Holiday fun- part 5

Wednesday morning found us all around the breakfast table. Maria looked particularly tired and when Corrine asked why she was so tired, the reply was “the vibrator seemed to go on for ages and I lost count of the orgasms I had last night.”

Corrine replied with a wry grin “Oh well that was the punishment for not controlling yourself. I hope it does not affect you when I see you later in court.”

As in previous days, the two girls, Diane and I were hobbled and had our wrists connected together by the short chains. We made our way up to the top terrace and continued work on the big frame and deck that we had been busy constructing in the previous two mornings. Today we had to construct a slope at the back to be made of decking. Diane and I looked puzzled at this addition until Patrice explained it would help protect the main deck in case of anything washing down from the hillside as well as having another purpose we would find out about later in the week.

The work continued on even after a short break until Corrine returned from her courtroom at around lunchtime. Patrice asked “How did Maria get on?”

Corrine quietly replied, “Not too badly even with her tiredness.”

Corrine inspected progress and declared that it was satisfactory.

In the afternoon, Corrine declared that we would enjoy the afternoon sunbathing. This sounded ominous to Diane and I.

Corrine said “Tamara and Sofia, as you spent yesterday afternoon sitting around, I think that you can stand whilst Diane and Charles rest their feet.”

She got Tamara and Sofia to turn around, connected their wrists together behind their backs. She had them stand with their legs apart and gently raised their wrists and guided them so that their bum cheeks met, she got Patrice to connect their ankles together which were secured to tent pegs about three feet apart. Their thighs were also tied together and their arms were allowed to rest on the other’s back. Her final touch to their predicament was a thin double ended dildo about 18 inches long that she carefully inserted into their pussies.

She then said to them. “If the dildo falls out, both of you will be subject to an exquisite torment this evening.”

Meanwhile, Diane and I were instructed by Patrice into our positions, back to back. Our feet were tied to the tent pegs that remained in the ground from the previous day. This kept them wide apart. Our hands were tied so that they were held back and effectively we held each other. His final twist was to add a very thin string from our nipple rings to each of our big toes so that our nipples were slightly stretched.

Patrice then said to us “you two need to keep fairly still, the string is very weak, and if any strand breaks, then both of you will suffer a punishment tonight.”

I realised that we were likely to be in this position for about two hours and time seemed to go slowly. The position we were tied in, whilst not overly strenuous, got progressively harder on our legs as the time passed. As the four of us were not gagged, we were able to talk that helped us get through the ordeal.

Patrice and Corrine laid back on their sun loungers. Patrice picked up a book, but whilst reading the odd bits from it, he was keeping a careful watch on the four of us. Corrine in the meantime was engrossed reading what looked like court papers.

When she had finished her reading, she came over to us, checked the strings from our nipples to big toes and was satisfied that they were still intact. She went over to the girls and looked carefully.

She turned to Patrice, “I think they will manage to avoid the torment this evening.”

Patrice smiled before replying, “Oh, I don’t know, although they are well trained, I will give them about half an hour before they fail the challenge.”

Corrine laughed, “Shall we have a little wager between us?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“If I win, then you are in the sleep sack tonight with a prostrate massager inserted that will milk you all night. If you win, then I am in the sleep sack with a vibrator like Maria last night.”

“OK you’re on.”

The four of us were left in our bindings as Corrine and Patrice sat back to relax in the bright sunshine.

Suddenly there was a light plop as the dildo fell out of Sofia’s pussy, quickly followed by another as Tamara let the go of the dildo and it fell to the ground.

Corrine looked at her watch and quickly had a look of dismay as she realised she had lost the wager.

Patrice got up, released us all from our ties, let us stretch before we all jumped in the pool for a swim.

When we had all left the pool and dried ourselves off we went into the house.

Corrine disappeared into the kitchen for a few minutes before returning. She got Tamara and Sofia to stand facing each other and quickly secured their wrist cuffs to the back of each other. She then put a chain through their ankle cuffs and locked it so that they had a moderate amount of movement. She did the same with Diane and myself.

