Holiday fun- part three

Part two of this series can be found here

Monday morning we got up earlier than normal, even for us, as we had been informed the night before that it was our turn to make breakfast that had to be ready at 7.30 am. Corrine was dressed in her formal work clothes.

When Corrine, Maria and Eva had left for court, Patrice said “Diane and Charles. While Corrine is in court this morning, do you want to help me with a little project I have planned?”

We both replied “of course.”

“Great and I think you will enjoy the result.”

After the dishes had been cleared away he instructed Tamara and Sofia to put their cuffs on and join us in the garden towards the back. Whilst waiting for the girls he marked out four spots.

When they had appeared he attached a short chain between the ankle and wrist cuffs. He told Tamara and Sofia “instead of your usual workout regime at the gym today, I require you to dig a hole at each of these spots that is half a metre square and 40 centimetres deep.”

He then turned to us and instructed us to go and get our clothes as we needed to get some supplies.

We joined him in his large pick-up truck and we drove for about half an hour and entered the large DIY depot. He quickly picked out 2 garden swing seats that comfortably sat two people. He also picked up a number of larger than normal fixings as well the necessary ingredients to make concrete. We left the store and then went to the local timber yard. We helped him load up the five long, thick round logs as well as a substantial amount of timber decking and larger pieces of wood. When the load was properly secured we made our way back.

Once at the house, we were required to strip, get our cuffs on and then help him move everything to where the holes were being dug. Thankfully when moving everything up there we were not restrained. However this changed quickly and we too sported a hobble chain and a chain securing our wrists together.

The girls had made good progress with the hole and when finished they looked at Patrice for approval. He carefully measured them. However when Patrice measured the depth of the last one he said “this one is 5 centimetres too shallow.”

Tamara replied “Sorry, but we hit the rock underneath. We did not think that it would be too serious.”

“Well the depth of the holes is critical, so go get a pickaxe and get it to the right depth now. I will deal with the lack of depth later.”

She scurried off as quickly as she could with the hobble, coming back with a pickaxe. She carefully sat on the side of the hole before dropping into it and started the work to get it to the right depth.

While the girls were finishing the holes Diane, Patrice and I made up two large side frames and prepared the top strut. This work took longer than usual and was made more interesting because of our restraints. Between us we were able to get the uprights into place and held by some struts ready for the holes to be filled with concrete.

When it came to mixing the concrete to secure the posts in the holes, the girls and us took turns at mixing the required amount for each hole. The task of shovelling the gravel, sand and cement was made that harder due to the restricted movements we had.

Just as the fourth hole was being filled, Corrine returned looking pleased with the progress we had made.

In the afternoon there was no work for us to do, so Corrine decided that we needed to have some fun outside. She produced two CDs each. She required the four of us to remove our piercings and place the CDs over our nipples and replace the piercings so as to hold the CDs in place.

She said “now for the game. Diane and Charles will form one team and Tamara and Sofia the other. You will each have a small paintball pistol, which is not very powerful. You have 20 balls each for five games. The target is the CDs. For each game you will start with 50 points. Each hit on a CD will earn the firing team five points. However each hit you receive on a CD will lose your team five points. Each ball fired that does not hit the target will lose the firing team two points and the other team gets three points. Each game lasts ten minutes, during which time you must have used up all your balls. We will sound a short whistle blast to announce that there is one minute in that game left. Each ball left in the pistol at the end of ten minutes will lose your team ten points.

“You have the run of the garden up to the top terrace and you can use whatever cover you can find. The one rule is that you are not allowed to lie down to hide your targets.

“Oh and the team with the lowest overall total will be on the receiving end of kisses from my favourite quirt tonight. The number kisses you each receive will be the difference in the points total. Additionally, the losing team will receive a further penalty of 20 kisses which will be very painful. You will not be told the result until after supper tonight.”

Diane and I looked at each other and I could see a faint smile.

Patrice then said “You have a few minutes to work out your strategies while we load up your pistols.”

We were handed our pistols and told to go our starting positions which were at opposite ends of the lower terrace.

Corrine started the game with a clap, and it did not take long for Diane and I to shuffle our way towards the girls. The CDs on their chests made an inviting target and when I judged that they were close enough both of us fired our pistols at them. One of the balls hit the target whilst the other missed. Just after I fired I felt a small impact just above my navel as one of their balls hit me.

We played cat and mouse and when we felt ready we fired towards the girls. Each of the first four games appeared us playing to be very close. In the break before the fifth game Diane and I whispered together and came up with a strategy that would make it very difficult for Tamara and Sofia to hit the CDs.

As each game finished Patrice and Corrine counted up the hits, refilled our pistols, cleaned off our targets, wash off all the misses and gave us a short breather.

We started the last game with me behind Diane and she crossed her arms so as to hide the CDs from the Girls. I was able to fire over her shoulder at the girls, knowing that my targets were well hidden. It did not take long for the girls to adopt the same tactics. Once I had fired all my shots Diane and I swapped position. However Diane had great difficulty in firing although I crouched down a little to give her a better firing position, she was not able to fire all her shots by the end of that last game.

Shortly after the last game we heard sirens of the emergency services coming towards us. Corrine went to the front gate and was startled to find two policemen get out of the car and start putting on some climbing gear. They came around the back of the house and were highly amused when they saw the CDs secured our nipples. They had the good sense to see the humorous side as they sat down and explained that been a report of flashes of light coming from this area and it was thought that there was someone in distress.

After supper, Patrice said to Tamara and Sofia “I have discussed the shortfall in the hole with Corrine, and whilst there are some mitigating circumstances, you should have told me about the problem earlier, so Corrine will give you each thirty kisses with her quirt.”

Tamara and Sofia looked relieved that the punishment was not more severe.

Corrine got her quirt and had the girls stand up along a wall She had them raise their hands above their heads. A quiet whoosh and snap and a slap were heard as each of the strokes of the quirt landed. At the end, each of their bum cheeks had 10 thin short welts and their upper backs a further 10.

When she finished she said “Now for the result of the game this afternoon. It was very close up till the last one, with only a small difference of seven points. However, Diane failed to fire all her balls in the last game and that has earned her and Charles 65 kisses each for the points difference and a further 20 painful ones.

We took our places at the wall and I felt the first sting on my left butt cheek as the first kiss landed. Diane was struggling to hold position as she finds the sting of the quirt more difficult to handle. I relished the sting and I was sighing with pleasure as each stroke landed. All too soon we were told to turn around and face Corrine. She carefully took aim and I felt the sting of the quirt landing just above my left nipple. A moment later I felt the sting above my right nipple. She went to Diane and repeated the process and each kiss produced a low yelp. The first sixteen strokes landed all around our nipples, with some landing across welts from earlier strokes. Then I heard a whoosh, snap and felt fire as a stroke landed right across one of my nipples, followed quickly by another on the same nipple. Two more on my other nipple had me squealing as I processed the pain. Diane held my hand squeezing it hard as she received the same treatment on her nipples. She squealed loudly as each strike landed and at the end there were tears in her eyes. We were allowed to hug each other until Sofia produced a tube of Aloe Vera ointment which we gently rubbed onto our partner’s nipples to help ease the pain.

Wicked Wednesday



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