The party continues

Continued from last week.

The New Year was brought in with a toast as well as the traditional singing of Auld Lang Sine which was much to the amusement of Corrine, Patrice, Tamara and Sofia.

After about a quarter of an hour, Zack decided that Dee needed to be restrained again. He sought the help of Tom and Patrice. They first tied a harness around her chest. They then tied her legs close together before securing them to the chest harness. Her wrists were tied in front of her legs so she was in effect just a ball. Zack added a blindfold before saying, “Now you are just going to have to sit the rest of the party out.”

Dee mumbled a reply which just had Zack laughing. He picked out the tens machine and gave Tom four pads saying “For that bit of brattiness, she has made it more punishing. So two on each ass cheek, please, as close to her pussy as you can.”

Tom did as asked and once the leads had been plugged in, Dee started to struggle and moan as she felt the effects of the pulses on her bum.

Whilst this was going on Sofia said to me, “Only half of the price has been paid for Diane getting her vibe on low at the party. Please come and watch.”

Diane was led to the horse and secured over it by Tamara. Her bum was fully taut and they proceeded to play their version of noughts and crosses on her bum. Each strike of the vicious thin cane and the rubber band elicited a moan or gasp from Diane. When they had finished Diane was almost in tears from the agony.

I held Diane tight after they had released her and as I cradled her ass, she asked me to hold her around the waist.

I noticed that Corrine and Patrice managed to get the girls in a strappado position so their exposed asses were close to the others head, nut not close enough for either of them to be hit accidently. A hand spanking was administered and when their taut cheeks were deemed sufficiently coloured they picked up a cane each.

Before the first stroke landed Corrine said “You will each receive twenty strokes, so there is a total of forty. Tamara the odd numbered strokes and Sofia the even ones up to the total of forty. A miscount means we will start all over again.”

Tamara was the first to receive a stroke and she counted it off, followed up by Sofia. This continued for a few strokes until I saw Corrine indicate to Patrice that she was going to administer two strokes to Tamara. When the second stroke landed on Tamara’s ass, Sofia said nothing for a moment before realising the trick that had been played. The strokes continued to land, most alternated between them, but on a couple of occasions, they landed on ass consecutively. The girls concentrated hard to ensure the count was accurate and they each managed to get the count right.

After the last stroke landed Corrine and Patrice released them and saying “well done, I thought that we might be going for a long time.”

William and Celia seemed to enjoy their play having agreed that Maria and Eva would be their tops for the evening.

Even Susan was able to play as Tom and Suzie asked her to flog each of them hard with the nasty leather flogger that they owned. When Susan had finished they were sporting very bright read upper backs and both looked really happy.

We stood and watched the play going on around us. I saw that James had not used anything other than restraints on Petra. Whilst she was securely bound against a wall and James was just watching her, I whispered to Diane my observation. She went over to James and talked quietly for a few moments.

Petra was released soon afterwards and when she had come down from her high of being bound I noticed James and her talking together. Petra was shaking her head as if to say no. Diane and I left them to talk for a few minutes.

James then brought Petra over and she said to Diane, “I am into bondage but pain does nothing for me at all and you want James to use a flogger on me.”

“Yes, but I can assure you two things, one there is no pain other than a very light thud and no marks are left, but more importantly I promise you will enjoy it.”

Mike looked at me intrigued saying “how can this happen?”

I replied, “Well do you want Janet to find out for herself how?”

“Sounds like a great idea.” he replied

Janet blushed a little before she said, “But, what does it involve?”

Diane said “just you enjoying yourself.”

Both Janet and Petra wore puzzled looks. Diane then said, you need to decide between yourselves who will go first, and the second couple are not allowed to see or hear what happens.”

Corrine overheard some of this and asked “OH are you talking about the fun flogger?”

Diane answered “Yes.”

Corrine then said “I can assure you ladies you are in for a real treat.”

It was now nearing two in the morning and everyone had had the opportunity to play. Diane then asked Petra and Janet “which of you two want to go first?”

