Holiday fun- the final reckoning

After relaxing on Saturday with Maria and Eva joining us for the weekend, we just had the final reckoning to come. Corrine told us it would happen after lunch as we had a good two hours before we had leave to catch the plane home.

When the time arrived we were ushered to Corrine’s office.

She announced, “I am pleased to advise that there will be four sore bums on the plane tonight. There are three bags here, the first bag is the implement, the second is person who uses it and finally the severity of which there are four slips each at of four different levels, mild, medium, hard and severe. Each of you will draw one slip of paper from each of these bags four times. You will not know what you have chosen until you get the first stroke of each implement. Each punishment you earned over the week has been awarded 12 strokes with other minor infractions 4 strokes. You will get equal numbers of strokes from each implement. As Diane has only a total of 64 strokes to endure, the lowest total, she gets first choice.”

Once Diane had selected her slips of paper from the bags she was ordered to bend over the spanking horse. She declined the offer of restraints.

Corrine picked up the first set of slips announcing “16 strokes with the naughty stick from Patrice and mild severity.”

Diane exhaled with relief on hearing this and Corrine smiled as she handed the naughty stick to Patrice. Patrice took up his position and gently stroked Diane’s upturned ass and applied his first stroke which landed with a dull thud. Diane hardly reacted as each of the sixteen strokes landed. Her ass was pink after receiving these strokes.

The next implement was announced as the quirt to be wielded by Maria at hard strength. Maria picked up the quirt and showed she was nearly as skilled as Corrine at using it. When Maria had finished there were sixteen short welts peppering Diane’s bum cheeks.

Diane’s third implement was the Martinet at mild strength from Maria again. I could see Diane visibly relax on hearing this and took her allotted strokes well, just exhaling and purring as each one landed.

The final implement Diane had selected was the leather paddle to be administered by Eva at hard strength.

Eva took up her position and landed the first stroke with a loud SPLATT and a groan from Diane. The groans and moans from Diane got louder as each stroke landed, the final four being on her sweet spot just where her cheeks met the top of her thighs.

Diane was allowed to get off the bench and she immediately rubbed her now red bum to try to remove some of the sting.

Patrice invited me to select four slips from each of the three bags. He then announced it was my turn adding “a total of 76 strokes, so 19 with each implement.”

I placed myself over the horse and agreed to being restrained. Corrine opened the first set of slips and picked out the heavy flogger from the wall of implements saying “This will be fun at the severe level of application.”

The first stroke landed with a loud thuddy THWACK on my exposed ass. I felt the impact and groaned loudly. Eighteen more heavy thuds landed on my ass and it felt as if it was on fire by the end of the allotted strokes.

The next set of strokes was announced as being of medium severity with the ping pong bat again from Corrine. Each stinging stroke landed with me grunting as each of the impacts were felt on my ass. I was glad that I had requested the restraints as I would have instinctively tried to move my hands back protect my ass from the assault.

The third implement I had chosen was the Loopy Johnny at mild strength and Eva picked it up took her position and with her expertise made sure that I felt each and every stroke on my sore ass.

The final implement I had chosen was the junior cane and Maria stepped up and efficiently applied the 19 medium strokes that I was due. I felt each line of fire as they landed and was almost in tears as the last landed.

I was released from the horse and I went and joined my wife who hugged me and helped me calm down.

Sofia was announced as the next to receive her reckoning of a total of 108 strokes. Sofia selected her slips from the bags and bent over the horse also requesting to be restrained. The first set of slips was opened and Patrice was handed the carpet beater to be at medium severity. Sofia was squealing as the final stroke landed. She was given a moment to regain her breath before Patrice picked up the crop and landed a really vicious hard stinging stroke on Sofia’s upturned ass which had her wriggling as if trying to escape. He calmly said, “Only another 26 of these severe strokes to go.”

As the final stroke of the crop landed Sofia was clearly feeling the effect of the assault on her ass.

