A business meeting

I have neglected in the last few weeks to update you what happened following Diane and my week long trip to Corrine and Patrice. The site meeting at our new house and subsequent “workout” were the main kink related activities in that time.

We were informed that the house would be ready for us to move into during the weekend before Christmas, and more importantly James and Tom were adamant that we were not allowed on site from when Tom’s workmen started until the completion of the work and the hand over of the keys.

This left Diane and I have been at a little bit of a loss of what to do, especially as we did not have a lot of room and the opportunities to play were limited.

Work for Diane was going well, and I was having a hard time keeping up with Tamara and Sofia who were working very hard on their project at Bustards.

Diane’s boss, Dee and her husband Zack, made work a pleasure for us all, as well as allowing us to introduce a bit of fun in our meetings, especially when it was just the six of us around the table.

It was shortly after Diane had participated in the workout, that we were all sat around the meeting table in Dee’s office. Tamara and Sofia were updating the others on their work and in particular they asked Dee “Why do you spend all this money on retail analysts when you already have the data available.”

Dee was a little taken aback at this but replied “Well we have to look at industry trends and make decisions based on them.”

“Yes, we realise that” started Tamara, “but you spent about £100k for them to produce an inaccurate analysis of customer spending in Bustards.”

“What?” exclaimed Dee.

“Yes, we have looked at their data and also the information we hold form the spending patterns of the card holders. The most significant discrepancy is in the demographics. The average age of customers in the analysis they produced is fifty one, yet the average age of a Bustards customer is forty. Also if you look at the spending patterns, you will find that Bustards have a higher average spend than the industry analysis.”

Dee exploded “F***ing hell, How has this F***ing happened?”

“Simple really, they asked for certain data sets that were supplied, however the data requested is not representative of the Bustards business. Having looked at the data, and having asked the company that did the analysis, there is a clear lack of understanding of the nature of the business.”

Dee just said “S**t this seems to be getting worse.”

Tamara quietly replied, “Actually not. What it shows is that Bustards is in many areas doing a lot better than thought.”

“At least there is some good news.”

“Yes, but it also shows where Bustards is not doing as well, and that is mainly in the high ticket items that are often the most profitable.”

The discussion continued for quite a while and Dee accepted that there were more changes that needed to be considered. Dee started to close the meeting.

Whilst this meeting had been going on and Dee had been raging, swearing and generally getting a bit hot under the collar, Zack had been quietly sitting there with a smile on his face.

The meeting was finished and we gathered up our papers.

Dee started to get up from her chair when he said “Dee, you better sit down.”

She looked a little surprised but did as asked.

Zack continued, “It is late, this office is soundproofed and you have been a very naughty girl with all your swearing.”

She looked at him with daggers before retorting “So what?”

“Well, it is time you enjoyed a new toy that I have got here.”

He then turned to Tamara and Sofia with a smile saying “and you two need a reminder on how important it is to keep Dee calm so she does not get herself into trouble.”

Sofia said “I hope Patrice does not hear about this.”

“Don’t worry, he does. He has given me permission to deal with it in the appropriate manner.”

He then showed them the text exchange on his mobile phone. The two girls shifted in their seats for a moment before resigning themselves to their fate.

Zack said “I think we will deal with you two first. Dee go and stand in the corner and you can hear the girls meet my new toy kindly sent to me by John and Kathy.”

He turned to Tamara and Sofia asking, “Which of you wants to go first?”

Sofia stood up saying “I will.”

“Good, bend over the table and present your bare ass.”

She did as she was told and Zack moved his wheelchair so he was in the right position. He retrieved a two foot long rod of steel about 1/8th inch in diameter and stroked her taught bum. With a flick of his wrist he landed the first strike on her left cheek. The swish of the rod followed by a mild splat hid the severity of the sting as Sofia squealed. This continued until she sported six thin stripes on each cheek.

Sofia was bleary eyed as she held back the tears and winced as she pulled up her knickers before she gingerly sat down again.

Tamara got up, took her position, lowered her knickers and as the first strike landed she said something in German. Zack immediately said “there is no need for that sort of language; I think an extra line on each cheek is called for. Anymore and the extras will increase.”

Tamara held still as the next stinging strike landed. Each strike elicited a gasp or squeal. As Zack finished Tamara was sporting seven vivid red lines on her right and eight on her left ass cheeks.

Tamara also winced as she pulled up her knickers and grimaced as she sat back in her chair.

Dee was called over and when she dropped her trousers it was clear that she was not wearing any knickers.

Zack smiled as he said “at least you did as you were told this morning. It is a shame for your ass that you broke one of your rules. For each F word you get six on each cheek and for the others one. I make that a total of 21 on each cheek.”

Dee was shaking as she leant over the meeting table. Zack carefully and slowly stroked her ass cheeks with the rod before with a strong flick of his wrist laid down the first strike. Dee gasped as it landed before exclaiming “S**t that hurts.”

Zack immediately replied “You never learn, so that is now 24 more on each cheek.”

He calmly administered the strikes on each cheek, making Dee wait on occasions and on others administering three strokes in quick succession.

Each strike produced a thin red line and Dee was in tears as the last strike on each cheek landed. These last ones were the hardest of them all and whilst not breaking the skin produced clear welts on the most sensitive part of her sit spot.

Dee slowly got back up, pulled up her trousers and slowly sat down. As her bum made contact with the chair she raised it slightly as if to prepare herself for the discomfort of sitting down.

Diane sat through this quietly, squeezing my hand as each strike to the three ladies bums landed.

A short while later we left the office. As we were driving home Diane said to me “I hope the girls are OK tonight.”

“I am sure they will be.”

“It depends on how intimate they are with their boyfriends.”


“Yes, they have each found a boyfriend, and they both seem very happy.”

“Ummm. I wonder what Patrice will have to say.”

“Oh he knows, and he has been in contact with the guys and has approved in principle.”

“I wonder if the boys know about what they like.”

“I expect so, as they met at one of the Fetish markets.”


The following morning I had a meeting with the girls to discuss the next stage of their work, following the meeting the previous day. They were as usual very efficient and focussed and it was not long before the business was finished.

As we collected our papers together I said “I hope you two sat comfortably last night.”

Sofia looked at me a little puzzled before saying “I didn’t spend much time sitting.”

Tamara immediately interjected “It was much more like lying down wasn’t it.”

Sofia just bantered back “and you probably were bent over most of the evening.”

Wicked Wednesday

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