Janet replied “Me.”

I then picked up my iPod and asked Petra to put the headphones on. I turned up the music and said something loudly from behind her which elicited no response, so I indicated that James should apply the Blindfold and he cuddled her lovingly.

I helped Mike secure a blindfolded Janet in a standing spread-eagle. Diane, meanwhile, had picked up the special flogger and gave it to Mike. He started with gentle strokes on Janet’s back. Diane then whispered in his ear. He reacted by administering his hardest strokes. He was rewarded by moans of pleasure after each stroke landed. Diane indicated that he should start on her chest, and he carefully laid down a few lighter strokes before he realised that he could be just as severe. After a few strokes to her breasts, I could see Janet’s nipples becoming even more erect as she was getting aroused. Diane then indicated that he should start to use the flogger between her legs and nervously he started gently, but encouraged by Janet’s sounds of arousal, he was soon using full strength strokes. He stopped for a moment before Janet said “For god’s sake don’t stop.”

Mike resumed the flogging. Just ten strokes later Janet was arching her back as much as she could. As she reached the peak of her orgasm she slumped in her restraints. Mike and I quickly released her from the restraints and Janet was helped to a sofa with a wide dreamy smile of satisfaction on her face.

James had watched on in amazement as he saw what the results of the flogging were.

I turned the iPod off and James removed the headphones from Petra. He said to her “I know you will enjoy the flogging.”

We positioned Petra in exactly the same as Janet had been a few minutes earlier.Maria He then undid the knots for her bikini and we were rewarded with seeing her smallish breasts that had big puffy style nipples. Despite her protests, James removed her bikini bottoms, tenderly reassuring her that it was necessary.

He picked up the flogger and started to gently run the tails over her upper back. He then started to swing the flogger gently. Petra commented, “I can hardly feel a thing.”

James in reply started to apply the flogger harder. Even when he used what looked like full strength, there were no complaints from Petra.

A few minutes into the flogging he switched his attention to her front. After the first few strokes landed he was rewarded with sighs. He continued until her nipples started to become even more prominent as her arousal grew.

James watched her carefully and when he felt she was ready he started to flog her between her legs, carefully making sure that her clit was stimulated as well as the rest of her groin. Petra kept shouting for more as he delivered the strokes, finally she shouted “F***, F*** I’m COMING.” As she tensed all her muscles hard and she too slumped in her restraints as her orgasm ended.

She was released and James carried her over to the rest area.

It took quite a while for Petra to recover from the orgasm. She finally said “Wow that is some flogger, I just floated away.”

James with a smile said, “Oh no, not float away, you came so hard you passed out for a moment.”

Petra took a moment before she said “What, you let me come in front of everyone.”

James sheepishly said “yes, and I know you enjoyed it.”

Her only reply was, “you can use that flogger anytime you want if that is what it does for me.”

Diane said, “Sorry, that stays with us. What is more, I don’t know of anyone who makes them.”

Everyone was beginning to pack up their toy bags so Zack turned to Diane and myself “saying now for your restraints, please put on your locking cuffs.”

As he said that Tom and Suzy went to the back wall, and very quickly he wpulled out two columns which formed the end of a four poster bed. The top rails unfolded and at the full extension locked into place. A pull on the top ledge by the wall revealed a hinged bed platform. He went to the control panel and asked Zack “Nice or nasty?”

Zack replied, “it has been fun tonight so nice.”

Tom pressed a button and there was a low sound for a couple of minutes. An air matress inflated and we were asked to get on to the bed. Zack gave Tom four locks and our wrists were secured to each other’s as were our ankles. A duvet was spread over us and Zack said, “The keys will be in a lock box on the kitchen counter which will not open until after ten, so sleep well together.”

Our guests all left and Tom was the last and switched off the light in the room, leavbing Diane and I comfortably secured to each other.

Wicked Wednesday

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  1. Bondage or chastity attached to time…it’s a predictable form of torment with you. Sometimes being predictable in the torment is hot.

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