New Year Party

In the morning of our New Year’s Eve party I was relieved to be able to retrieve the key for my new device and unlocked it. Diane took advantage of my freedom and we both were able to enjoy the results.

Unfortunately for Diane it was a work day, so I spent the rest of the day preparing for the arrival of our guests at around 7pm. She got home earlier than usual and by then I had completed most of the preparation. As I had turned the heating up high, I was dressed in just a T shirt and a pair of shorts. She quickly shed her business clothing and was soon walking around in just a bikini.

There were 19 guests and they were all wearing bikinis or swimming wear. This was in deference to the people who were new to our circle of friends who were meeting many of the others for the first time. Although we had a big dining table, it was tight squeeze to fit us all around it.

During dinner, Zack asked Diane “Did you find the Key?”

“Yes, that rotten sod had it around his neck. I was very pleased when I got out, however I did get my own back.”


With a smirk she said “Easy, I read the instructions and put the keys to a new device in it and reset the time for just one day, however he did not try to open it until this morning.”

The others heard this and laughed at my slight discomfort.

Zack then appointed himself the master of ceremonies. He said “We are all here to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Part of this party is to inaugurate Diane and Charles new play area and welcome them into their new home.”

He paused for a moment and continued “Before we actual get to play in the new area designed by James and Tom. I understand that Diane and Charles have not seen it yet, so it will be as much of a surprise to them as it will be to the rest of us. Tom and James, is there enough room for more than one couple to play at a time?”

“Yes, up to three should be comfortable.” He replied

“Good” Zack said. “I have a few ‘sentences’ to announce. This means it is not just a House warming party but also a bottom warming one too.”

There were a few giggles before he continued, “These sentences are to be administered by the person’s partner or someone else that they jointly agree on.

“First, Diane and Charles are to be bound together so they can properly enjoy each other as we all leave tonight.”

I looked puzzled and glanced at Diane who just smiled back.

Zack then continued “I know that Tom and James put a lot of thought into the designs and fittings in the play area, so their wives will enjoy making them uncomfortable when they sit down.”

He paused then said “Tamara and Sofia, who have been doing excellent work can be rewarded by receiving twenty strokes of the cane at the same time to administered by Corrine and Patrice who are their mentors.

Finally, my sexy wife, who has been a bit of a handful lately, will take no part in the games as she will be restrained and blindfolded so that she cannot take part or see anything, but she can hear all that goes on.”

She pouted on hearing this, but wisely said nothing.

Tamara then asked “What about the prices we agreed with the fob holder at the Xmas Party.”

“Those can be settled up during the play session. However if it involves Dee getting any attention to her bum then it will have to wait until another day.”

He turned to James and said, “Are you ready to show Diane and Charles the space that you created?”

“Of course.”

We went to the end of the passageway below the main sleeping areas. He and Tom then went to the bookcase lining one side and Tom opened a hidden panel that neither of us had seen before. He pressed a button. There was a click and a door opened. This door was the width of the passage and when closed was completely hidden.

Diane and I were ushered into the room that was much larger than I expected. It was beautifully furnished with many items that you would see in a normal play space and some I did not recognise. One side of the play area had all our implements carefully hung up and a set of shelves that held rope, and baskets of our other toys.

Everyone looked carefully at everything, were full of appreciative comments and praised both James and Tom on how good the play area looked. I even heard John say to Kathy “That horse looks just right for you to be on later.”

Zack said to Dee, who was sitting on his lap, “Please would you get our toy bag.”

There were a few murmurs between couples. Dee and some others went to the living area before returning with their respective toy bags.

He asked me whether he could use one piece of equipment that was neatly stored on one of the shelves and I agreed. I moved it to about the right position.

As everyone was now comfortable with each other’s company, Zack ordered Dee to remove her bikini,HANGING LEATHER STRAP CAGE BONDAGE GEAR put on the butterfly stimulator and then stand on the small circular disc that I had placed on the floor. She did as she was instructed. Once in the right place she stood at attention. I was given her blindfold which I secured. Tom and I raised the sides of the strap cage ensuring that the neck ring was properly fitted to stop her from being choked and then secured the top to the dangling hook. With a quiet whirr, the slack in the cable was wound in and we stopped as the disc on which she was standing left the floor. Zack glibly said “Now you can just stand around for a couple of hours.”

Dee murmured something in reply. Tamara then joined us with a couple of weights in her hand and asked Zack if he was happy for them to hang from Dee’s piercings. He shook his head, and then handed Tamara a couple of vibrating nipple clamps with the comment “I think these would torment her more.”

Tamara smiled in agreement and carefully attached the clamps and then we heard a buzz as they were turned on.

Sofia came up to me and said “Now it is time you honoured Diane’s agreed price for me keeping her party vibe on low.”

I looked puzzled until Diane said “Yes, the price is for you to have a game of noughts and crosses on each of your bum cheeks. And it is not just the grids that she will be using the cane for.

I was escorted over to the spanking bench and secured in it. Diane gave me a pleasant warm up with her hand and then Tamara picked up a severe cane. She carefully laid down a searing stroke across my left cheek that had me gasping. A second stroke landed before she shifted position and laid down two strokes across my right cheek.

She then shifted position and each vertical line took two strokes before she was satisfied. My ass felt as if it was on fire, especially when ran her fingernail along each of the lines.

She put down the severe cane and picked up a lighter, thinner one whilst Sofia found a stiff rubber band. Sofia was allowed to go first and with her rubber band left a painful spot on my left cheek. Tamara placed a cross on another part of the cheek. This went on until they had filled up the grid with a mark. They turned their attention to my right cheek and this time it was a cross that landed first. By the time they had finished, my ass was feeling as if it was on fire. There were two grids with prominent welts and a total of nine spots and 9 small crosses adorning my cheeks.

I was released and after a hug from Tamara and Sofia I joined Diane watching the play. I sat down on a soft topped chair then noticed that Mike had put Janet into a suspended hogtie and she was looking blissfully happy. Celia and William were both receiving attention from Eva and Marie. James was looking happy as Petra was watching proceedings in a very intricate chest harness which had her smiling.

For nearly two hours play continued. As midnight approached, play stopped and Zack asked us to help release Dee from the strap cage. Dee took a while before she was able to move around having been held tightly in place for nearly two hours.

Tom tuned the sound system to the radio and Diane served drinks to everyone so we could properly celebrate the New Year with a toast.

To be continued next week

Wicked Wednesday

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4 Responses to New Year Party

  1. kinkybikermom says:

    OOOOO I am looking forward to this continuing next week!!

  2. Mmm . . . I like the noughts and crosses game !!!
    Xxx – K

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