Interior designs

After a chaotic week at work following our holiday with Corrine and Patrice, Diane and I had to finish packing up the house so Janet and Mike could move in.

Our new home was nowhere near ready so we moved into rented accommodation for what we hope is just a few weeks. Previously, we met our architect on a couple of evenings. James, the architect, was introduced by Zack and is very understanding of our requirements. Once the basic ideas for converting the old building had been completed, we arranged for Tom and Suzy to visit us for a weekend which would allow for a bit of fun as well as business.

On the Saturday morning over breakfast we got into a discussion in which Suzy was adamant that one of our favourite bondage websites was set up and run by an American before his untimely death last year. Diane thought for a moment and decided to side with Suzy. Tom on the other hand was very non-committal, just sitting back and watch the discussion.

I knew that they were wrong so asked “what if you two are wrong?”

“How about us being in rope bondage for 24 hours?” Replied Suzy.

Diane looked a little concerned about this as she knew about our plans for later in the day.

I replied “Also no orgasms without permission.”

I quickly picked up the laptop and found the necessary information to show that the founder of the magazine which later developed into the website was a British man who started the business in a small rural farm in Wales.

Suzy was mortified when she read this. Diane did not look too happy either when she read it too.

I turned to Tom saying, “I think a nice rope harness for the 24 hours would be appropriate for starters. To start with we also give them a crotch rope with a large knot directly on the clit. Then when we get back later, we can always make some changes.”

Tom smiled “I agree and to make it more interesting they should have a remote controlled egg inside.”

When I went to our toy box I sent a quick text to James before finding plenty of rope and Diane’s egg while Tom went and got Suzy’s. The girls had already stripped when we returned to the kitchen. After the girls had inserted their own eggs, we carefully tied a Karada body harness on our respective wives. In completing the harness we made sure that the ropes also included one on either side of their lower lips. I added a very tight crotch rope with a big knot, just at the right spot to torment Diane’s clit. Tom looked at what I had done and retied the crotch rope on Suzy so it had the same effect. It looked as if he had tied it even tighter than the one on Diane.

I handed Diane a pair of jeans and a T shirt. She wisely said nothing and put them on. Suzy did the same when she put on the skirt and T shirt selected by Tom.

As we left the house Diane and Suzy picked up their jackets and put them on. Diane was about to do up the front when I said “both of you are to leave the front of your jackets open.”

Suzy was nervous until Tom added “the harness hardly shows, and it needs a close look to see it.”

We drove the couple of miles to our new house where the four of us met up with James. He was accompanied by his wife Petra.

After making all the appropriate introductions, we inspected the work that had been completed. Diane and I were very pleased that the roof repairs had been completed.

We inspected the other work that had been completed carefully.

The various plans were laid out that showed that about one third of the building would have a mezzanine area which would house the bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms. The area under it would contain an office for the two of us as well as storage and a small snug.

James fiddled in his pocket for a moment before Petra let out a sigh.

James looked at her and with a gesture she stopped her sighing and her eyes grew wide with alarm. He went to his brief case, picked up a gag and applied it to her. While this quietened her, she moved around a little, so he said, “I hope you don’t mind, but Petra needs help to keep still.”

He instructed Petra to remove her T shirt and Suzy, Diane and Tom were amazed to see that she too was wearing a rope harness. James went back to the briefcase, lifted a flap and brought out some rope. He threw it up and over a beam and one end of it was attached to a big loop at the back of her harness. Her made her walk back to be directly under the beam and loosely tied off the other end of the rope. He cuffed her wrists behind her back before he found the broom and in a couple of minutes Petra’s feet were held wide apart. He took the slack out of the rope that ran over the beam until her heels were about an inch off the floor.

“That should help.” Was all he said before we got back to discussing the plans.

I turned on Diane’s remote to low and she gave me a smile that was both delight and dismay. Shortly afterwards Tom fiddled in his pocket I quickly glanced at Suzy who stiffened as she felt the effects of the egg starting to vibrate inside her. Suzy wandered around for a few minutes and was soon getting very red in the face and trying to hide the signs of an impending orgasm. Tom took no notice until Suzy let out a big moan of pleasure as she came.

Tom apologised to James saying “I am afraid I need punish Suzy now. James, have you got some more rope I can borrow?”

James replied “Sure.” He pulled out even more hanks of rope of differing lengths from his briefcase.

Tom looked around the open space, saw another broom. He then instructed Suzy to stand under another beam facing Petra. He secured the broom stick to her ankles to keep them wide apart. He then picked up a couple of short lengths of rope, removed Suzy’s T shirt, lifted her skirt and proceeded to secure her wrists to her thighs. Tom finally ran a rope over the beam, tied it to her harness and tied it off so that Suzy’s heels were lifted about an inch and a half off the floor.

He came back to us and we continued our discussions about how we would use the remaining space. James and Tom exchanged a number of ideas. I could see that James was impressed with the way Tom was thinking and remarked “are you sure you aren’t an architect.

Tom replied “Oh no., I am just a humble manufacturer of high end bespoke furniture.”

James laughed “I know it is good, I have seen some of it that you have made for Zack.”

“Those were just some of my early pieces.”

“Well I can’t wait to see what you do for Diane and Charles.”

I interjected, “that all depends on whether the idea you two have come up with will work in practice.”

James replied with a smile “No problem, I will get all the calculations done later today while Petra is kept well occupied.”

Once we had finished the main discussions, I noticed a series of hooks that were on the posts that were on either side of the space. I asked “will these cause a problem?”

James looked and quickly replied, “I hope not, but I think we need to check them out.”

He let Petra down from the rope over the beam, released her wrists before took he over to the indicated hooks. Her wrists were soon attached to the hooks and the spread-eagle was absolutely perfect.

Diane wiggled and smiled at me. I turned her egg up to full and in just moments I recognised that she was about to orgasm. I turned the egg off to a look of extreme annoyance before I said “we agreed no orgasms and as it was Suzy that got you into this mess, I am being kind to you at the moment. Also you have a small damp patch.”

As we finished the meeting, James said “How about that we get some lunch and then give the ladies a bit of a workout?”

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. mmmm crotch rope with a large knot directly on the clit…


    Rebel xox

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