Dee was released from the armchair, she quickly started to rub her sore and bright red bottom. She sat on Zack’s lap as he comforted her. When she had recovered fully she looked at William and said “I think Celia may find her ass a bit sore whenever you give her some attention.”

Celia giggled at this saying “Umm, I hope not to frequently, and to think a few months ago I would not let anyone spank me.”

There was more banter until Tom noticed that Suzy’s ass needed some extra colour. He got her to bend over the armchair and using the same paddle as was used on Dee quickly had her squirming and squealing as her upturned bottom was turned from Pink to bright Red.

After some lunch, it had stopped raining and was time for us all to make our way home. On hugging Dee, Diane gave her a playful swat on the bottom which made Dee wince.

In the car I turned Diane’s seat warmer up to the highest setting. She started to complain and when she went to turn it down, I said “No touching. If you turn it down, I will play guess the implement on your already warmed up ass.”

She pouted and wisely did not touch the control. About half way home I stopped the car and suggested that we went for a walk. Diane was not particularly thrilled with the idea as she was still naked. However there were no cars in the car park and was a quiet area where we would be unlikely to meet anybody on the way.

She reluctantly got out and scuttled close to the bushes. I picked up my back pack and joined her. We walked up a path for a few yards before I ushered her into the wood itself which had very little undergrowth so the walking was easy. About ten minutes of walking through the beech woods we came to a clearing.

I dropped my back pack held her close and asked “Ready to cross off one of things from your bucket list?”

This immediately got her attention and said in her sexiest voice “Yes, please.”

I got her to put on her cuffs as I threw a couple of ropes over branches that were not too thin but thick enough to hold her tightly. I secured her ankles to the base of two trees. They were wide enough apart to allow me full access to her pussy, but not too wide to be uncomfortable. Her arms were secured in the classic spread-eagle. There was a little give so she was not too uncomfortable in that position. I blindfolded her.

I saw her lower lips were starting to glisten with her obvious arousal.

I picked out the pinwheel and gently started to run it all over her, deliberately avoiding all her sensitive areas and the sensations soon had her panting with arousal. Seeing my beautiful naked wife stretched out soon had me aroused too. As I still ran the pinwheel over her erect nipples I started to remove my clothing.

As I brushed up against her back she gasped with surprise as she felt my naked flesh and erection against her back.

I went around to her front, picked up her rabbit vibrator and inserted it before turning it on low. She was clearly getting more and more aroused by the attention being directed at her clit. I took her to the edge of orgasm for what seemed like ages to her before I asked “Ready for the real thing?”


I removed the rabbit and started to insert my now hard member into her. After just a few strokes she had a powerful orgasm that had her screaming with pleasure. I paused for a moment, released her legs, re-entered her and told her to put her legs behind my back cross her ankles. She did as she has told and I slowly but surely brought her to another crashing wave of pleasure. She was panting hard.

I let her recover her breath before starting again, but just as she was about to come I told her “hold it back.”

I kept up a strong rhythm and just as I was about to come, I said “come Now.” I felt her pussy squeeze me tight which tipped me over the edge. Just as I came, she squirted hard and released a gush of fluid over me.

I recovered quickly, released her arms and laid her down on the soft grass and cuddled her as she recovered from her orgasm.

Wicked Wednesday

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7 Responses to Red bottom weekend- the end

  1. beck03 says:

    Yummy. Very descriptive.

  2. Heaven says:

    Damn, paintball and soar body parts from it, I have played and it is no joke. To be getting paddles and hits ouch, ouch, ouch but the ending to everything was very enjoyable.

  3. The Sin Doll says:

    ““hold it back.” and “come Now.” – I can’t cum on command. When I read it written in such a way, it makes me SO horny. I Really enjoyed it! 😀

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