Holiday fun week- part one

As we sat watching some boring TV show late on a Thursday evening Diane asked “I don’t know about you, but I think we could both do with a really serious weekend of play without limits.”

“I agree as we have not had a proper holiday this year.” I replied.

“Umm, let’s see if we can get a week off together.”

“No problem, but how do we decide on who is top and who is sub?”

“I don’t know. I think we should ask Corrine for some guidance.” Suggested Diane.

“OK, but we will have do that tomorrow as its too late now.”

We left the conversation there and managed to get through the next day of our work. We had both got our bosses to agree for us to take the same week off.

After we had finished a light supper, we called Corrine told her of our thoughts for the week of holiday and asked for her guidance. She replied “I will think over tonight and call you in the morning.”

The next morning she called and asked “How would it suit you both to be subs for the week?”

Diane replied nervously “What do you mean by that?”

“Simple, you both come over here for the week, then Patrice, Maria and Eva and I will give you a week of exquisite experiences. The only stipulation is that there is no safeword except in the case of cramp etc. Anything else that we want to do goes. We have a good idea of your hard limits, but we will get you to confirm them before you come here.”

She continued “Think about it, talk to each other and let me know tomorrow.”

We discussed the prospect of a week in the Alps. We both discussed our nervousness of the ‘anything else goes’ part, and on Sunday morning we rang Corrine.

I opened the discussion with “we are very nervous about your comment ‘Anything else goes.’ Especially as we have not yet given you our hard limits.”

Corrine replied “Don’t worry. You know all of us and I can assure you that there will be no injuries to either of you. There will be some pain involved and also there will be pleasure too.”

Diane then said “But,”

Corrine interjected “No buts, what will happen will be ultimately enjoyable for the both of you, although it may not seem that way at times.”

We had both decided the night before that we would take up her offer, so I said “We will take up your kind offer of staying with you for the week.”

“Great, we look forward to seeing you on Friday night. I will send you the list of activities we think are your hard limits and please review it carefully and make any necessary alterations by tomorrow night. On Wednesday we will send you a list of what we need you to bring and some instructions. You need to book your flights to us on Friday and return the following Sunday.”

I quickly booked the flights. Once I had finished we had received the list from Corrine. We carefully examined it and it was fairly accurate. A couple of the activities that they had included, we decided could be removed. On Monday evening we rechecked the list and sent it to Corrine.

We quickly received an email saying “Well done.”

Wednesday evening we received her email telling us what we needed to bring with us. These were mainly insertables such as dildos and butt plugs, but one item had us puzzled. We quickly found out about it on the internet and were able to order it to be delivered at Diane’s office on Friday morning.

On Friday morning we both went to work. As I needed to be at Diane’s office that day we went there together. We were on an afternoon flight so we finished work at lunchtime. Diane closed and locked her office door. We followed the instructions precisely. I was required to wear the plastic cage with the most stringent spikes in the lower ring that would make me very uncomfortable when aroused. Diane was required to have a butt plug and her glass ben wa balls inserted. We were only allowed two pieces of clothing each excluding shoes and for me socks.

After finishing our preparations, we left for the airport.

Going through security was embarrassing for both of us as our bags were selected for a more inspection.

The security woman gently said to us “you seem to have a lot of battery operated items. Please open your bags.”

We opened our bags and she quickly pointed to one of the more interesting vibrators and asked Diane to turn it on to show it worked. She did as asked. This happened for a few other items in our bags before we were told “Fine, Thank you. It seems like someone is going to have a fun time. I’ve never seen so many toys in one bag.”

Diane blushed at this remark and we quickly closed up our bags.

The flight was uneventful and we were quickly through the arrivals process to be met by Corrine who innocently asked “any problems?”

She laughed as Diane told her about the security check.

“Just as I hoped, the start of a great week for all of us.”

We soon arrived at Corrine and Patrice’s home and were greeted by him and Maria and Eva.

We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. After our meal Patrice said “Your week starts tomorrow at 9.00 am and will finish the following Saturday at 9.00. On Sunday before your flight there will be a final reckoning session. You will do everything we ask of you. Any reluctance or disobedience will result in punishment for the other. So if Diane is slow in responding to an order, then Charles will suffer the punishment. Failures in joint tasks mean that you will both be punished. Punishments will be administered each evening after dinner and will count towards the final session on Sunday. In addition if no punishments are earned during the day, you will be allowed some pleasure between you that night.”