The third implement Sofia chose was the wooden paddle which Corrine applied at medium severity. The paddle landed with a thwack and eliciting a gasp as each of the 27 strokes was delivered. At the end Sofia was squealing and there were moist eyes visible.

Her final selection was probably the nastiest implement that Corrine owned. Diane whispered in my ear “I hope for her butt’s sake that she selected mild.”

Patrice showed her the implement and said, “Luckily for you these are mild strokes.”

I looked at Tamara who was nervously waiting for her turn, but at the same time relieved that she had not selected the four cane bundle.

Patrice carefully but gently laid down the allotted strokes that had Sofia squealing and moaning as they each landed. Immediately after the last stroke had landed, Patrice released Sofia who felt her tenderised backside and joined Diane and I. Patrice whispered something to Corrine and she nodded as if in agreement.

Patrice approached Tamara saying “you have accumulated 29 strokes from each of the implements you select. As there are only hard and severe levels left, Corrine and I have agreed that you can elect to have the final set on your lovely breasts instead of your bum. If you agree to it, then the final set will be applied at one level of severity lower than you pick out.”

Tamara thought for a minute and said quietly “Yes, please.”

Tamara was secured over the horse and restrained as Patrice announced her first choice. The Scorpion at severe level to be administered by Eva.

Eva gently brushed the scorpion over Tamara’s taught ass and suddenly with a whooosh the first stroke landed that had her squealing with the pain.All the strokes of the scorpion elicited the same response. Tamara was breathing heavily as the last stroke landed.

Maria was the next to administer the alloted strokes, this time with the tawse, again at severe level of intensity. The first stroke landed with a crack and Tamara grunted before squealing in pain as the impact made its presence felt. As the last stroke landed Tamara cried out and the first tear ran down her cheek.

The next implement was the carpet beater which Eva handled with precision and whilst not as hard strokes landed it was clear that Tamara felt each and every one. She was released from the horse and allowed a few minutes to get her breath back before her wrists were cuffed behind her back. Corrine then put a blindfold on her saying, this is to stop you from trying to flinch and thus reducing the strength of the impact.

Corrine stepped back, picked up the soft rubber flogger that gives so much pleasure but leaves no marks. Corrine carefully raised her arm back and let loose the hardest stroke I had ever seen with that flogger that landed perfectly on Tamara’s right breast.

Tamara did not flinch as each of these strokes landed. By the end, it was clear that the flogger had done its usual trick for the recipient as Tamara’s nipples were standing proudly erect from arousal. Tamara was released from her bounds and sighed as her reckoning was over.

She felt her red ass and winced as she touched the welts that were all over both of her cheeks.

Before we cleraed away everything Patrice said “Sofia, we still have the little matter of you dropping the coin last night. I have two alternatives here and you need to choose which slip to suffer.”

Sofia shuddered a little before she chose one of the slips. She looked at it before saying “May I ask what was in the other?”

“Yes.” said Patrice before continuing “20 strokes of the Dragon Tail on each breast followed by five more on each nipple.”

Sofia brightened a little before reaching over the horse. She was not restrained as Patrice said “tell everyone what you selected.”

Sofia answered “Six punishment level strokes with the judicial cane.”

I whispered to Diane “Mega Ouch.”

Patrice picked out the cane, took a few moments to practice his technique befpore taking up his position and let rip with a really nasty stroke that was at the top of her bum. She shrieked and was given time to calm down before the second stroke landed a little bit lower. This and the next four strokes all produced a shriek from Sofia as angry red lines appeared, spaced carefully down her bum. The sixth and final stroke landed on her sit spot that elicited a howl of agony.

Sofia was allowed to rise and gingerly felt each of the lines running across her now well striped ass. She went to Patrice hugged him, followed by a hug for Corrine.

We all helped clear up the office and went back to Corrine and Patrice’s home for a quick cup of coffee before the four of us made our way to the airport for the flight home.

We were all allocated seats together and throughout the flight the four of us tried to keep comfortable, but our sore asses made it rather difficult to settle down into the seats for the whole of the two hour flight.

Wicked Wednesday


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