Xmas Parties

The last few months had changed the dynamic of my relationship with my wife, Diane. With the stress of her new senior role, she was finding the best way to unwind has been to be the submissive in our play times. So much so that she has rarely in the last six months wanted to slip into her previously dominant personality. In our many previous discussions we realised that we were even happier than before as a couple.

Diane in her new job with extra responsibilities has found being the submissive in our relationship helps her perform better at work as well as helpming to keep her grounded. As part of a recent discussion we focussed on my needs, and the dynamics between us and the others in the group of friends that would be at the house warming party. We concluded that there would be times when she would have to allow me to bottom to others in our circle of friends.

As we drove into work on the Monday of the last full week before Christmas, Diane moaned “Not only is it a busy period in the stores, we get the keys to the house on Friday morning. Then there is your office party on Friday night and the Bustards Christmas Party on Saturday. We also need to start preparing for the New Year and house warming party. What is more I cannot take a day off until well into the new year.”

I replied “Well, I have arranged to have Friday off, so I can supervise the removal men. Whilst I will not be unable to fully unpack everything, I will do as much as I can. Anyway, Tamara and Sofia have offered to help over the weekend.”

“Oh great, but I can’t wait for just the two of us to test out our new play area before the party.”

My only reply was “That is not going to happen. Tom has been very emphatic that he has made it impossible for us to use it until the party.”


“All I know is that the play area has been secured somehow. Whilst I trust him, I too am a bit curious about what he has put together.”

“Oh well, I suppose there is not much we can do about it. But on Sunday I want to be able to play.”

“I am sure we can find something to do.”

The week passed uneventfully and on Friday I supervised the removal men. The move went without a hitch and all our possessions were now in our home.

For my office party on the Friday, Diane had packed a small overnight case. I picked Diane up from her office and it did not take us too long to make it to the hotel. As she stripped off her business attire, I snuck up behind her and quickly started to cuddle her and kiss the back of her neck and shoulders. We went into the bathroom and showered together with me making sure that I soaped her up well, massaging her lovely breasts and taking great care to use her clit to arouse her.

We finished our shower and I dried her off carefully before she went to her case to start getting dressed.

She opened it, and immediately spun round to me saying in an outraged tone “Where is the underwear I packed?”

“At home. I have got all you will need for tonight.”

I then handed her the small remote control egg and continued “First you need to put this in.”

She reluctantly put it into her moist pussy.

I then handed her the small discreet chastity belt. She looked at me with daggers in her eyes. She put the waist belt on and quickly secured the front plate in place. I carefully checked that it was locked and made sure that the chains that ran over her backside were comfortably tight.

She put on the dress that she had packed and checked in the mirror to ensure that the belt was not visible.

I then said “The keys to the belt are with Zack and Dee, so you are stuck in it until at least tomorrow.”

She glared at me before saying “You are an evil man, but I still love you.”

The party went well for me, but Diane was squirming around a bit as I had set the vibrator on a low setting with it turning on and off at random. As the evening wore on she wanted to dance and during one slow dance where I held her tight, with my hands firmly on her pert round ass cheeks She held me tight and breathlessly said “this is bloody horrible teasing. I am desperate to come.”

At a suitable opportunity we left the party and retired back to our hotel room, where I turned off the vibrator and as we went to bed, she demanded that I held her tight with my hands massaging her nipples. She pleaded for the vibrator to be turned back on so the stimulation might let her come. I lovingly said “No. We must christen our new home properly with your next orgasm which will be the first of many.”

We made it to our home in the middle of the next morning and Diane said “OK, now please turn the vibe up high so I can come.”

I refused “No, we have got leave some battery life for tonight’s party.”

Despite her pleading throughout most of the day, I still did not relent. Tamara and Sofia arrived at lunchtime and they helped us get things unpacked.

We made our way to the hotel for the Bustard’s party and were surprised that Zack and Dee had arranged for us to have a room next to them and on the opposite side of the corridor were Tamara and Sofia.

We all left our hotel rooms and Tamara and Sofia looked like supermodels with very elegant long dresses. They were specially made for them and paid for by Dee as a thank you for the work that they had done in March.

Zack asked, “Have you done what you were told by Patrice?”

They replied together “Yes.”

“Good, now let the fun begin.”

He handed Diane one remote and Dee the other. Then he handed Tamara one he retrieved from his pocket whilst to Diane’s surprise I handed Sofia her remote.

She whispered “What! Was that my remote you gave to Sofia?”

“Yes. Zack, Patrice and I thought it would be fun if you ladies were in charge of the controls of another for the evening.”

Zack added “what will be even more fun for the four of you is that you are all on different tables, so during dinner it will be difficult for you to communicate with your tormenter.”

Diane with a smile said “God that is evil.” I hope that you will take pity on me as I have had mine in since last night and have been horny ever since.”

Sofia with a glint said “I might, but there will be a price to pay.”

Tamara giggled saying “and that price is verrrrry high.”

Dee said to the girls “and I hope Diane and I can get a high price out of you too.”

Tamara retorted “and yours will be the highest of all.”

The dinner went relatively uneventfully, apart from Diane stiffening a few times and she squeezed my hand tight on a few occasions.

There was a short cabaret section and I could see Diane fighting against the arousal that was clearly showing in her erect nipples that were poking against the thin fabric of her bodice.

Once the cabaret finished, she relaxed a little, before she went to Sofia to bargain for the vibrator to be turned off. There was a long discussion between the two of them. It seemed like half an hour before Diane returned “well that is settled. I only get low settings for the rest of the night, thank god.”

“I asked so what did you settle on?”

“You will find out at the house warming party.”

Wicked Wednesday

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6 Responses to Xmas Parties

  1. Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and holiday time!

    Thanks for being such a loyal Wicked Wednesday player!

    Rebel xox

  2. Games are more fun when you’re not sure what to expect and you have to bargain for yummy things. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  3. Lace Winter says:

    Now that is a wicked office party! Nicely done. 🙂

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