Holiday fun- part 4

Part 3 of this series can be found here

Tuesday morning we were up, had breakfast and were ready for the day ahead at 9.00 am.

Patrice inspected the back, bums and chests of us four subs and he was satisfied that the welts from the evening’s session with the quirt would not be affected by what he had planned for the day.

We went up to the top terrace to the frame that we had prepared the day before. It was certainly impressive with two frames in the shape of an upside down V with a ridge pole connecting the two frames about 8 feet from the ground.

Patrice explained what needed to completed that day and Tamara and Sofia elected to put preservative on the timbers whilst Diane and I would help with work on the structure.

The girls had their hands secured behind their backs and their ankles were connected by a 6 inch hobble. Patrice picked up two gags with large paint brushes facing out. He secured the gags before saying “we need all this deck timber painted with preservative. Any bits not properly covered will earn each of you a punishment tonight and it needs to be completed before lunch.”

They looked at each other and then realised how devious Patrice had been in thinking up the scenario. They started their work and soon got into the stride of it. Meanwhile Diane and I had our ankles hobbled with 12 inch chains between our cuffs. He said “for the moment I am not going to restrict your arm movements as we will be using some power tools.”

He measured out the timbers and once marked Diane and I were required to use the electric saws to cut them to the right lengths.

About two hours later, we had cut all the timbers and Patrice then cuffed our wrists in front of us. We helped him put the frame for the deck together and when Corrine returned for lunch she inspected the progress. Using a spirit level she looked a little surprised when the main portion of the deck frame was not quite level.

Patrice “I thought we agreed that the main deck would be level?”

“We did, but I then realised that a slope of 2 or 3 degrees was needed to allow the water and rain to drain off without leaving puddles.”

“Well why didn’t you consult me?”

“It was only as I was measuring everything out this morning, that I thought of it and I wouldn’t have been able to get holds of you whilst in court.”

“Well let’s see how the girls have done.”

She and Patrice went over and inspected the timber that the girls had been coating with preservative.

They examined each piece of timber and inspected them carefully.

Corrine declared “I’m impressed, not a single bit missed, and you even thought to the ends.”

They looked relieved and she then turned to Patrice, “Since the girls have done such a good job, I will not punish you for the little oversight. However anymore changes will require you to notify me, and if I am not available you will have to leave a message.”

We all went down to the house, with four of us shuffling behind Corrine and Patrice because of our hobbles.

After lunch Corrine declared that we would have some more sunbathing to do that afternoon. With a giggle she said Diane and me “today you will just be able to stand around. The girls can sit around this afternoon.”

The girls looked at each other with a raised eyebrows wondering what Corrine had planned.

As we went outside, she got the girls to sit down on the grass facing each other. She placed four tent pegs in a rectangle that was about five feet by seven feet. She first secured Tamara’s legs with ropes from her ankle cuffs. Her legs were stretched wide and Corrine gave them each a slim, shiny vibrator saying “These must not come out until you have finished sunbathing.”

Picture by

Picture by

She then had Sofia sit between Tamara’s spread legs and quickly secured her legs to the other tent pegs. She produced a ball gag with four straps; first Tamara and then Sofia were fully gagged with their faces close together as if they were kissing. They were told to put their arms behind the other’s back and these were then tied off to the tent pegs behind them to give the effect that they were embracing.

Diane and I were instructed to put in the toys we were given, an vibrating egg for her and a vibrating butt plug for me, then told to stand up and our legs were secured to tent pegs set about three feet apart. Corrine checked the position of our nipples, and was satisfied so instructed us to remove our piercings. She thread a thin stainless steel bar through my right nipple, then Diane’s Left one, then my left nipple and finally Diane’s right nipple. She added a bead to each end and said, now you are nicely together, time for a gag and we were strapped in in exactly the same way as the girls. Once our wrists were secured behind each other’s backs, Corrine went over to join Patrice at the sun loungers.

To begin with it was most enjoyable being so closed secured to my gorgeous wife. This started to change as the toll of having feet secured wide apart was felt all through my legs. Adding to the frustration was being so close, holding my wife tight and secured at our ankles, chests and mouths but not being able to do anything to give her pleasure. The torment increased as the vibrators sprung to life at a low setting which did nothing but tease. Diane started wriggling a little and I could feel her movements resonate through my nipples.

I lost track of time. Corrine and Patrice finally released us when Maria and Eva appeared. They looked at our situations and commented that Corrine and Patrice had been too gentle with us.

Once we were released from all our bonds, the four of us who had been bound stretched our weary muscles before going for a swim in the pool.

As we got out we could her laughter and the four of us saw that Maria and Eva had been placed in the same bondage as the two girls. Corrine told us “they did not believe it would be tiring, so I have given them exactly the same as Tamara and Sofia, except they won’t be in for as long.”

I could see that after just a few minutes both Maria and Eva were pleading with their eyes to be released. Corrine took no pity on them and left them there for a full half hour before asking for our opinion. Tamara and Sofia each quickly said “they thought it was easy, so let them suffer a bit more.”

Diane and I were of the same opinion, so Corrine said to them “You have a choice, the same time again as you are or the same time tied as Diane and Charles were except you will be wearing clover clamps as you are not pierced.”

They thought for a moment before deciding to stay as they were.

They still whimpered and squirmed as much as their bondage allowed. When it was time for them to be released, Corrine untied the ropes to the pegs and let them undo the rest of their bindings. When the gag was finally released Maria said “OK, you win it was not as easy as I thought.”

“Great” replied Corrine, “at least we can have some entertainment tonight.”

After dinner had been cleared away, Corrine said to Maria and Eva, time for you two to get ready. They disappeared for about quarter of an hour and returned wearing corsets that had been tightly laced up. They jumped up on the table and quickly they were secured in a 69 position. Both of them were gagged with a penis gag with a small nub sticking out and told, “You have one hour to bring each other to orgasm. The second to come will have a good night’s sleep. If neither of you come, Maria will suffer tonight and Eva tomorrow night. The first to come will be strapped into a sleep sack on their bed with a battery operated vibrator inserted at full power.”

As soon as they were told, they worked hard to try and bring the other to orgasm. Once the half hour mark had passed, they were both in high states of arousal and at the same time tired from all their efforts. Once an hour and a half had passed, Maria started to tremble and Eva renewed her movements of the gag, and eventually Maria tensed up and the waves of pleasure swept over her. Eva soon followed suit knowing that she would be getting a good night of sleep.

Wicked Wednesday


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