Holiday fun- part 7

Diane and I agreed to a week of bondage and torment with our friends Patrice and Corrine and the two girls, Tamara and Sofia.

We started the Friday as usual with the two girls, Tamara and Sofia, as well as Diane and me in our cuffs and our wrists secured by short chains. However, today Corrine added a new twist. She bent down and locked a three foot chain between the cuff on my right ankle to the cuff on Diane’s left Ankle. The same was done to Tamara and Sofia.

It took a few minutes longer for us to get used to the change in the restraints. Once we got to the top terrace the four of us and Patrice were able to finish the decking on the big structure.

Patrice carefully opened the boxes we had picked up the previous day to reveal four battery operated winches with solar panels on the top of the metal housings. The cables from the winches were carefully run through four strategically drilled holes and the lifting hooks were added. The wiring was run so that there were two switches either side of the structure so that the four winches could be independently operated.

We hooked up the swing seats and the winches were tested before we were asked to carefully sit on the seats to make sure that everything was safe.

A few extra fittings were added at strategic points to complete the project.

Corrine returned at the usual lunch time, inspected the work and declared “It is just what I wanted.” The chains securing our ankles were removed and we were given time to have a bathroom break. After a quick lunch Corrine said “Time to play on the structure.”

When we got there, the seats were quickly removed and we were each instructed to stand under one of the winches. Our wrist chains were removed and the cuffs secured to the hooks. Our ankles were cuffed together and secured to one of the floor mounted rings. The winches whirred for a while and our arms were lifted up above our heads. Once Corrine was satisfied that we were not uncomfortable, it was clear that we would be going nowhere.

Patrice and Corrine painted our nipples and groin areas with the same substance used earlier in the week.

Corrine then said “Your challenge this afternoon is to stay there as long as you possibly can. The first of each pairing will earn a punishment for the other and a very long torment for themselves tonight.”

We settled into enjoying the sun when the insects started to be attracted by the substance that had been painted on us. The insects tickled our nipples and I saw that Diane’s had started to harden as the tickling took effect on her. They also landed all around our groins and the arousing sensation of tickling sensation on my balls soon had me groaning as the effect of the severe spiked ring on my chastity device was felt.

Diane found the teasing around her lips and sensitive clit was also very distracting. The girls to our side were also moaning from the tickling sensations of the insects landing and walking around.

The longer we stayed standing, the more our arms and shoulders started to hurt. I was determined not to be the first to request release. Further, my legs were starting to feel the effect of not being able to move and my calf muscles started to ache.

The first to request to be released was Tamara. She bowed her head and apologised to Sofia.

Patrice and Corrine immediately released them both and they scooted off to the shower by the pool to clean off the substance.

Diane and I stoically stayed in place until I whispered to Diane an apology before asking to be released. We were released and soon joined the girls in the pool.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in the warm winter sunshine.

That evening, Sofia and Diane were given their punishment. They were required to put on their shoes, all of which had 4 inch high heels. Their legs were secured to a two foot spreader bar and they were required to stand about a foot from the wall. They were then required to lean forward and between their nose and the wall a small coin was placed. “You need to stand there until one you lets your coin fall. Whoever that is will suffer dire consequences for your ass at the final reckoning on Sunday morning.

Diane managed to keep her nose firmly against the wall all through the half hour. Sofia on the other hand let the coin fall after about twenty five minutes. Corrine gave Diane a playful slap on her ass and said “It is OK; you can let yours fall now.”

As bedtime approached, Tamara and I were each handed a butt plug with two metal strips embedded into the surface. We required complete the necessary bathroom routine and insert them.

While we did that, Patrice and Corrine had set up the rest of our torture for the night. A waist belt was locked on and my wrists were connected by a two foot long chain through the loop at the front so that I would not be able to reach around to remove the butt plug. As I got into bed Corrine said “Charles, you and Tamara will have a very disturbed night’s sleep. In her and Sofia’s rooms there are movement detectors that will send a signal to your butt plug and give you a ten second series of light electrical shocks. The movement detector in this room will do exactly the same to Tamara.”

She switched on the machine and a few moments later I felt a series of light shocks in my ass as one of the girls made some form of movement. Diane was asked to turn over and cuddle me. Corrine went to the door and gave a thumbs up signal. She then left the room and closed the door. Diane quickly turned off the light and snuggled up to me. As she did this I felt another series of shocks hit me. I quietly said, “I hope for my sake that the girls don’t move too much in their sleep.”

Somehow I managed to get some sleep, however I lost count of the number of shocks that I received during the night.

At exactly 9 in the morning there was a knock on our door and Corrine entered and turned off the sensor in our room and removed both Diane and my cuffs saying “the week is over.”

At breakfast Tamara and I talked a little and she had the same disturbed sleep as me. Patrice heard us talking and with a smile said “What you didn’t know was that I had included some timers into the set up that allowed you four one hour breaks from being shocked so at least you would get some sleep.”

Next week we conclude with the final reckoning.

Wicked Wednesday

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2 Responses to Holiday fun- part 7

  1. Bondage and torment… a great combination 🙂

    Rebel xox

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