Holiday fun- part two

Part One of the Holiday fun can be found here.

After our afternoon session of forced sunbathing, Diane and I were allowed to relax as much as we could with our ankles hobbled by 12 inch chains and our hands cuffed behind our backs.

After dinner which had been prepared by Tamara and Sofia, we all went to Corrine’s ‘office’. Once we were there, Corrine said “Now we have the punishments to get out of the way for your failures in the shopping. You won’t be alone in being punished as Tamara and Sofia will suffer the same as you two for their incorrect guess as to how many items you would get wrong. Luckily I have enough equipment for the four of you to suffer the same punishment.”

I was nervous about this, but as we had agreed to the ‘no safe word’ week we had no alternative.

Corrine and Patrice disappeared for a moment and when they came back there were 4 multi-channel TENS and 4 electrostim controllers on the tray together with loads of wires and pads.

Corrine then said “You will be put into 4 different bondage positions for half an hour each. Any movement one of you makes will be detected by the very sensitive movement detectors that will be hanging from your nipple rings. Any detected movement will automatically set of one of the 4 channels of the TENS units for the other three. The strength will be at random and will last between 10 seconds and one minute. Another feature of the setup is that if say Charles makes a movement, the three ladies will suffer. Any movement during this session detected from say, Sofia, will add more time to the controller for Diane and Tamara as well as starting on Charles. After five minutes of these shocks, the controller will shut off for a random length of time before resetting. The four of you will not know how long this will be. Once the first thirty minutes are over, the controller will beep at the end of the final session to show that that it is time to change position.”

Corrine continued “each position you will be put in will become more challenging. And for the third and fourth I will be adding an electrostim butt plug. Finally, each movement you make will be logged and this will form part of your final reckoning on Sunday.”

I looked at Diane and the two girls and all three had expressions of trepidation.

Maria and Eva came over to Diane and myself and started to apply the TENS pads. The TENS pads were placed on each of our calf muscles, thighs, groins, with the girls having them either side of their clits whilst I had them placed just by my balls, our backsides had a pair of pads on each cheek as did each of our nipples.

The wires were connected and Corrine sent a gentle pulse through each channel to make sure the set up was working.

Corrine and Patrice started to bind Tamara and Sofia; whilst Maria and Eva bound Diane and I. We were all put into identical positions of a gentle strappado in such a way that we could see each other.

For a few minutes there were no shocks as we all managed to stay still. Unfortunately Diane was the first to make a movement and three of us felt the effect of the TENS pads on our thighs. This made us jump and consequently we were all made to suffer for a while.

When the pulses stopped, we all let out a sigh of relief and started to stay as still as we could in this position.

After three rounds of shocks, the machine beeped to say that the first session was over. We were then manoeuvred over spanking horses and had our wrists secured on one side and ankles the other. This was a really easy position for all of us and there was only one round of shocks before the computer beeped.

We were given a short break to have a sip of water before applying lube and inserting the butt plugs.

The third position was rather more interesting as we were all put into an upright spread-eagle with wrists and ankles held about three feet apart. Whilst the upper bar was not pulled very far up, after twenty minutes it became uncomfortable. There were two rounds of shocks that had each of us quivering before the machine beeped.

For the fourth position we were put into a very tight ball tie and had to remain very still. This was the most difficult position for each of us and it only took about a minute before the first round of shocks started with the butt plug delivering a strong series of pulses. When it finished we were all panting and luckily we had enough time to gather ourselves together without restarting the shocks. This final tie in the end gave us four rounds of shocks that all lasted the full five minutes.

We were all greatly relieved when the machine beeped for the final time.

We were quickly released from our bindings and allowed to remove the butt plugs. We were each ordered to go and clean them and ourselves up. Tamara appeared a little slow in starting off and Patrice said “one punishment tomorrow for Sofia.” Sofia said nothing but gave Tamara an evil stare.

The session whilst uncomfortable had somehow made both Diane and I rather horny and once over we were allowed to go to our rooms and I used my mouth to great effect bring her to a few powerful orgasms before she laid back for a contented sleep.

