Pub and games

Both Diane and I were finding our temporary accommodation rather constricting whilst waiting for our new home to be completed. What was even more frustrating was that we were not allowed on site as James, our architect, and Tom were busy dealing with the interior.

We had agreed how the main living area was to be laid out and they had consulted us about how a play area would be incorporated into it, but we were none the wiser about the actual design. We were reassured by Tom that we would find it entirely to our taste.

The weekend before we were due to be handed the keys we went out to the local pub for a few drinks and a meal.

I was surprised to find that James and his wife Petra were there and Mike and Janet were there too. They waved us over and it was clear that Diane had made these arrangements as shortly afterwards John and Kathy appeared.

Despite our probing, James revealed nothing about the interior of the house. He would only confirm that we would be able to  move in on the Friday before Christmas.

After a few minutes, Diane suggested to me that we should combine the house warming party with a New Year one. I quickly telephoned Zack, Corrine, Tom, Susan and Tamara and they all confirmed that they and their partners would be there.

We enjoyed our meal and plenty of conversation. When it was time to order another round of drinks, James suggested we all went back to their house for some fun and games as it was not far from the pub.

On entering the house we were given a short tour of the downstairs area and then led into the games room that was a converted stable block for about six horses. There was a pool table and darts board. He also suggested that we had a little competition between us four couples. The winners would be able to dictate what the others would wear home that night and if they were not a winner, they would be restrained together and the winner would hide the keys to the restraints somewhere accessible for them to be able to escape.

The competition was a single game of pool and three games of darts between each couple. The winner would get two points and the loser none. If there was a tie for the winner there would be a simple toss of the coin to decide the winning couple.

This sounded like a bit of fun, so we all agreed.

The competition started with James and Petra taking on Mike and Janet at pool. It went down to the black ball and Mike managed to sink it to win the game. Meanwhile Diane and I managed to win our game of darts against John and Kathy.

The games went on and whilst we were all fairly evenly matched, the two couples tied at the top of the league before the final two games were James and Petra and John and Kathy. As it so happened, the final game was between these two. They tossed a coin to see who would break. John won it and proceeded to play a break shot that sank a striped ball but left James and Petra an awkward set of balls. Petra went up to the table and carefully lined up her shot but missed sinking one of their balls. Kathy went to play her shot and played a very defensive one that left James with virtually no chance of potting a ball.

James did his best on his turn, but the way the game had developed meant that John was able to clear all but one of the striped balls.

Petra went up to the table, proceeded to clear plenty of balls until an unfortunate bounce off the cushion sank the black, leaving John and Kathy the overall winners.

Petra apologised to James, who just shrugged his head saying, “That was just unlucky.”

John asked James to get out all their restraints and padlocks. James rushed off and returned with a large box of restraints, and on looking through he knew that they were missing one vital ingredient for his plans.

He turned to Kathy saying “as you are the driver, pop down to the pub and bring the car back here.” He then whispered something in her ear which elicited a big grin.

It took Kathy about fifteen minutes before she got back and passed John a little black plastic bag.

John and Kathy conferred for a couple of minutes before she disappeared and returned with another plastic bag.

Kathy invited Janet to strip and put her clothes in a pile on one of the chairs.

Janet nervously did as she was asked until she was in just a bra and knickers.

Kathy said “Don’t be nervous, you are not going home naked.”

She then instructed Mike to strip naked too.

Janet reluctantly removed her underwear. Kathy then asked “Have you ever tied rope underwear on Mike?”


“Well, you will learn one technique tonight.”

She carefully instructed Janet to start by wrapping his penis tight and the thin rope was tied off under his balls, she was then shown how to make the underpants so that every movement he made would be felt in his cock and balls.

Once Janet had completed the tie on Mike, He was ordered “First you need to tie a rope bikini bottom on Janet with a nice big knot that will sit on her clit.”

He did as instructed and when finished Janet was asked to move a little and each movement elicited a small gasp as the knot did its work.

Kathy then said, now for the fun part, “Janet needs a bra, so a nice rope bra with a twist is appropriate.”

He seemed to have great difficulty putting on the bra under Kathy’s instruction and Janet impatiently said “You better let them do it.”KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

John checked with them both that they were happy for him to do it, before making the bra which which supported her breasts a little, but with a twist in the rope where each nipple showed through.

John and Kathy turned their attention to James and Petra who were first instructed to strip naked. They did as asked and we were all surprised to see they both had rings in their nipples.

Kathy asked “Can you stand face to face for a moment?”

They did and she smiled when she saw that their nipples were at about the same height. She looked at John, then their nipples. John just nodded.

She continued “Before we go any further will you let us have a spare door key for your own safety.”

James disappeared for a minute and handed over a set of keys.

She had them lock cuffs on their wrists and ankles. She locked a short hobble chain through their ankle cuffs.

She then had them place their wrists behind each other’s backs and cuffed them. The final act was to connect their nipples together with a lock on each side. In the meantime John had got all their padlock keys put them in a bowl and mixed them together and took out of the games room.

He returned shortly, turned to Diane and myself and said right, “your turn. Both of you strip.”

We did.

Kathy then said “James and Petra, the keys to your restraints are in the kitchen in the bowl with all your other keys. Once we have left, you can make your way to the kitchen and release yourselves. When you are free text us and let us know. If we have not heard from you before 10, one of us will come and check on you.”

John then said “the rest of you will walk home exactly as you are. We will drop your clothes off to your some time tomorrow. And James, we will drop off your keys then too”

Kathy picked up our keys and handed them to us so we could at least get inside.

They carefully ensured that each couple’s clothes were kept separate and ushered Janet, Mike, Diane and myself out of the house, carefully locked the door got in their car and bid us goodnight.

We walked along the quiet road with Diane and me having to keep in the shadows to hide our state of undress.

Janet and Mike on the other hand not only had their partial nakedness to contend with. The devious arrangements were also having their effect with Mike wincing with every step and Janet letting out occasional moans of arousal.

We separated shortly after passing the pub and Diane and I had to take a slightly longer route home to avoid a well-lit street.

We finally made it home and it did not take long for us to warm up cuddled together in bed.

The next morning at about 12, Kathy and John returned our clothes with Kathy saying with a smile “James texted us at five to say they were free, and when we dropped their keys off, they had changed their restraints and he was in a serious hogtie as a punishment for suggesting the contest. Meanwhile, Janet is still wearing her bra, but apparently they were both a more than a little horny when they got home.”

Wicked Wednesday

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