She then announced. “Tonight Diane and Charles will prepare the main course for dinner while Tamara and Sofia will make the starters. However it is not going to be as easy as you think. I have left out the counter a set of ingredients you can use. You will remain as you are until dinner is served with the starter at 7 and the main course twenty minutes later.”

She told us that the main course could be left cooking whilst we ate our starters. She then continued “We will have a judge here whose task will be to decide which couple has produced the better of the two courses. The couple to be adjudged the winner will be allowed to choose how the losing couple is bound at bed time.”

The four of us shuffled off to the kitchen. Looking at the ingredients laid out, Diane and I quickly decided that we would make a Lasagne.

Sofia and Tamara had obviously been in this situation before and after a few minutes explained how we could complete the task whilst in our restraints. It took a while for me to get used to looking over Diane’s shoulder when preparing the ingredients.

A couple of minutes before seven, Patrice released us from our restraints. He stayed with us in the kitchen before telling the Girls, “Time to serve the starters.”

They quickly took the large bowl of soup and plate of croutons into the dining area. Sat at the table was Antonio, the manager of the local hotel, who we had met the previous year when we were required to stay an extra day whilst he was dealt with in Corrine’s courtroom.

He greeted us warmly. We all sat down and enjoyed the tasty soup that the girls had prepared. It was now Diane and my turn to serve the Lasagne that we had made.

When we removed it from the oven I was relieved to find that it was perfect.

Once we had finished the main course, Patrice went to the kitchen and brought out the dessert that had obviously been made earlier.

Once everything was cleared away Corrine turned to Antonio asking “which was the better dish of the starter and main course?”

“Both were good.” He replied before continuing “and it is difficult to decide.” He paused before saying “However the Lasagne was one of the best I have ever tasted, so I will say that was the better.”

Corrine thanked him before saying “Well done Diane and Charles. I am sure your restraints made the preparation of the dish fun.”

Patrice then made some remark before letting Corrine continue with the conversation.

I noticed first Tamara then Sofia tense and blush before relaxing and joining in the conversation. Once Antonio had departed, the conversation continued, with both girls frequently tensing up before blushing with the odd sigh being emitted. The conversation continued for over an hour and it was clear that the girls were beginning to find it difficult to concentrate until Tamara tensed up, let out a big moan and blushed bright red down to her chest. She slumped a little before managing to sit back upright.

I looked with an enquiring eyebrow at Patrice who smiled before saying “Yes, this is their torture from this afternoon. After I say a particular phrase, they each have three innocent words from me and two from Corrine that will make them orgasm. This will continue until I say a different phrase which stops the effect of these words. The words can only be spoken by us, so they will not respond to you saying them. They know all about it, but they do not know what the trigger words and phrases are. I plan to keep this going until midnight and they will never know when or how often they will cum.”

Diane squirmed in her seat on hearing this.

She then said “that is tortuous, multiple orgasms without any stimulation and not knowing when they will come sounds terrifying but at the same delightful.”

Patrice then said, “Yes both delightful and a torture. I also have added a different set of phrases that prevent them from having an orgasm irrespective of the amount of stimulation they receive.”

Diane’s jaw dropped, “That is probably even worse.”

I interjected “maybe, but just think about the possibilities.”

We left it that, changing the subject.

The conversation continued with the girls having yet more orgasms as we talked. When it was time for us to go to bed, Corrine asked “now how about their restraints for the night?”

I said “quite simple I think, just their wrists secured to a waist belt and then secured that they cannot turn over.”

Diane then added mischievously “Also they should be wearing a butterfly clit vibe set at full power. This will keep them going until the batteries run down.”

The girls looked absolutely distraught when they heard this, but said wisely nothing.

We escorted them to their rooms, arranged their restraints, ensuring each of the clit vibes was in the right place, turned them on and left them to enjoy their night.

Wicked Wednesday

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