Sunday morning saw us all up at a reasonable time. Once we had cleared breakfast up, Patrice ordered us four subs to get dressed. Two cars left Corrine and Patrice’s home and after a short drive we ended up at one of the many beautiful lakes.

As we got out of the cars, Corrine and Patrice started to remove their clothing and ordered the rest of us to follow suit. Once we were all undressed, he gave us each a fishing rod and said “Today is our version of a fishing competition. We will all be fishing for two, two hour long sessions with a break for lunch in the middle. Corrine and I will be against Tamara and Sofia whilst Diane and Charles will be against Maria and Eva. The winning team in each competition will be the ones who catch the most weight in fish. The winners will be able to give the losers 100 spanks each with either hand, leather paddle or strap for each full or part kilo of weight difference to be administered tonight after dinner.”

He continued, “Any fish that are too big to go in the net will be weighed as it is landed and the weight verified by all of us. It will then be released back into the lake.”

We settled down in our desired positions and got ourselves ready. When everyone was ready Patrice set the stop watch and said “time starts now.”

The first hour was relatively quiet with each of us catching two or three small fish. The second hour followed the same pattern until Sofia managed to hook a large fish that had her rod bend a lot. She had just started to reel it in when the timer went off. Patrice seeing the bend on the rod boldly said, “If you land it, it will still count toward your weight total as it was hooked before the time was up.”

It took nearly fifteen minutes for Sofia to carefully bring the fish to the bank and Tamara skilfully got it into a landing net. Corrine was a little alarmed when she saw the weight was 15 kilos and 250 grams.

Tamara gave Sofia a High five when she saw the weight.

We had a leisurely lunch and as it was a warm day, Maria asked if it would affect the fishing if we went for a swim before the second session. We all agreed that it would be great to have a swim and we all made our way into the cold water of the lake. As we got out we could see that all of our nipples had stiffened with the effect of the cold water.

We laid back drying ourselves for about half an hour before we got ready for the second session.

Tamara and Sofia seemed to have run out of luck as they landed just two fish whilst Patrice and Corrine had a steady haul of small fish.

Meanwhile Diane, Maria, Eva and I had were all catching a steady haul of fish that looked similar in size.

The timer went off and we all stopped fishing. The nets were carefully weighed individually and the weights noted by Patrice. When all the weighing in had been completed, Patrice and Corrine were still the losers by nearly three kilos, meaning that they had 300 spanks each to be delivered by Tamara and Sofia.

Diane and I did not fare well as our total catch was two kilos below that of Maria and Eva.

We all had a quick swim, dried off in the sunshine before donning our clothes and returning to Patrice and Corrine’s home.

After dinner, we all got ready for the spankings which were to be delivered over the knee. Corrine and Patrice carefully positioned themselves over Tamara and Sofia’s lap and were given a gentle hand spanking to start with. They then each picked up a leather paddle and administered what looked like some rather stinging blows that had both Patrice and Corrine wriggling. They were both receiving the spanks at the same time. When the girls put down the paddles, Tamara boldly said now for the final twenty, and they each picked up a strap. The blows landed with a loud thwack and a resultant squeal came from those being spanked. The last blow was an evil one to the sit spots that had both Patrice and Corrine yelped as they felt the effects. They were let up and hugged by their spanker before they then hugged each other.

Diane and I soon had ourselves over the laps of Maria and Eva and we started to receive or spanking. I felt every spank and I was sure that my ass was a bright red before they decided we needed to swap places. We the received the remaining strokes with just the leather paddle that had me in tears and Diane yelping at the end as each stroke landed with a resounding splat.

We were let up and hugged each our spankers before cuddling together on the sofa that was soft enough not to aggravate our by now sore asses.

Later as we were about to go to bed, Corrine gave me the key to my chastity cage and said unlock it now, but do not remove until you are in your room. I expect to see it back on the morning.

We went to our bedroom and it took a while until I was able to remove the constricting ring with the spikes. I managed to use the time released from the device to properly satisfy both Diane and myself.

Wicked Wednesday

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5 Responses to Holiday fun- part two

  1. I have always wondered just what it feels like to wear a ‘shocking’ but plug… but don’t think I will ever try it 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I want a tens unit. My husband has been playing with reactive rope, and my friend has medical grade insertables now. So intrigued.

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