The workout

As we finished the site meeting with our architect James, his wife and our friends Tom and Suzy, James said “How about that we get some lunch and then give the ladies a bit of a workout?”

I and Tom readily agreed while our wives looked a little concerned but said nothing. They enjoyed the sensations of having remote vibrators in their pussies. To add to their enjoyment they each wore a rope harness and a large crupper on the crotch ropes.

The six of us went to a local pub and enjoyed a convivial lunch. Over lunch we kept the conversation very tame and we men played with the ladies using our remotes to alter the intensity and randomness of any stimulation from the vibrators.

James and Petra invited us all back to their home which was not far from the pub. The ladies walked ahead so Tom, James and I could agree on their workout.

Once inside, we were shown through to the exercise room and I was surprised to see amongst the various pieces of gym equipment three static bikes. Both Tom and I smiled and nodded towards James to show that we agreed with his idea for the workout.

James started the proceedings by saying “Diane, Petra and Suzy, you will now have an interesting workout. You will each use a bike and the resistance will be low. The ride will last half an hour and the aim is to travel the furthest. The winner will be rewarded with no penalty, the second placed of you will get a moderate dose of twelve strokes using one of Petra’s favourite implements and the loser will suffer twenty four hard strokes of her most hated implement. You will have the added distraction of the vibrators being on full power. For each orgasm you have in the half hour you will have three miles taken off your recorded distance.”

Petra pouted a little and said, “But I have had less experience of orgasm denial than Suzy and Diane.”

James simply replied “I know, however you regularly ride these bikes, so your fitness is probably greater. So it gives you an edge on the distance part of the challenge.”

We got our respective wives ready for their bike ride and once the seats were at the right height James started the race.

As I was adjusting Diane’s bike seat, to encourage her to win, I whispered in her ear, “If you come in second one week of chastity and if you lose it goes up to three weeks starting tomorrow morning.”

Petra started off pedalling at a furious rate to put some distance on the challenge; however her pedalling meant that the large knot assaulted her clit and in no time it was clear that she was highly aroused as juices started to seep from her stimulated pussy. She fought against the orgasm that was rapidly approaching.

Suzy and Diane took a more leisurely pace and whilst were clearly being stimulated and aroused, they were not fighting back against an impending orgasm.

None of us men could see how fast or how far each of the ladies were cycling.

Twenty minutes into the challenge, Petra was unable to hold back her orgasm any longer and came hard, leaving her breathless for a short while. As she recovered she started pedalling slowly to try to make up some of the lost distance. However this did her no good as the extra stimulation took her to another orgasm.

In the meantime, Diane was struggling to continue her pedalling as she was not as fit as the other two. Suzy was clearly struggling to supress an orgasm as the knot and vibrators did their devilish work. Literally one minute from the end of the challenge Suzy exploded with a powerful orgasm and did not recover in time to restart pedalling before James declared time was up.

The ladies dismounted their bikes in varying states of distress, Diane whilst not having come was clearly feeling the effects of the bike ride, whilst Suzy and Petra had smiles as they recovered from their orgasms.

Tom checked the mileage on each bike and declared that Diane had managed the least distance, and although she had not had an orgasm was still in last place. Suzy on the other hand had managed to clock up just under three miles less than Petra so was declared the winner.

Diane was mortified to find that she was to be on the receiving end of an unknown implement.

We decided that we would have a rest and a coffee in the sitting room before Petra and Diane received their penalties.

Once the ladies were fully recovered, James sent Petra to retrieve the two implements that were to be used. She quickly returned to the sitting room with the implements.

James asked her to get ready for her strokes and she quickly leant over the back of an arm chair, and James picked up the leather paddle and with a thwack, the first stroke landed. A further 11 thwacks had Petra squirming and her bum was a rosy red colour.

James then handed me a thirty inch long strand of wire about one eighth of an inch in diameter which had a handle at one end. Diane’s eyes widened when she saw it and started trembling. I felt it in my hand and tested it against my palm with a mild stroke that was very stingy. I tried some practice swings and whilst the wire did not bend that much, also I realised that Diane’s ass would be sporting some very visible stripes by the time I had finished.

James took the implement and using a cushion, he demonstrated the best technique so as not to injure the sub, but at the same time ensure that the stroke’s effect was felt to the full. I checked with Diane before I said “James, as it is clear you have used it before, Diane has agreed that it would be best if you administered her strokes.”

Before replying he hugged Petra and whispered something, to which she gave a hushed reply, I am fine with that.”

James then turned to Diane “are you happy for me to apply your strokes?”

Diane’s nervous reply was “Yes.”

James then said “Charles, it would be best if you hold her hands as she is leant over the arm chair”

Diane leant over the chair and I held her hands as he took up this position and stroked the cane back and forth across one of her bum cheeks before he flicked his wrist and truck Diane with the wire. It took only a second or two before she let out a loud squeal of agony. He waited for a few moments before he flicked his wrist again and another stroke landed, this time on the other cheek.

After each strike landed, Diane squealed and they got louder as the number of strikes rose. By the twentieth stroke she was in tears and he said, the last four will come fast and he quickly flicked his wrist four times and it was over.

I released Diane’s hands and she leapt up to stroke her ass. As I approached her I could see twelve evenly spaced thin welts on each cheek that looked extremely sensitive. I held her tight as she recovered.

She whispered between her sobs “do they look as nasty as they feel?”

I could only reply “well they look as if they will be uncomfortable for a few days.”

She sobbed again and it took a while for her to recover. She winced as she pulled up her jeans and buttoned the waistband.

We left James and Petra’s home a bit later and as we walked back to our temporary home Suzy asked “Is it as nasty an implement as it looks?”

Diane’s reply with a wry smile was “Definitely, and I think we need to get one for Zack to keep Dee in line.”

Tom and Suzy laughed at that remark before he added lovingly “and another to keep you in line too.”

I then reminded Diane “don’t forget you have three weeks in your belt too.”

She said nothing, but Suzy asked “What, on top of that penalty?”

Diane sheepishly replied “I was told that would happen if I lost.”

Tom and I removed the crotch ropes from Diane and Suzy and allowed them some rest time. Diane took great care when sitting down and winced as she finally let her bum take her weight.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. At about 6 Tom suggested that we met up with John and Kathy that evening. They were free so we agreed to meet at the pub a couple of hours later.

We decided that our wives had had enough stimulation to their crotches so much to their eae6de68e91ca79d42ce06d3b4339139relief we also removed the rope harnesses and with the ropes made a rope bra and panties.

John and Kathy were already at the pub when we arrivedwe sat down and were enjoying our meal when James and Petra walked in the door.

They did not see us to begin with and when I went up to order some more drinks I invited them to join us. They obviously had met John and Kathy as they addressed them by name.

James quietly asked Diane “How are you coping this evening?”

“Fine, but sitting is a bit uncomfortable.” She replied.

Kathy’s ears pricked up on this exchange. James then said “she had a little meeting with that severe cane we bought a few months ago.”

Kathy nodded before saying “You mean the metal one?”


“I know it is severe, just right for punishing naughty men and women.”

Diane interjected “Definitely, I need two, one for me to use on Charles and one for Zack to use on Dee.”

She smiled when Kathy said “Come by any day, and you can pick them up.”

Wicked Wednesday

The picture was found on pininterest with no credit given. If it is yours, and require a credit or require its removal, please let me know.

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