A Gift

We got home around lunchtime on Sunday after the Bustards Christmas party. After doing some shopping, we carried on unpacking boxes and getting the house organised. She found our Christmas decorations and put the tree up in the corner of the main living area.

We talked about how to get into the play area that had been designed by Tom and James, but were thwarted every time we tried to find a way in.

Diane wanted to get out of her chastity belt and have her first orgasm in our new home. However I did not have the keys and when she asked Zack for them, he said she would have to wait until Christmas Day. This puzzled both of us as we were planning to have a quiet day at home.

Diane and I worked hard on the three days of the week and as we left the Bustards office on Wednesday we had a big bag of presents from all the staff who we worked with. The package that was from Zack and Dee was fairly large and there was a very specific instruction not to open it until after the Queen’s Speech the following day.

Christmas Eve night was spent at the pub and we managed to get to the midnight service of the local church. We were both very tired and when we got home we flopped into bed and were soon asleep. The next morning I was woken by Diane using her magical mouth on my cock. Whilst I could not return the favour, she brought me to a very satisfying climax.

We worked together to get the Christmas lunch and we finished clearing up just as the Queen’s speech started.

A few minutes later we started to open our presents. We left Zack and Dee’s present until last and Diane carefully unwrapped it. As we opened the box inside the wrapping paper there was another small box called “light time box”. I opened it and looked at the contents which included a box about 3 inches long, two inches wide and an inch deep. Inset into the top of the box was what looked like a solar panel, similar to those used on calculators. The small latch on one side opened and I looked inside to find the key to Diane’s belt. I quickly put it in my pocket without her seeing it. I then looked at description of its basic functions that included:-

This box is designed to hold keys for the length of time programmed into the timer before closing. If no new time is programmed it will restart the timer using the same length of time as the previous occasion it was used. It is also unique in that if the panel on the top is exposed to light before the time has expired, the timer automatically resets to start all over again.

I showed this to Diane who was highly amused, but was still a bit annoyed that she could not get out of her belt as the key was not in the box.

Diane was in the bathroom when the phone rang. I answered to find it was Zack. I said “Don’t tell Diane, but I found the key and have it.”

He laughed replying, “fine.”

We chatted for a while until Diane asked “Where is the bloody key to my belt?”

“Well it should have been in the box.”

He called out to Dee who said “I’m sure I put it in there.”

Diane replied “Well it bloody well wasn’t.”

Dee answered “I’ll have a look for it and let you know.”

We finished the call and I held Diane and soothed her as best as I could. About half an hour later the phone rang again and Diane answered it this time.

I listened as best as I could. It was clear that Zack had let Dee in on what was going on, and Diane whilst not entirely happy, she calmed down when we agreed that we would meet up at one of the stores the next day.

In the meantime I had found a thin piece of ribbon, threaded it through the loop of the key and secured it around my neck like a necklace.

We spent the afternoon and evening cuddled together watching the usual cheesy TV offerings until it was near our usual bed time. I suggested to Diane that a little fun was in order in the bedroom.

“Yes good for you, but I am still bloody frustrated and horny. That egg is driving me nuts as I can feel it but cannot get to orgasm as I can get stimulated enough.”

I consoled her as best as I could, and made sure I raised her arousal by playing with her nipples to heighten her arousal.

As we prepared for bed, I put on my ankle and wrist cuffs and lay down in the centre of the bed. She looked at me and said. I suppose you need to be restrained so I can tease the hell out of you and I am not going to let you come until I am out of this bloody belt.”

Diane picked up the ropes and quickly had me tied in a strict spread-eagle on the bed. She started to pull my T shirt up my chest and when she had tugged it as far as she could over my head she looked and gently thumped my chest saying “You rotten sod, you had the key all the time.”

“No, it was in the timer box, but you didn’t see it.”

She quickly got it off the ribbon, unlocked her belt and removed her egg. As she sat astride me I could feel her wetness across my chest.

“I will get my revenge, don’t you worry”

I giggled and tried to wriggle, but the ropes were tight and her weight on my chest held me in place.

For a long while she teased me with her tongue, tickled me mercilessly and I was a quivering wreck when she gently lowered herself on my very stiff erection. She quickly came and then took her time making sure that every time I got near to fulfilment she stopped. She however was able to have quite a few orgasms before she rode me hard until we both came hard. She undid one of the ropes on my wrists allowing me to release myself from the restraints.

I snuggled up to her in bed and held her tight as we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke to find Diane playing with my balls. As I started to react to the stimulation, I felt the restriction of a cage.

“Good morning” she said between nibbles of my balls.

She continued with an evil glint in her eye. “This is the present you did not open yesterday. BH-257579It is a new cage with nubs all over it, so if you decide to get aroused it will be really uncomfortable.”

She showed me the key and with a big smile placed it in the box and put it on the bedside table with the panel face down. She then said “I have changed the time setting. All you need to know is that if you leave the box where it is you can get out sometime before the party on New Year’s Eve.”

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to A Gift

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. Such a wait and denial, I’m not sure I could handle any of that.

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