Holiday fun- part 6

As we gathered for breakfast on the Thursday morning, Corrine and the two girls looked particularly shattered.

Patrice asked Sofia wryly “Have a good night?”

“It was ok when the vibe stopped, but until then it was pure torture, especially as I couldn’t orgasm. It was soooo frustrating.”

Tamara nodded as this was said.

Corrine then added “and I am totally orgasmed out, that bloody vibrator kept going for what seemed like hours. What is worse is I have to spend the morning concentrating in court.”

Eva had a broad grin as she said “Oh good, we will try to liven it up for you.”

Maria smiled but said nothing.

Corrine, Maria and Eva continued with the morning chatter before they all rose with Corrine saying “Well I suppose we better get to work.”

Shortly after they had left, Patrice said to the four us “as it is looking as if it will rain later, we won’t be able to finish the deck today. The four of you need to be back down here in 2 minutes dressed to go out.”

We all managed to make it back down in the allotted time. Although the women had not had time to put on makeup.

We clambered into his car and soon on our way. Patrice drove carefully and parked in the town centre. We went to one of the coffee shops and before Diane had the opportunity to order a coffee, he first whispered in Diane’s ear something. She quickly disappeared.

About fifteen minutes later Diane returned and handed Patrice a shopping bag. He then turned to me and whispered, “You need to go and buy a bra and knicker set for Sofia and when you return give me the bag. You have to guess her size. If you get it wrong, then you earn a punishment for Diane and torment for yourself tonight. You have fifteen minutes.”

I quickly headed out of the door. I found my way to the lingerie section and as I looked over the racks I quickly found a pair of knickers with tie strings at the side. I quickly found a bra with similar ties and estimated her cup size.

I returned to the coffee shop just in time. I relaxed and enjoyed my coffee as first Sofia and secondly Tamara were sent out for their fifteen minutes.

After our individual shopping trips had been completed he put the bags in the car. He sat in the car with Tamara and Sofia and sent Diane and myself to the stationery shop. He gave us another fifteen minutes to find three items that could be used on the girls. As we returned to the car, the girls got out and went into the same store.

On the way back to Patrice and Corrine’s home we stopped off at the local DIY store and picked up some boxes that had been pre-ordered for the frame and deck we had been constructing.

Once back in the house we were instructed to strip and put on our cuffs.

We returned to have our wrists locked together at the front and ankles also locked to a spreader bar just one foot long.

Patrice said “you four can relax now until Corrine gets back from court.”

It was later than the previous days when Corrine returned and we were released from the restraints. She looked absolutely shattered as she said “Ughhh what a terrible morning. 2 cases where the lawyer droned on about how well behaved each of the accused were although I had seen them in my court too frequently in the past.”

We had a quick lunch and Corrine asked Patrice “How did the shopping go?”

“I haven’t looked at the bags yet, I thought you would enjoy watching the fashion display.”

Corrine smiled saying, “OK let’s get on with it. First lets see what Sofia bought Charles.”

I was handed the shopping bag and inside was a small thong. I stepped into the spaces for my legs, pulled the thong up, but unfortunately for Sofia, she had overestimated my sizxe and the fit was not very snug.

“Well, well, Tamara is to suffer a punishment, and you, Sofia a torment tonight.”

She continued “Now, let’s see what Diane bought Tamara.”

The bag contained a nice lingerie set that when Tamara put it on, was a perfect fit.

“Time for Tamara’s purchase for Diane.”

Diane put on the bra which was one cup size too small. The knickers fitted perfectly.

Corrine adjudged “Well half right, so half the punshiment for Sofia and half the torment for Tamara.”

Finally it was Sofia’s turn to put on what I had bought her. As she lifted the set out of the bag, she checked the cup size and to my relief I had estimated it correctly. She quickly did up all the ties and stood there waiting for Corrine to make a judgement.

Corrine thought for a moment before saying to Sofia, “let me look at the labels.”

Sofia stripped again and handed the bra and knickers to Corrine.

She turned to me saying “This is a bikini set, but I have to acknowledge that it is also not suitable for any beach I know, so I have to congratulate you on your thinking.”

I smiled with relief.

Patrice then said, “I also sent them on another mission.”

He held up the two bags from the stationery shop. Corrine emptied our bag onto the table to reveal a pack of drawing pins, a pack of pencils and a fifty centimetre long plastic ruler.

Corrine emptied the bag that contained the purchases of the girls. Inside was a wooden ruler, a plastic one and three thick felt tip pens.

Corrine looked at the contents fo the bags again and asked Diane “Why pencils?”

“They are plain nasty to kneel on.”

“Ooh I like that idea. As the girls have bought two very similar items, I think that they can enjoy the pleasure of a stint of kneeling today wearing nice tack bras that they will now make for themselves.”

Patrice went to his study and brought back another three packs of drawing pins, and said to the girls “That makes one pack per cup, and all of them must be used.”

Diane and I were relieved that we did not have to prepare anything for ourselves and we were allowed to enjoy the afternoon without any restraints.

When Maria and Eva returned from their busy work days, the Tamara and Sofia were just putting the finishing touches to their bras. They looked at the handiwork and Maria just said “ouchy.”

After dinner, Corrine said, “lets get the punishments and torments out of the way as I need an early night.”

Tamara and Sofia were made to don their tack bras and then to kneel with their knees together facing the wall with the pencils under their knees. They had to keep their noses to the wall holding up a sheet of paper.

After fifteen minutes, Sofia was allowed to get up. Tamara had to suffer for a further fifteen minutes before she too was allowed to get up from her uncomfortable kneeling position.

Whilst this was going on, Maria and Eva had brought two sybian machines into the room. They were positioned on a small sheet.

Both girls were led to the machines, and after they had inserted the dildo, their ankles were raised so that only their crotch was holding them up. Their wrists were secured behind their backs and tied to the convenient hook at the back.

Corrine announced “the torment will start shortly, the machines will be on full power, with Tamara having a 15 minute ride and Sofia a half hour.”

Patrice and Corrine chatted for a couple of minutes before the machines were turned on to the maximum setting.

It took just a few minutes before both girls were highly aroused and pleading to be allowed to cum. The pleas fell on deaf ears. They both got very vocal with their arousal as the dildo and clit knob continued to vibrate their most sensitive parts.

When Tamara was released from her machine after just fifteen minutes she got up on to very wobbly legs as Patrice held her and helped her to the sofa where Corrine had thoughtfully laid out a towel. As she was allowed to relax, Patrice whispered in her ear and She screamed as a very powerful orgasm raged through her. Once she had come, she relaxed back with Patrice, then Corrine holding and soothing her.

Sofia was in as bad a state as Tamara when she was released from the machine. She too was allowed to orgasm hard once she had settled down. Patrice soothed her and hugged her tight as she came down from her high.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. I am actually squirming thinking about those tack bras! Jane xxx

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