Corrine then added “from tomorrow morning you will be naked in the house and grounds. When we go out, which we will at times, you two are only allowed to wear a T shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of shoes.”

We were both ready at 9.00 the next morning having had a light breakfast. Corrine then explained our first task of the weekend. We had to go food shopping. We were given a list in Italian, some money and told we had two hours in which to get everything on the list. We hurried upstairs, got our required clothes on and walked to the local supermarket.

As we entered the shop we realised that this task was not as easy as it sounds because all the labels were in French. The assistants tried to help, but they struggled with some of the items on the list. We finished the shopping and made it back just before the two hours were up.

We quickly undressed and Corrine joined us in the kitchen to help us unpack and put the shopping away. As we did this she was marking things off the list. Finally everything was put away in the right place.

Corrine announced “Well I suppose it was not a bad effort, however you got four things wrong. You managed to get the wrong beans, salad cream instead of mayonnaise, pilchards instead of sardines and you got sweet flour instead of ordinary flour. So that is four punishments each tonight.”

We were ordered to get our cuffs and put them on. We followed the instructions and Patrice came up, locked Diane’s hands behind her back and mine to my front. He also locked a 12 inch chain between our ankle cuffs and at the centre he locked the two chains together.

He then ordered “Today, together you will prepare a warm chicken salad for lunch to be ready at 1.00pm. This is not the only time you will prepare meals, but it will not be a regular occurrence.”

We shuffled off to the kitchen together and between us managed to prepare the required salad and managed to serve it on time.

We had laid six places at the table and when we announced that lunch was served we were surprised to see Tamara and Sofia enter as well as our four tormenters for the week.

“Well this is interesting,” said Corrine. “I suppose you thought you would join us at the table. Well, we cannot punish you for thinking that, however Charles will kneel beside me and Diane by Patrice and we will ensure that you get some lunch.”

After lunch, Tamara and Sofia were ordered to clear up and the two of us were ushered out to the lush lawn.

I noticed that there was a two rows of five tent pegs about two metres apart. The pegs in each line were about one and a half metres apart. Corrine announced “It is a great day for sunbathing, so we thought that you should not go home without a bit of colour.”

The connections between our cuffs were unlocked. Corrine said “To make this more interesting, I have a nice little vibrator for you Diane, and a little black box for you Charles.”

She handed Diane the vibrator which she quickly inserted and I attached the box around my balls.

Corrine the continued “You will each apply sunscreen to each other’s front.”

We did as we were told and it was rather stimulating for both of us. We finished applying the sunscreen. Corrine ordered us to lie down between the two lines of stakes. Our arms and legs were spread and secured to the tent pegs so we were in a moderately comfortable spread-eagle. We looked up to see Tamara and Sofia appear with a tray and they were soon secured to the other tent pegs in the same way as us.

She applied something with a paint brush to all our sides, groins and nipples. Corrine said “the fun really starts now. The vibrators and box on Charles will pick up any movements you make and will give you a tease. They will start off low, but will increase in intensity each time it is set off. Once it reaches the maximum, it will then reduce a bit before increasing again. So you all need to be really still.”

She bent down and flicked the switches on three vibrators in the ladies and then the one on my box.

Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva settled into what looked really comfortable sun loungers and watched us.

I do not know what the substance was, but it quickly attracted the interest of some insects that started to land on us and as they moved there was a tickling sensation. This was tortuous as we had to resist any movement. I soon felt a few sets of teasing, increasing in strength as I could not stop wriggling from the tickling sensations.

After an hour of being laid on our backs and frequently recieving shocks, Diane and I were released and required to apply sunscreen to each other’s backs. We were required to lay on our front and re-secured to our tent pegs. This time Corrine applied the substance to our bum cheeks close to our ass holes. The same happened to Tamara and Sofia.

The insects soon started to feast on the substance and tickle all of us unmercifully. Eventually we were released, the vibrators and box were removed and told to use the shower by the side of the pool and then we could go swimming.

The four of us rushed to the shower and quickly washed ourselves off before we relaxed in the pool. Corrine, Patrice, Maria and Eva soon joined us in the pool.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Oh wow. I’m squirming in my chair over here. Very hot!

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